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When Passion is on the Cards

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So many Tarot readings are about relationship issues…

So many Tarot readings are about relationship issues that it should be no surprise to any aspiring student of Tarot that many Tarot cards specifically deal with love and passion. The list is long and the layers of meaning are quite complex. But certain cards speak of interesting situations that describe the process of falling in love, and the growth of such feelings, with their different challenges.

Both the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Cups can speak of the start of a new relationship. When we first fall in love, it is as if the heart becomes altogether more receptive, re-connected to softer feelings that we may have forgotten. We feel kind towards the whole world, and want everyone around to be as happy as we are! This mad rush of feeling is the Ace of Cups. The Wands card is more about desire – the sheer power of attraction when one has met someone ‘special’. One interesting footnote to this card is my personal finding – after many readings, I recognize it as the card most likely to indicate an extra-marital attraction, where one’s individual will is pitted against the upstanding structure of society!

The element of choice that immediately follows ‘love at first sight’ is evident in the Two of Cups and The Lovers. Choices await us as soon as we realize that another person is who we want to be with. Whether we choose to go ahead on the basis of our attraction, or stay as silent observers, what kind of equation we are able to achieve with the object of our affections – all these are seen in these two cards, and a few more. Love can hardly proceed without choices.

The swift progress of passion – from the first rush, to the declaration of mutual feelings, and the tempestuous sweep of desire that rushes both partners off their feet, is described in the Three, Six and Eight of Wands. These cards describe how love bestows courage and conviction to those who feel it deeply. With the Eight of Wands, an affair may gain in strength till it is giving both the people involved little time to sit and reflect.

However, being in the grip of destructive passion can mean being under the influence of The Devil – one of the frightening cards of the Tarot deck. This card often denotes being obsessive about money or sex, and being possessive about one’s partner. With its emphasis on the need for control, the Devil brings up the problems that begin to crop up in relationships – no relationship is without its share of ups and downs. When The Devil holds us in his sway, the passions rule the mind and we are unable to see reason. Lovers’ tiffs are often around such unreasonable bursts of emotion!

expertSettling into a comfortable pattern with your partner is indicated by the Six of Cups, a sweet card showing two small children offering each other a bouquet. This card is definitely about the healing touch to feelings. But the trouble with this comfort level is that sometimes it stops giving the people involved the chance to grow. Being in the relationship becomes a comfortable cocoon, with familiar habits and gestures replacing the search for new excitement.

One of the more challenging cards in the deck, as far as relationships are concerned, is the Eight of Cups. This describes a situation wherein the person who has come for the reading begins to feel that they have given a relationship all they can, but it is consistently giving them less satisfaction. Sometimes, this can be the trigger for walking out of the relationship. At other times, it can be the point at which the other person has to respond in a positive way, if they are interested in salvaging the relationship…

Each card in a reading gives some insight into your current situation, and the advice you may need to make things better for yourself and your loved one. The current of passion does not stay uniform throughout, but the deeper bonds that are formed through love can be sustained by kind thoughts and considerate actions. Tarot helps us focus on those.

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