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The Essence of Beauty

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Does anybody on this earth have the perfect answer, some people try to guess it right and some struggle to draw a sketch. Let’s try to understand what women think about the real beauty, may be actually their physical appearance or the inner strength and the purity of their heart. Research has shown that 92% of women want to change at least one aspect of their appearance, so that the world can think of them as beautiful. Some try to raise their self-esteem, so that they feel happy and look beautiful internally by talking about their inner strengths and the uniqueness of women.


The other thought is that one can make a woman feel beautiful by showing the positive aspects of the women, even if someone is over-weight, unglamorous. The positive thoughts shared can give them strength, power, desire and ability to love themselves for who they are, and to realize that beauty is not a dress size, a cup size or a reflection in the mirror. It’s how you think about your self that how important you are and how beautiful you are. 



Maybe the media, movies and supermodels have set the standards of what the society in general would call beauty, but the real beauty lies in the eyes or the metrics of the judge, who is taking the final decision. Nobody has decided that one should look like a supermodel or glam doll to be qualified as beautiful. Actually when we look around at regular women, such images are not what we see.

Some feel that being in proper size and shape is more important, while some feel how you dress and carry yourself is important, while some may say its all about your attitude and yet some feel its about your inner strengths and qualities. Beauty is again each person’s unique features and personality. It is also a feeling or attitude. May be the wrinkles are a different form of beauty which has grown over the years. These make them confident and win edge over the others in terms of maturity and practicality.

The other thought is that as people find more about themselves, and discover what they had never realized before, they become more beautiful. If any one has a positive effect on her personality then the person gets the strength of inner beauty. It is indeed a very good sign when women are fascinated by the behavioral change in them due to whatever reasons, but ultimately makes them happy and beautiful at the end.

So, undoubtedly, beauty is nothing but each person’s unique features and personality and it is as individual as the person herself.


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