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Almonds: Balm for Believers

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Almonds are especially high in calcium, besides being rich in minerals, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.Almonds are sliced thin and used to garnish sweet delicacies, and urged as important food…

The number of old wives’ tales about almonds in North India is considerable. They are considered magical ingredients in restoring vitality and beauty. Old timers recommend that they be soaked overnight and softened, then ground into almond paste on the sides of a terracotta pot, and this paste is to be eaten, applied on the skin, or mixed into milk as desired by the almond-lover. Almonds are sliced thin and used to garnish sweet delicacies, and urged as important food to pregnant women, for whom, along with saffron, they are meant to ensure the unborn child’s fair complexion!

Even if one were not to go to the extreme lengths of the almond paste on the side of a pot, this ancient belief in almonds is something we can adapt to modern lifestyles. For truly, almonds are really valuable in the nutritional values they represent, and the way in which they assist the body’s resistance to life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease. Firstly, in a country where women reduce their consumption of milk and dairy products far too soon, and where breast-feeding is still the most acceptable way to nourish infants, calcium deficiency can become the cause of dental decay and osteoporosis in many women. Even when women can afford to take calcium supplements, they often neglect taking these on a regular basis.

Here is where almonds are truly awesome. Almonds are especially high in calcium, besides being rich in minerals, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The mono-unsaturated fat in almonds helps to lower cholesterol, especially the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Apart from the ingredients in almonds having their own importance for nutrition, even the brown, sturdy peel of this nut is considered valuable from the point of view of possessing anti-oxidant properties. The processed, fried and nutritionally denuded foods we eat, particularly if we are on a regular restaurant and instant-food diet, release chemical elements in our bodies known as free radicals. Anti-oxidants fight the aging and degenerative effects of these free radicals, and are therefore highly sought after in the beauty business. Eating almonds with the peel on is therefore, more vital in terms of beauty than peeled almonds, though the latter may be much yummier!

Some ways in which you can make almonds work for you are:

· Keep almonds in a clear container just next to the place where you have to turn off the kitchen light at night. This way, you will remember to soak a handful of almonds in water to be had in the morning!
· Eating almonds on a relatively empty stomach in the mornings helps the body to absorb the calcium they contain, and also gives you energy to face the day.
· Almonds can be soaked and made into paste in the mixie to make fresh badam milk – a great pick-me-up after a hot and sweaty day at work.
· Use almonds in place of cashews in every sweet like payasam, or even in cakes and puddings, though remember that some cooking processes are better for nutrition than over frying with ghee (as in badam barfi), or smothering in sugar.
· Pure almond oil is a great moisturizer for facial skin. You can buy a small amount and alternate with your regular cold cream or nightly application of moisturizer.
· Whatever you do, don’t eat large amounts of dry almonds, just like peanuts. This way they are very likely to produce gas and indigestion!

With almond as a firm part of your health and beauty regimen, will it really surprise you if your spouse leans close to you one day and says, ‘Hey, I didn’t notice how almond-eyed you really are!’

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Responses to Almonds: Balm for Believers

  1. 1 geeta

    yes I believe in almonds and its wonders because especially during winter my mom gave we all children to eat in the morning. It is very important for todays generation to know that they have everything in the kitchen.

  2. 2 scharada bail

    Thanks, Geeta. Yes, we have almost everything we need for our health and beauty in our own kitchen. Almonds are specially precious because they can be eaten even when one is trying to lose weight, and they help us to think! My grandmother recommended them as ‘brain-food’.

  3. 3 sosa carmen

    hi my name is carmen and i want to know if is true that almonds from india is good to lose weigth because i have a friend whose taking this almonds but shes taking whith water not eating.and i want to take this product to.let me know please how good it is.thank you.

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