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Do I need to wait for my soul mate whom I only meet in my dreams?

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Scharada Bail

Scharada Bail is a writer, columnist and IT professional who has been practicing Tarot in Chennai since 1998. Scharada lives and works in Chennai and will answer queries relating to love, marriage, professional and personal growth through Tarot. You can post your Tarot queries here.

Tarot Replies from Scharada Bail:

Name:Seema, Age:29, Gender:F 
Q:I am born on February 28 1977 at 10:08 am. I have lots of marital problems. My husband has only feeling of hatred for me. My parents do not believe this and so they oppose for divorce. Can you tell me, what is in my fate? 

A: The Nine of Wands shows that you have to proceed with caution. Your hurt feelings may not be immediately understood by all, but you must try to get your parents to understand, slowly and persistently. In time, you will get your wish.

Name:saraswathy Age:53 Gender:F Place:  
Q:Hello, my daughter is 25 and still single says not in a hurry to get married, but we are rather anxious. She says she not have any one in mind either. Guess she likes the way her life is right now. Any like hood of marriage happening soon? 

A: The Five of Wands indicates many competing pulls and pressures. Your daughter may be leading a hectic, harassed life with little time for considering a relationship. Don’t add to the pressures. Instead, try to create peaceful moments for her, and gently point her in the direction of family life and companionship. She must feel the need for this, before she can consider matrimony.
Name:sriamuthavalli, Age:34, Gender:F, Place:Malaysia 
Q:Dear Madam, I would like to know if i am going to get married to the person that I have known for 10 years or someone new who keeps on coming in my dreams. I am truly confused? Do I need to wait for my soul mate whom I only meet in my dreams? I am not sure if he really exists. Please help me. Thank you 

A: You have drawn positive cards on both counts, but while your present partner’s enthusiasm for the relationship seems to be high, with the Page of Wands, your chances of a future relationship with an understanding partner look bright too, with the Nine of Pentacles. I don’t want to confuse you further. Just listen to your heart – if it advises patience, then so be it.

Name:vandana Age:27 Gender:F   
Q:Madam, I want to know when I will be remarried as I had an unfortunate experience of two months love marriage. I keep very disturbed as career is also not satisfactory. I am a dentist. My birth details are 20 July, 1978, time.11.45 am. And will my next marriage be happy? 

A: The Page of Cups in answer to your question is a positive sign for your second chance! Make all efforts to be happy, and make someone happy.
Name:Deepak Jadhav, Age:27, Gender :M, Place:Mumbai 
Q:Dear Madam, Greetings hope u r fine. My birth date is 05-07-1978 and I was born at 16:25. Sometimes I wonder as if I was made to be loved. Till now, at the age of 27, I had been through 2 relationships both ending in negative directions. Both then told me that It was never the way I thought, they were always only friends of me. I had been to all the places with these two girls and shared each type of feeling whether be ordinary discussion or be intimate subject. Finally everything ended in getting both girls married guys much better then me. Why is it so? AM I supposed to remain without TRUE Love of life and marry? Just Blindly. The same thing about Success. It always passes by me without touching me. It seems like I am kept on Conditions Apply lot some both these things Success or Love. Can u please help me?  

A: The Two of Swords asks you to keep the faith even if the way ahead looks uncertain. Why lose faith in love? Only the brave and courageous can be true lovers, and many failed relationships are actually mere ‘practice’ for the big love of our life. Most important in finding the right person to love you is first learning to love yourself completely – value your own best qualities, and be convinced of your lovability.

Name:sailaja, Age:50, Gender:F 

Q:My daughter is born on the 3rd of July 1983 at 4:00 am in Hyderabad. Please let me know when she is getting married. Am quite eager to perform her marriage.

A: The Ace of Swords indicates that a mental break through is likely quite soon that could lead to you getting what you want. 

Q:Hello. My Date of birth is 03-10-1976. My parents have been looking for my alliance since a very long time now. When will I a suit able partner and marry?

A: The joyous card of The Fool indicates that your wedding could be quite

soon, and in quite an unexpected or sudden way. Be open and receptive to

unorthodox endings and do not look for happiness with a lot of conditions


Name:Snehal, Age: 24, Gender:F, Place:Bangalore 
Q:I am a hearing impaired girl. I lost my parents last year. Now I am staying

in my sister’s house. Would like to when can I get a suitable partner and

from which part of the country. 

A: The Page of Wands in answer to your question seems to suggest

meeting a partner while traveling, or while participating in an outdoor

activity or sport. It is also a positive card for receiving good news, so your

search for a partner may be fruitful soon.

Name:Soumya Manoj, Age:31, Gender:F, Place:  
Q:I am married with 2 kids, previously residing in Muscat with hubby, now

husband transferred to Abudhabi. Plans to join him soon. I want to once I

settle down there. Would I be able to have a career and what types of jobs

will suit me? 

A: The Five of Swords in answer to your question indicates that differences

of opinion, conflicts and arguments could surround the question of your

career. Take time to consider all the alternatives before you take the


Name:RB, Age:25,Gender:F, Place: Bahrain 
Q:I had a marriage failure and got separated after 2 months through this

event i totally lost trust in men then eventually I met someone else in some

chat room and we started talking and met each other too and slowly fell for

each other but since I was a divorcee he has doubts of having a

commitment with me and finally he too told me that he is backing out I

want u to help find out whether I’ll even get thru this and if I will ever marry

again and live a normal life like many other girls. Was on October 4th 1980

in the afternoon. Please help 

A: The King of Wands shows that a disciplined approach should get you

success. It also indicates the likelihood of meeting and marrying a warm,

generous and capable Aries man! How can you lose hope and sound so

fatalistic at 25? Cheer up and make the most of everything.

Name:Radha, Age:31,Gender :F  
Q:I am a 31 years old unmarried working professional. I seem to struggle at

work no matter what, and my family is struggling finding a suitable partner

to settle me down. What can you suggest?

A: The Strength card is asking you to show your softer and kinder side to

people, for better results. Requests rather than commands, and a fair and

just treatment of those who work for you or under you will help at work. As

for marriage, take care that your independence is not considered a


Name:khushboo agarwa, Age:26, Gender:F 
Q:When will I get married i’m very afraid of my after marriage life so please

kindly tell me that what kind of life will have to face after marriage and

please tell me something about my life partner also. 

A: The Chariot indicates that destiny is leading you towards a kind and

good partner. Stop being so fearful and have more faith in God’s plans for


Name:Sonal Kuber, Age:28, Gender:F, Place:Delhi/NCR 
My DOB-4 april78, 12 noon, place-Moradabad (UP).When will I get married,

How will be my married life , tell me about my Job an d marriage Location 

Ans: You have drawn the Page of Cups, which is a good card for reunions,

and shows that you could receive an emotional offer leading to marriage.
Name:Suma, Age:23, Gender :F,Place:Thane, Mumbai 
Q:DOB: 06/11/1982 TOB: 23:40 POB: Mangalore, Karnataka. When is my

marriage? Will it be arranged or love marriage? Where will he be working? In

India or abroad? If in India which part? Thanks

A: The Devil in answer to an arranged marriage, and the Wheel of Fortune in

answer to a love marriage indicate that you could meet your future husband

through a strange twist of fate! 

Name:Sonal singh, Age:26, Gender:F, Place:Lucknow 
Q:Hi. I was born in Kanpur in the year 1979 at 31st august time of my birth

was 5.05 to 5.10 p.m as am not sure about my timing could u please tell me

when will I get married 

A: The Moon in answer to your question indicates that you have to resolve

many inner fears before you can get married. Don’t let insecurities deprive

you of confidence, and don’t become over-anxious about getting married.

Q:My DOB is 12.09.1976 I wish to know when I will get married. What will

my husband age, profession be? Which city will him from? Will it be an

arranged or love marriage? Please tell me my career prospects in future. Will

I travel abroad on work?

A: The Ten of Wands in answer to your many questions reveals that you

have probably bitten off a lot more than you can chew. Learn to relax and

let others share your responsibility. 

Name:Payal, Age:28, Gender :F
Q:I had an arranged marriage 2 yrs ago which lasted 5 days due to tragic demise of my husband. i want to know why happened to me and what is in my future-husband, marital life etc 

A:The Eight of Pentacles shows a very positive outlook for you in the future. Don’t let your tragic past dilute your commitment to a happy future. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Q:Hi, I’m not sure how to be doing this. I have had tarot readings done before and it was fairly accurate. I’m 25 and graduating year. I wanted to know a timeframe for my marriage and any insight to my professional life. Starting a new job in a few days 

A: The Ace of Wands is a strong indicator of success in both, your personal and professional life. A new cycle of growth is facing you.

Name:Venkatraman K, Age:32,Gender:M,Place:Mumbai 
Q:Madam could you please tell me when will I get married? I am 32 year from Mumbai born on 20th April 1974 .7.21 time of birth. I am having difficulty in getting marriage offers. 

A: The Six of Pentacles shows that financial factors could be complicating the picture. You need to consider whether you are giving more than you are receiving.

Name:Chandra Keerti  M, Age:23,Gender:M,Place:Bangalore 
Q:Hello madam, my name is chandrakeerti and I’m from Bangalore. I’m going through some real real difficult time in my life at this moment. I into a relationship with a Muslim girl from the past 1.5 years. I’m a Hindu Brahmin. All of a sudden I don’t know what went from my end but she told that we should stop seeing each other. I was broken! Ma\’am it\’s really hard for me to digest fact till date. I really know that she loves me a lot but only due to this religion barrier she’s pulling herself back. I’m I can’t see myself without her in my life. Please advice mam. Will be really really grateful if you can do something about this… want to either come out of all these or lead a new life or I just want to be with her. Please advice. Will be for your reply… Thanks & Regards Keerti 

A: The Eight of Cups in answer to your question reveals that problems in the future too could cause one of you to feel like walking away from the relationship. If she has not returned to you, try to build your life in a different direction. The overly burdened card Ten of Wands shows that you have taken too much responsibility for this particular relationship. After all, it takes two to tango, and if your partner does not feel the same, or take equal responsibility, it is impossible to continue without suffering. All the best! Remember, you are only twenty three, and life’s greatest riches lie ahead of you.

Name:Prasanna Krishnamurthy, Age:35   Gender:M, Place: Mumbai
Q:Dear Madam, my details are as follows: DOB: 03/09/1971 20:30 hrs Friday star: avittam, makaram can you please tell when will I get married and get good job thanks.

A: Two brilliant cards in answer to your question bring happy tidings. The Eight of Wands indicates that obstacles to your marriage may have melted away by now, and marriage prospects brighten. The Star shows that you could get a good break at work, so stay optimistic on all counts.

Name:aanchal khanna, Age:20, Gender:F, Place:Moradabad 
Q:I have just completed my graduation and will start my mba from July, I would like to know if I will make a or will I just get married. I would also like to know the age at which I will get married. Will I make a before or after my marriage. And will I be happy on my married life. 

A: The Page of Swords indicates that you need to make more concrete efforts to pursue a career, or your ambitions could remain all in your head. Don’t be disheartened, as this card also indicates a flying career, such as an air hostess, or pilot!

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Responses to Do I need to wait for my soul mate whom I only meet in my dreams?

  1. 1 mamta jain

    i like reading this very much. but i don’t know,why my query is not answered i am asking last 2 times. please ,
    scharda bali madam ,do answer my query.

  2. 2 mxexperts


    Pls. send your query with your full name, DOB, Place of birth and other details to The replies will be posted on this blog in a week’s time. Thanks.

  3. 3 Muna

    Hello Mam
    My date of birth is 05-05-1972. I’m looking for my partener. Please let me know when I’ll be succeed in my search.

  4. 4 Maithili


    MY BIRTH DAY IS 13 NOVEMBER 1979, MY BIRHT TIME IS 11.13 A.M. Would like to know when will i get married, will it be a love or arrange marriage.Will it be a smoth sailing,if not then should i not get marriaged only.

  5. 5 G. KUMARAN

    Dear Madam,

    I am G. Kumaran, from Chennai.

    DOB: 27/09/1974
    TIME: 4:45 pm

    I have done a surgery where a metallic implant has been done on the month of April 2006 because of a situation in Nov. 1999, which led me Hearing-handicapped due to a cracker blast. I am well now after the surgery, but I am able to spot the difference between a normal person and me when compared to others, as I realise well that there is difference in my hearing, but it is better than my previous state which was only 50% but now it is 80%.

    I am an M.B.A. guy, but because of this problem I was not able to get a proper job. Now I am aged 32, and looking out for a job after 4 months of bed rest due to surgery. But employers hesitate to provide me job, I think so, regarding my physical deficiency. I want to get into a job immediately and get married to a sweet girl whom she should understand my problem and cooperate with me. These are my dreams. Will my dreams come true.

    Please comment on me. I am awaiting your favourite reply.

    Thanking you

    Yours truly,


  6. 6 Arpita

    Yes, I have liked thereading, I have qs too. My date of birth 29th Nov 1962. at 7.40 p.m. on Thursday, Kolkata. I am very worried about my marriage, Will I getting married soon? How will be my life partner? Pls ans.

  7. 7 Maya Kumar

    Madam I am a divorcee. Born on 21st May 1975 5.30pm having a daughter of 8 yrs. I have lost trust in myself. Feel very lonely. I want to settle down in life. Is this possible in this life. Please let me know and if it is possible then by what time i will be married. will it be a happy one. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. 8 Maya Kumar

    yes very much……..

  9. 9 Priya R

    Dear X,
    I find some of them very vague and not at all decisive leaving the person to anyway choose for himself. So, why the tarrot????
    Priya R

  10. 10 santosh babu

    Dear madam,

    My D.O.B. is 31-08-1978 ant time:10.35 p.m. Please tell me about my marriage (love or arranged and when).

    thanks in advance,

  11. 11 neel

    i belive in astrology.
    it is my hobby.
    though i dont have belove in tarot card.
    gem stone is also a intersting subject.
    if anyonw has any problem regarding mind
    try gemstone
    it will help

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