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Men will be men

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It was for the first time in three years that Abhay had come home from work and had to open the door with his set of keys. There was no one at home. For last three years, no matter what hour of the day or night he returned, Neelam, his wife of three years, always let him in. In the beginning, they were happy to see each other after a long day’s separation and would warmly hug and kiss each other. They would have their meal together and talk for hours before going to bed. Soon the hugs disappeared and sooner the kisses followed suit. What remained was both asking each other how their day was, which had almost become a ritual.

Abhay took off his shoes and went for a shower. He settled down in front of the television with his dinner. There was a strange silence in the house. Abhay felt uneasy. What was bothering him he wondered? Yes, it was the sudden absence of Neelam that disturbed him. But she had just gone for a day to attend a friend’s wedding and would be back the next day, he consoled himself. Besides, if he would not have had that important meeting, he would have accompanied her. He thought of her petite frame pacing around the house always doing something, though he could never figure out where was all the work. His mind wandered to Neelam and he soon became absolutely oblivion of what went on the television screen. How unthoughtful he had been off late, he thought to himself. Poor soul, she stayed all alone the entire day, nobody to talk to, and no one to listen to. She must have felt so lonely all these days. And he had been so selfish not to care for how she felt and what she needed all this while. She kept herself busy with household work while he watched the television or played cricket with the locality boys or stayed out with friends. He did his bit though, taking her out for dinners and movies, but then didn’t he spend half of that time over his mobile. She always took care of him and his house. He never left home without a sumptuous breakfast, always had a hearty meal packed for lunch and warm food served to him while he sat there surfing channel every night, no matter what time. She did complain sometimes that she needed his time and attention and that though she has friends and relatives, they could not compensate for him.

Yes! Now he understood what she meant. Her sudden absence left a void in his day. Though he had been seeing the face for last three years and somewhere he had started to believe that now he was bored and so was she and probably that is how all couples begin to feel in about three years time. But now he missed the same face. Now he realized what she meant to him and how incomplete he was without her. He looked around his house. Absolutely spick and span, everything in just the right place. He remembered how on some occasions his friends or colleagues had suddenly paid them a visit and how they all talked about the house beautifully done and so well kept. He never thanked Neelam for that. Probably he took her for granted. He always thought that she was obliged to so by virtue of her duties as a housewife. He remembered how he accused her of being nagging and complaining every time she asked him to put things in their proper place or she talked to him about how lonely she felt. He felt miserable. He was sad. He missed her. He thought to himself, ‘I will compensate for everything when she comes back. I will tell her what she means to me, that she is my lifeline. I will never. I will never give her a chance to complain again. I will always help her keep the house clean. I will give my time to her instead of that idiot box. I will listen to her and I will talk to her. I will make her feel special. I will do this…..I will do that……’. And he fell asleep on the couch.

The following day, Abhay rang the door bell of his house at nine in the evening. Neelam opened the door smiling and asked him, “How have you been?” ushering him in. “Oh good! How about you and how was the wedding?” he asked taking off his shoes. “It was great”, Neelam replied handing over his towel to him and heading for the Kitchen while Abhay went in for a shower. Neelam warmed the food and laid the plate for Abhay. Abhay came out of the shower, threw that towel on the dinning chair and settled down in the couch in front of the television. Neelam handed over his plate to him while he channel surfed. Another day, like any other day……begins.

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Responses to Men will be men

  1. 1 aliya yasin

    well that gives real impression of a man. in the middle of te story i was thinking that he would change. but again he was same man. good story


    It was a nice one. But, every person or every couple is not like that. Each person changes after marriage. Here she is more like a maid, which every man will take for granted. I don’t believe that a man remembers a wife only when she is out of town. it depends on how you are. You should be independent make him involve in house hold activities and more than be friends. making food,adoring the house keeping his things in place or giving his things(why, he is not having his hand?) are not the only duty of a wife. What will happen if the lady does job,or if she is a house wife why can’t she read the news paper or books or periodicals etc. You should be first respect yourself,other wise your husband will not respect you.

  3. 3 bharati

    Nilima must also ask herself being a housewife. How many times has she appreciated him for working for her also.

    If you want appreiciation for doing something on a raoutine basis then obviously the first step has to be taken by you . Maybe she should start first appreciating him for working hard under tough supervisors. She will get it back many folds

  4. 4 davinder

    Yeah i totally agreed with bharti.How many time your spouse actually says about man working so hard. sometimes working under rude bosses and listening to all craps day out. but all i can say one should not wait to take intiative to admire other person’s presence in your life. be the first to acknowledge.


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