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Ten Ways to turn your Partner on

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There are a million zany ways you can turn your partner on. Most of the times a very casual gesture can be an instant turn on. For e.g. Tucking a lock of stray hair behind your ear can be a turn on for some while a slow smile that spreads across the face gradually creasing the eyes can be spine tingling for a few others. Some of our Bharat matrimony members share what turns them on (some names have been changed upon request to preserve anonymity), Read on for some insights:

Veena, a BPO employee says:

I work night shifts and usually come home around 5 a.m. After a light snack, its snooze time for me but most of the times my husband and I end up making love in the wee hours, because, just the sight of him curled up with the most peaceful “baby deep sleep” expression with sometimes just the hint of a smile touching his lips is too hard to resist and I cuddle up to him, kissing him awake.

Sireesh, a manager at a multinational bank says:

A lot of things about my partner turn me on but the one thing that stands out is her dimply smile. When we are having an argument, I would manage to lighten the crackling air with a dose of my quick wit, which she adores. Then she would break off laughing with dimples softening her face, sending tremors through my system.

Vardhini, a chartered accountant says:

Sometimes, when I get back home after poring over scores and scores of balance sheets, especially after a critical audit, my husband gives me a shoulder massage and covers my eyes with cold tea bags saved in the fridge. His sweet gesture takes all my tiredness away and sets the pace for a romantic evening.

Vinod, a software engineer says:

Just out of bath, with towel dried, still wet hair cascading her face, that looks as fresh as a flower petal drenched in dew…now that’s an instant turn on.

Madhu, a marine engineer says:

Every time she turns her intense deep gaze upon me, every single time… it’s a turn on.

Arpita, a swimming instructor says:

I love it when my husband holds me close to him during a drive, with a strong breeze tousling our heads roughly and I feel his three-day-old stubble, grazing my cheek on a cold night. While this is a turn on for me, he says when I reach up and run my fingers down his jaw line to feel the stubble under my palm, it’s a big turn on for him as well!

Now that we have seen some samples of turn ons, here are a few ideas whipped up for you. Sprinkle it generously with your kind of seasoning and have fun!

1. Court the five senses:

Try a slow, sensual massage with aromatic oils, perfumed candles, satin sheets and music that can play havoc on the senses. With the soothing touch, the just right lighting, this one is a powerful relaxant and an instant hit.

2. Try some wine and rum chocolates for dessert while watching a romantic comedy:

Forget the conventional candle light dinner setting — dress crazy in comfort clothes, whip up a quick meal and watch a hilarious romantic comedy with lots of laughs. Go slow on the dessert, savour it, let it melt in your mouth, enjoy it in an unhurried fashion, feeding each other and cuddling up while not taking your eyes off the movie screen. The movie is bound to be interrupted with several passionate interludes. Have fun!

3. Push the foreplay to its zenith:

Start slow and build it up, studies show that while men’s passion levels can be quickly aroused at the drop of a hat or in this case of a …well will leave it to your imagination… and it can be quickly doused as well, women take their time, waiting for that instant, when they can completely immerse themselves to an orgasmic experience. So you have to find a leeway and be sensitive to your partner’s needs, that is the singularly important ingredient towards being an expert at lovemaking… tons of sensitivity.

{mosimage}4. Communicate in all possible ways:

It’s easy to close your eyes and give yourself up to the feeling of the dozen offshoots of pleasure that course through your physical being…but wait… remember to ask your partner what turns him/her the most. Be participative, don’t be a passive lover, be ready to return what you get, unselfishly. A good sex life is vital to the happiness of marriage, give it its due importance.

5. Try the bath or the rain:

Bathing together like two happy kids, can alleviate stress, say psychologists. Same goes for some puddle splashing in the rain. Your terrace is a good bet when it’s raining…. just let go, and have fun in the drizzle.

6. Keep the humour:

Never pass by an opportunity to tease each other or play a few practical pranks at each other. It helps you unwind and get some stress out of your system…. what’s more…you can have loads of fun making up.

7. Pamper your taste buds:

There is this SMS doing the rounds, “When women think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they aim a little too high”! … Well though one is tempted to agree… a good prelude to a healthy session of lovemaking is a hearty meal ending with a lip smacking dessert. An hour or so after the meal begins to burn so does your libido, guess it’s the feeling of contentment or perhaps the fuel that needs to be spent… but for some women, having sex on an empty stomach is more exhilarating, to quote a sample dipstick study, undertaken by the writer. Maybe it’s a gender thing…. anyways what’s stopping you from checking it out yourself?

8. Role reversal:

We are not talking about role reversal in bed alone, though that helps too! Try giving your partner a much-needed break from mundane activities he/she would indulge in and take over…whether its cooking or buying groceries or baby-sitting, try changing roles. You can cook or babysit for her on a particular week or month, while she can do the accounts or fetch the plumber or repair the car in exchange. It is as much fun as it sounds…even more so.

9. Innovate and experiment:

The same setting, the same environment can be boring, try various comfort zones in the nooks and corners of your home. Apart from enlivening the relationship, it can be a sure shot turn on by itself, when you reminisce the times at some other point of time, with nostalgia stirred. Grab a good book on sex, have fun reading it together and doing it together with your value add-ons.

10. Try lots of tenderness:

Try TLC in other words, this one is a winner through and through. A foot massage after a long hard day of physical activity, say moving house for instance, a hot chicken soup that is soothing to the cough laden throat, a warm pillow hug when your loved one is having the flu, helping them to the loo, when they hardly have the strength to walk are all subtle gestures that show that you really really care and you will be with them when they need you. Now this is the best turn on of all. It’s not all passion, it needs the fuel of love to make it really groovy.

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Responses to Ten Ways to turn your Partner on

  1. 1 gowri

    The best moments i share with my husband is every morning , when he comes out of the shower !!!! He never fails to give me a hug while his body is still warm from the shower.He holds me till i grow warm enough…and i feel his warmth till he returns back from work. it is as heavenly as lovemaking !!!!

  2. 2 Jo

    Hey there….
    The best way I found to turn on my partner was buying him SEXY, NAUGHTY innerwear. He just adored it and said that he cannot but help thinking of me when he is wearing them !

  3. 3 Vandana

    One other thing I like is to make love in public places (of course not in front of them). Like in the car, a deserted park behind a bush, the beach etc. It is really a turn on. Also you are not fully naked. Sudden sex when it is never expected is wonderful. Like when I am cooking and he just pops up from behind and we indulge in a quickie.

  4. 4 Puneet

    One best thing I like is when she tickles me with her long soft silky hair over my chest, back and all over . Its the best way to turn me on and really sets me on fire.

  5. 5 swakshi trivedi

    i like my husband very deeply

  6. 6 neha

    heyyyy i really liked your section . pls give me some tips on being extra wild wid my partner . something which is very very naughty n raunchy.

  7. 7 piya

    wel,ur site is a really nice one.keep up da good job guyz!

  8. 8 nikant

    i want to know more.
    tell me

  9. 9 Saba

    I luv my hubby too much
    I like the way he cares for me he hold me tight
    when i need him the most

  10. 10 Jass

    The fact is that is not sex but its more of practicising ( not hand — naughty mind) how to turn ur partner on.
    A simple naked touch can give you the feeling what is the most important/ delicate / sensitive part which pleases the most. Not to concentrate always on that single point, but surely to understand how it arouses the feeling of getting being turned on. yes, you would ideally be a good partner to have both of you equally being turn on.its more important part of urself to behave and anticipate the same way as you desire at the time of need ( u got the point )
    Do not enter directly, let first prepare the charter and get it approved !!!

  11. 11 krishnendu

    This section was good and interesting.

  12. 12 Raju P(Nahpur)


    All the lucky ones over there,

    I am still a bachelor but felt like married to someone special, after going through whatever you have said on turning you on and love making.

    Please don`t take it that I have a feeling of marriage being only about sex and nothing else. I consider marriage as a sacred institution where you can get whatever you want in life.

    I only will have to realise it one day with that some one special.

  13. 13 Priya

    well, i must say this site is rather interesting! dont get me wrong i’m not a sex addict or anything!

    I’d also say to try and keep the flames going even when your nnot togther… like if one of you is on a business trip for a fortnight or so… just a late night phone- call can really get the juices flowing!!! not just that he’ll be anxious to get home and try them out for real! thus keeping the spark alive!!!! Happy Love experssing everyone! xxx

  14. 14 Oreocookie

    Agression… when he takes total control nothing turns me on more

  15. 15 mitchy1987

    give yourself up to him and let his testosterone take control.. its giving yourself up to someone you trust.. its a major turn on to give your partner the power and not knowing what to expect next.. also you will discover exactly what he likes because he doesn’t have to hold back.. bring out the man in him.. mamals are simply designed that way.. its hormonal and chemistry

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