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Alls going well for Ayesha

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“I don’t believe in live in relationships. If you love each other, then it makes more sense to get married and give the relation ship the dignity it needs”.


Cute, bubbly, the girl with spunk, etc. are some of the adjectives used to describe the current flavour of Bollywood, actress Ayesha Takia. She has managed to pave her way into the hearts of almost every kind of an audience, be it children, youth, or the elderly in a short span of four years.

Ayesha however prefers to think of herself as ‘a simple young girl, with no hang ups.” She started her career with Falguni Pathak’s music video, when she was all of 15, and then made her debut with Tarzan- the wonder car, an Abbas Mustan film. Today she is one of the most sought after actresses. Some call it luck, but Ayesha says she will stick to the terms ‘hard work and destiny’s child’.

Ayesha truly is one of the lucky few that gets to eat their cake and keep it too. A promising film career, a growing fan following, supportive parents, a darling sister… and a ‘caring, loving boyfriend.’ None of this has changed Ayesha though. “I still am the same old Ayesha to those who know me. And I don’t think of myself as a star and have never tried to put anyone down.” Tell her that is exactly why people love her so much, and she responds amidst peals of laughter, “Thanks a ton. I hope I succeeded in pleasing my fans and living up to their expectations. They have given me so much.” So add humility to her assets as well.

Her parents are her best friends. “Nor my mom, neither my dad have ever been

very strict with me. They have always been more like friends to me. And I can’t thank them enough for that”, she says. On prodding a little further she reveals, “I guess every girl is more attached to her mother. It is the same with me too. I can never hide anything from her, and I don’t even try too. After her it is my sister. I think females bond more with females. Then of course it is my dad whom I look up to.”

Marriage is not on the starlet’s agenda, as of now. But she makes no bones in accepting that she wants to settle down some day soon. “I definitely want a lovely family of my own some day. But I don’t sit and think that I will tie the knot after so many years, and so on… because when you tend to plan everything, and they don’t work out, it hurts. I have no idea as to what the future has in store for me, so I don’t make any long term plans”, she says on a philosophical note.

Would she prefer a nuclear or a joint family? After a lot of pondering and hesitance, she finally replies, “a nuclear family. But I wouldn’t mind living in a joint family either.”

Talking of marriage, et al, how can the discussion be complete without quizzing Ayesha on her aptitude for cooking up a meal. “Oooh, I can’t cook at all. I do make my self a cup of coffee every morning though”, she pleads. “I love pasta too, and I have finally learnt to cook the dish. But apart from these I am very bad at cooking.” However she does love to eat and enjoys a good meal. Her favorite dishes are Indian and Italian. “I like almost all Indian and Italian dishes. It is difficult to pin point which ones I like the most”, she giggles.

Though relatively new to the industry, she has spoken her mind on various occasions and has never played cat and mouse games with the press either. When she realized she was in love, she said it openly to one and all. “Yes, I am in love”, is all what she is ready to say though. “I don’t intend to hide anything from anyone, especially my fans, but I definitely wouldn’t want everyone to know what I talk to my boyfriend, etc.”, she explains. “A film star is a human being too, which is why their privacy has to be respected”, she explains.

Ayesha believes in speaking her mind and admits she is short tempered. “When people annoy me, I loose my cool after some time. I wish I had a little more patience”, she smiles, and continues, “But I get angry only when people

refuse to listen even after knowing that they are hurting or irritating a person.” So you see, it’s not our dear Ayesha’s fault what so ever.

In her film Home Delivery, Ayesha plays a Christian girl Jenny, who is in a live in relation ship with her boyfriend in the movie. “I don’t believe in live in relation ships. If you love each other, then it makes more sense to get married and give the relation ship the dignity it needs”, she says. “That is my personal opinion. A live in may work for some people, so it’s their prerogative”, she explains.

“I am more of a traditional person, with traditional values”, concludes Ayesha.


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    She is really good

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