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5 Healthy Pick - Me Ups At Work

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Spending long hours at work in enclosed environments, sitting gazing unwaveringly at a computer screen is the way of millions today. Office hours turn stressful because of the unhealthy practices we follow while at work – bad sitting posture, not taking breaks for healthy reasons, but for smoking, or endless cups of coffee, and similar traditions. While office in its present form is likely to stay this way for some years to come, we owe it to ourselves to improve matters from a health and happiness point of view. Here are 5 tips for bringing a healthy change into your office routine.


Along with your lunch, carry a small cloth bag with fruit in it. It could be a couple of bananas, an apple, some oranges, or any other fruit of your fancy. Don’t carry a whole lot, just enough to address those hunger pangs that hit at around 5.30 or 6 p.m. Better fruit than the junk food available in plenty around most offices.


After receiving that infuriating e mail from your boss or colleague, or when you feel temper building up due to unreasonable demands of any kind, try the ‘creative visualization’ technique to calm down. Sit in your office chair, unclench fists, relax any taut muscles in your stomach, shoulders or neck. Close your eyes and take one or two deep breaths. Then imagine you are on a hillside, with the breeze blowing in your face, or on a bright and beautiful beach – any landscape that brings images of tranquility, or happy moments that you have spent. A few minutes of this will help take you to a calmer frame of mind and able to complete the tasks on hand.

Stress builds up when we forget the needs of the body in our busy work schedule. Do remember to take restroom breaks on time! Use the walk to and from your desk to notice thing around the office, the colour of a colleague’s dress, the new pictures of the sales conference, any change in décor and design. Observing things outside oneself can bring one back to balance after over-focusing, which is often at the root of strain.

Eyes need special care when dealing with computers. Make a conscious attempt to blink more often. Remember to remove your glasses from time to time, and focus on distant objects to relax your eye lenses. Rotate your eyeballs slowly in your sockets to exercise eye muscles – don’t be too violent in your eye movements! Cup your hands over your eyes in a protective cocoon of darkness, and keep it that way till you begin to see black instead of swirls of colour behind your closed lids. Or rub your hands together to create some warmth, then cup your eyes with the warm palms of your hands.

Breathing is your final insurance against stress. Shallow breathing is the cause of much of our ill-health, and correct breathing methods are therefore emphasized so much in traditional sciences like Yoga. The simplest form of ‘Pranayama’ to help you at work, needs you to reach an open air spot, like a balcony, though you can even do it indoors if it is impossible to go out. Take one or two normal breaths, being aware of each breath going in and out. Then, take a deep breath, and hold it in your chest. Count slowly up to five in your mind. After finishing the count, begin releasing your breath through your nostrils, but slowly, not in a rush. It should take approximately one and a half times more time to release your breath, than breathing in. If you do about five such breathe-and-hold breaths, you will feel an immediate difference – your head feels clearer, it relieves the clogged feeling in sinuses, and you are generally more alert.

Hope these tips relieve your long office hours! Happy working.


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Responses to 5 Healthy Pick - Me Ups At Work

  1. 1 Jo

    Hi people…

    Just a few tips to help you guys and gals to snack on healthy stuff while at work. Take it from someone who went from 90kgs to 55kgs….it took me two years, but it was worth it !
    1. Keep some Kellog’s wheat flakes or Baggry’s sugarfree museli at hand in a little box, when those hunger pangs take hold of you.
    2.Drink plenty of water,one glass before every meal, yes, this may sound cliched, but it works.
    3.Avoid “pigging” out on borrowed snacks(from colleagues), by bringing your own natural treats, like some raisins,dates or cut fruits.

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