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Back up your back

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You must definitely be the most privileged and of course the rare type if you never knew what a back pain feels like. The majority of us at one point of time or other suffer from back pain either short or long.Now what is this back pain? You would have seen these elaborate articles, which went into depth of the physiology and anatomy of the back and related your back pain with nothing less than a slipped disc or sciatica.Let us get easy and functional, let’s see how it all starts off.Most of the lower back injuries occur during an unguarded moment. For example it could be an accident, lifting heavier weights, lifting weight with a bad posture, unusual twisting and turning and bending and above all the sedentary way of living.

Your spine is not just the backbone of your body it could mean so much when it comes to your personality. A hanging head, rounded shoulder and a hunched back will for sure give an image of a weak personality. A bad posture puts uneven pressure on the discs, which work as shock absorbers between the vertebrae. To carry on a good posture you should consciously make an effort. So your ergonomics while walking, sitting, standing everything matters. Our spine is naturally curved in at two places —one at the cervical region and the other at the lumbar region. These two are also the one, which provides more mobility. So you gotta make sure you don’t disturb them much.

Coming back to the back pain, it can be simply put into two groups—acute pain – during the first six weeks (naturally most of the back pain will disappear within this period) and when the pain continues beyond six weeks it is considered chronic – it leads to restricted movement of the back muscle around the area making it weak and which in turns allows the muscle to go through atrophy.

Chronic back pain needs attention and should clearly not be ignored. Consult a doctor and do the needful. Rest, physiotherapy, massage can temporarily bring in some help but exercising alone can bring back the lost limberness.

Prevention is any day better than cure. Thus getting significant to strengthen up those trunk muscles will be the ideal thing to do. Strong muscles around the most dynamic lumbar region will support the disc from taking all the impact. The erectus spinae at the back and opposing muscle group in the front the rectus abdominus needs to be strong to hold the trunk up in a good posture. Needless to say the other muscles around the trunk, the lats, the trapezius at the back and the abs and chest in the front are of great help to support the back. Stronger hips are also essential. Hence a well-balanced muscle conditioning sequence is important to guard off those oohs and aahs!

Some simple specific exercise that can be performed to strengthen the back are prone lying exercises (face down) lifting up the opposite arm and leg in a systematic fashion, alternate leg raises (lifting your butt muscles without bending your knees), hyper extension (engaging the back to pull you up – trunk up, hands to the sides on the floor and the legs completely down), the cat stretch is also very helpful in increasing the flexibility of the back. From the box position, extending the child’s pose (to sit on the heels with bent knees and to flex forward, arms stretched out and forehead touching the floor) and holding on for a minute in that position can help in relieving a lot of tension from the back too.

Avoid sitting too much as this sure is the reason for most of your pain. Sit less, stand more and walk even more, walking, as a basic exercise is very good to keep those muscles active.

I promised I will not get into the anatomy of the problem. I will keep that up, but this is only to know when you need to consult a doc. Chronic back pain exceeding more than six weeks and pain that travels down to your leg, shows the severity of the problem. Now this needs attention, consult your doc and he will do the needful.

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