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Solidly single Narayani Shastri

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She’s been the young and beautiful lead face in many a serial over the years. From Kyunki Saas… to Koi Apna Sa and Kkusum, she is a well known face on the small screen. Recently she even essayed a double role of a mother and her daughter in Zee’s ‘Piya Ka Ghar’ with great aplomb. Meet Narayani Shastri, a talented and smart young lady with a firm head on her shoulders, as she shares her views on her work, her tastes, relationships and on why being single is the state she prefers to be in….


Q: How did you manage to play an older and younger woman at the same time in Piya Ka Ghar?

A: It is the first time I am doing a double role of two different age groups. Generally people make an effort to look younger with more make up. I think make up makes you look older so I went for a natural look for the daughter and grey hair and darker lipstick for the mother.

Q: Was it the challenge of doing it that made you take it up?

A: Very long back I had done an older woman’s role. Basically it’s all about your acting abilities.

Q: But women your age prefer to stick to the glamourous image mostly on TV nowadays. What do you feel about that?

A:Yes its good that women tend to look good these days on TV. An actor should be conscious about the way he or she looks. But the look should not make you what the character is not. You should look your character by your appearance and by your performance. Ultimately it’s the performance that should matter.

Q: What other serials are you doing at present?

A: I prefer doing one serial at a time.

Q: What about films?

A: I am going towards films and I have done Pak Pak Paka with Nana Patekar earlier. But I cannot talk future films until it something is concrete. Things get shelved in the industry very fast.

Q: Do you work long hours like others in the television industry?

A: I do one serial at a time and like to spend the money that I am earning! I am shooting very comfortably.

Q: How do you spend the money you earn?

A: I spend on my family and I like to shop though I am not a shopaholic. I like to read books,do yoga, go to the gym, watch movies, spend time at home and basically spend a lot of time with myself and at times with my friends.

Q: What sort of books do you like?

A: I hate self help books. I can help myself thank you! I like fiction and books like The Monk who Sold His Ferrari…

Q: Where do you like to holiday?

A: I like to go out at least once a month. It can be Pune, or anywhere in India or abroad.

Q: You are young and eligible. What are your views on marriage and relationships? What would your life partner be like?

A: As of today I don’t want to get married. If I should change my mind then the man should be my best friend. If he can sustain and bear me as a best friend then I think the job is done!

Q: Why this decision not to marry? Do you want to concentrate on your career?

A: No its nothing like that. I basically don’t believe in marriage.

Q: Do you think like that because women have to make too many compromises today? Do you think it’s an unfair balance?

A: Generally in marriages, it’s definitely very unfair. Relationships change after marriage, whether people accept it or not. I have seen it all around me in friends and family. If the woman and the man are both earning things should be fifty fifty. For instance its not a woman’s duty to cook. She should do it if she likes to. When kids come in, things change too.

Q: What is marriage according to you?

A: For me marriage is in the mind. It’s not a paper, which decides now you are married and now you are divorced. If I am committed I am committed in my mind.

Q: What would you advice people on how to decide on the right partner?

A: People get married for all the wrong reasons. Women especially get married for security, family pressure and because they are getting older. These are the wrong reasons. It should happen when they decide that they want to spend their lives with a particular man. That should be the reason. However, if the woman is not independent and supporting herself then the picture is different and I cannot comment on that.

Q: So do you suggest that women should be more educated and stand on their feet before they think about marriage etc?

A: They should first be very sure of themselves and what they want and not compromise. Adjustment is different and can be done by both. But compromise is bad for both the partners. You should do something because you like to do it for each other and not because you are forced to do it.

Q: What qualities are important in a man when considering marriage?

A: If you marry someone who is not a good person just for the money, what happens if he goes broke tomorrow? Good qualities are a must. He should be honest as a person and understanding of the others point of view and not take them to be lesser or higher in any way.


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