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Archive for September, 2006

Scharada Bail

Scharada Bail is a writer, columnist and IT professional who has been practicing Tarot in Chennai since 1998. Scharada lives and works in Chennai and will answer queries relating to love, marriage, professional and personal growth through Tarot. You can post your Tarot queries here.

Tarot Replies from Scharada Bail:

Name:Seema, Age:29, Gender:F 
Q:I am born on February 28 1977 at 10:08 am. I have lots of marital problems. My husband has only feeling of hatred for me. My parents do not believe this and so they oppose for divorce. Can you tell me, what is in my fate? 

A: The Nine of Wands shows that you have to proceed with caution. Your hurt feelings may not be immediately understood by all, but you must try to get your parents to understand, slowly and persistently. In time, you will get your wish.

GiridharP.V.S. Giridhar is a legal advisor and expert in Civil, Criminal, Writ Petitions, Family Law, Human Rights Law, Service, Labour & Consumer Law, Law relating to Medical negligence, Property Title & Registration, Contracts and Agreements, Intellectual property right and Preventive Legal Solutions. He will answer your queries related to legal issues involved in a marriage.

You can post your queries here.

Q& A with P.V.S. Giridhar:

Name: Balagangadharan Age: 31 Gender: M Place: Abu Dhabi Native Kumbakonam

Q:Dear Sir, I got engaged with a bride near by our native place. We fixed our marriage for 31-08-2006. Bride’s parents asked me to register the marriage for visa purpose. So legally we get registered on 19-7-2006. I processed visa and got Visa from UAE. Last week, I come to know that the bride gone away from her house and got married with her boy friend. I recently come to know that on the complusion she agreed for register & engagement. My Query is…” How to cancell our legal registration at the registrar office. please give your valuable comments in this regards.

A: It is difficult for me to decide from the information you provide in the query whether you were married as per the special marriage act, in which case the registration is a formal solemnization of the marriage, or whether you defrauded the registrar into registering a marriage that had not taken place, by bringing in false evidence.

The extramarital overdose

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Kabhi Alvida nah kehna image clipFormula films have always gone down well with our Hindi film makers. Siblings separated in childhood only to reunite as grown ups to fight the enemy is a passé. Extramarital affairs, infidelity, one night stands outside the wedlock etc., seem to be the new mantra. In recent times myriad television serials and movies have dealt with this subject, painting it with  the writer’s imagination to give it distinct hues.  Nevertheless, they all look the same. The formula is always the same. Some new faces in the star cast, spicy dialogues aplenty, and a dragging story line on infedility that has to have an inane crime angle throw in for a twist in the tale (pun intended). Finally, a fiesty dance number and a dash of nudity makes for a perfect garnish and a palatable masala movie is ready to be served to the insatiable Indian audience.
But what these adept film makers fail to realize is that the film goers are now over fed, or shall I say fed up and the fate of such films at the box office says it all. Their taste buds are hankering for something new, something different.

Fall in love with Falls

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Kerela Falls AthirippillyFor the third time this season fate is taking a hand in deciding the locale for the travelogues for bharatmatrimony. On a visit to Kerala, a trip to Vaikom and Thripunathara took a detour to Thiruvanthapuram and from there unexpectedly a trip back north-east to Guruvayur by road in a brand new Tata Indica. It was just before Thrissur that we saw the board on the highway indicating the turnoff to Athirippilly falls. Since we were ahead of schedule we decided to check out the falls.

I actually planned to write about the beautiful Neyyar dam just an hours drive from the Kerala capital, nestling among the hills, with beautiful botanical parks, a yoga ashram and even a lion safari, with no visitors! The only handful of people that could be spotted here was tourists from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu (the water body was obviously a rare sight and an attraction).

But, the moment I arrived back in Chennai an e-mail was waiting for me with three beautiful pictures of the falls. Looking up Kerala Tourism and even Google search did not yield more than two lines about this scenic beauty; with the rains in Kerala the falls are at their splendid best. I frantically traced back the forward to the original sender to get the permission to use the photographs, while my third search finally threw up the information that the postal department has done a series on waterfalls of Kerala, and Athirippilly was
interestingly one of them.

Organise your life

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StressThe competitive madness, the rush to be there first, odd working hours, pressure to succeed, security for future. It’s all taking a toll of the human race, slowly and smartly killing the more beautiful facets of human life. Everyone is striving to improve their lifestyle but sadly it’s their lifestyle that is worst hit. A little effort coupled with some determination can set that disorganized, stressful life on track.

1. FOCUS: Focus on what you want in life. This focus should be same as the focus of Arjun (Mahabharata) on the Bird’s Eye. Similarly all of us need to understand what we need to achieve in life, visualize or plan how to achieve it and get going with it. Plan each and every move of yours to achieve your target. Your goal should be realistic and practical. You take care of your vision and the Universe will take care of the rest.