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The extramarital overdose

35 Votes | Average: 4.09 out of 535 Votes | Average: 4.09 out of 535 Votes | Average: 4.09 out of 535 Votes | Average: 4.09 out of 535 Votes | Average: 4.09 out of 5 (35 votes, average: 4.09 out of 5)
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Kabhi Alvida nah kehna image clipFormula films have always gone down well with our Hindi film makers. Siblings separated in childhood only to reunite as grown ups to fight the enemy is a passé. Extramarital affairs, infidelity, one night stands outside the wedlock etc., seem to be the new mantra. In recent times myriad television serials and movies have dealt with this subject, painting it with  the writer’s imagination to give it distinct hues.  Nevertheless, they all look the same. The formula is always the same. Some new faces in the star cast, spicy dialogues aplenty, and a dragging story line on infedility that has to have an inane crime angle throw in for a twist in the tale (pun intended). Finally, a fiesty dance number and a dash of nudity makes for a perfect garnish and a palatable masala movie is ready to be served to the insatiable Indian audience.
But what these adept film makers fail to realize is that the film goers are now over fed, or shall I say fed up and the fate of such films at the box office says it all. Their taste buds are hankering for something new, something different.

No wonders then that a simple story of a good goon practicing and preaching Gandhigiri, or a handful of lost youth living and dying for a cause or a cinematic version of a famous Indian and foreign playwright fair far better than a big budget, big banner film on the subject of extra marital. Of course the presentation of the film had a lot to contribute to the lukewarm response where none of the characters are well defined and all you get to conclude is that two losers got together. Not that films on the subject have not done well in the past or that the subject is alien to the cinema of yester years. What was it about the films of yester years that our films don’t have today?

It was not that every writer had a unique plot and they were churning out very unique stories, it was just how they thought and dealt with an idea. A three hours film would be made on a simple theme of a rich boy leaving his home to live amongst the poor, or a poor simple man landing in a group of dacoits only to reform them, or a man pretending to be a mentally retarded to escape the villain or a simple love story where a plain Jane turns into a beautiful princess.

Different storylines and soulful music is what makes them evergreen. Not to say that cinema yesterday was impeccable, but the flaws were so minuscule that it made it almost flawless. Every film painted a different picture, different treatment, different music and every actor lived the character. If thoughts failed, a new story or idea could not be generated, the great heritage of Indian literature stepped in. Whatever it be, but one thing is certain that the Indian audience has a huge appetite for good cinema and that is what is called for.  No more infidelity sizzlers please!

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Responses to The extramarital overdose

  1. 1 James

    A really well thought topic for the recent Hindi Cinema world. Really appreciated how meticulously observations have been penned down.

    Keep it Up.

  2. 2 chidanada


  3. 3 Pardeep Sharma

    I am pardeep kumar Sharma Please tell me about this topic

  4. 4 Mansi

    Hey! A readable piece. Although, I loves the movie LRMB! Somehow it completely shakes you up from your comfort zone. And does it in style! Humour and retrospection.

    It would be interesting to know gandhigiri on extramarital affairs! Here’s more on gandhigiri -

  5. 5 Geetha

    Maybe this topic has to be dealt with in a fair way. The writer here talks about the number of movies coming up with the same theme which is definitely a waste. But the truth is in today’s world infidelity as u call it is surprisingly high. A marriage is a lifelong commitment but it also depends on how well both the people would want to work it out. And love is something that can happen anytime anywhere with anybody..whether to go on with the feeling or suppress it wud be the question.

  6. 6 madhumitha

    i completely agree with what you had to say and it was high time some one stood up for this non sense.if some one is praising karan johar for the movie i have a wake up call for you all.this movie has already been made in english starring meryl streep and robert de niro titled falling in love and ofcourse the portrayal of characters are far better in it than in kank.please i owuld like to advise karan and many others who think 3 to 4 years for a movie like karan - STOP MAKING BLUNDERS LIKE THIS AND MAKE A REAL MOVIE WHERE THE INDIAN ESSENCE IS REALLY FELT.i am honestly quite tired of hearing a stammering shah rukh khan and a not so young and sexy preity need to bring about a reolution in indian movie and that will only happen when you make up your own sotry and not steal it from some one else’s hard work and sweat.Grow Up you guys.

  7. 7 S

    What an awful torture KANK was, Thousands of english movies have dealt with it in simple 1.5hr or less

    This movie was for almost 4 hrs of some age old story and finally those two old losers joining in hands..

    what is Karan trying to tell after 5 yrs when sharukh gets bored with Rani (in this story) would he start looking out for a new one and then there will be another heroine who is a failure in her marriage will marry him again and Rani will become career oriented and find someone else like preti in the start of the movie?

    What was the message from the movie?

  8. 8 Shalini

    It is good article. I think most of the movies these days are all meaningless. There is no originality in the movies. The movies in the past had a meaningful storyline, were not trashy in any way and DID GOOD. Now days it is all about dressing up the actor and actress in so called “modern or western look”. They definitely are not talented or have the natural camera face like the actors and actresses did in the past. It is all about skimpy clothes and selling “spicy” topics.

  9. 9 Raj Patel

    Karan u really need a break…..

  10. 10 NK


    I liked the message you are trying to portray here. But, I would suggest that you look at typos and other flow issues before posting the piece. And the sentences are a bit too long, so that the meaning gets muddled before you try to comprehend even.

    You write well! :)


  11. 11 hetal


  12. 12 Kaavshe

    I join with you in saying Karan u really need a clean break….Even a small child in india is influenced by the movies, then what are you u trying to say get married get kids then leave saying u dont love them…

  13. 13 shyam

    I truly agree on madhumita’s comment. Karan needs a break now. The movie was simply boring. Shahrukhan needs to learn more essence of acting. Simply stammering wont do. There are more good actors in Hindi cinema better than Shahrukh,
    He should learn few tips from actors like Amitabh, Ajay devgan, Anil kapoor, Amir Khan etc…!

  14. 14 Preeti

    well…if I have to mention one thing to my US office colleagues : that I could take pride about India that would be
    How much people care for their family members …
    How much mom & dad sacrifices for their family and vice versa…
    but what this movie shows is completly different…that its ok to break your life long relationships just because you found new loved ones….Disgusting!!..what was the message by this movie??
    I think such movies are not expected and atleast not from Karan atleast….

  15. 15 Sheetal

    Well said people–Those who didn’t relish the movie. Karan, its time for you to grow up–Its fine if people are gonna part if their is no ” so called Chemistry”. But their was no proper reasons for them to get-off from their spouse. Karan..pls..grow up!! And moreover, their was no necessity for Amitabh to be portrayed as an over-dozed flirt!! Wat an amazing actor he is!! He is been wasted n the movie–KANH(the name dosen’t suit for the script). Alvida kehte kehte “the movie is titled”–>>Never say “Gud bye”. uff!!

  16. 16 asha

    well i agree with rani when she asks shahrukh -what if i find my soulmate after marriage. marriage has to be based on love and care for each other, more than anything else. there has to be a feeling of ‘connection’ with the other person. if a person doesnt find it in his/her spouse, then he/she is bound to stray. if theres a lack of emotional bonding then theres no other choice than to find it outside the marriage. we r cursing karan johar for the topic he chose for his movie but these things r actually happening and we can not keep our closed to the fact. it does give a feeling of uneasiness esp to married couples but if such things r happening to them, they should rather take it as a wake up call to find out whats lacking in their marriages.
    love sees no boundaries, it just happens. and the third person is always seen in a negative light which might not be true in all the cases. if a person is in love with a married man/woman, he/she knows what they r doing and there wont be any outcome coz the bond of marriage is not easy to break. if someone still loves a married person, then he’s giving love unconditionally and there cant be anything better than unconditional love.


    Karan’s films are far far far away from the reality and real family. Very Very rare couples have extra marital affairs and very very rare family live together like 3 brothers in a family. like what ever shown in tv. channels is a bullshit but people are now understanding this. This directors are exploiting AAM JANTA’s feelings to make money and to break families.

  18. 18 Rukku

    hi guys…

    talking abt KANK…well im on both stands. i liked the movie cos im going thru exactly what the movie depicts. But for sure Karan didnt hav to drag it for 3.5hrs to communicate the entire story.

    Big B’s dialogues were good, his character was cute and likable, but as a character with calling Call gals to his son’s house, was kinda awkward. m sure how much v indians say v r modernized or westernized v will never forget our roots, atleast v wont show it out so open.

    LRMB - there is no msg as such but a movie to watch. It was juzzz tooooooooo kewl.

    chill ya guyz!!!

    tc, rukku from Dubai.

  19. 19 shital

    Well said people–Those who didn’t relish the movie. Karan, its time for you to grow up–Its fine if people are gonna part if their is no ” so called Chemistry”. But their was no proper reasons for them to get-off from their spouse. Karan..pls..grow up!! And moreover, their was no necessity for Amitabh to be portrayed as an over-dozed flirt!! Wat an amazing actor he is!! He is been wasted n the movie–KANH(the name dosen’t suit for the script). Alvida kehte kehte “the movie is titled”–>>Never say “Gud bye”. uff!!

  20. 20 BollywoodSux

    KANK sucks like a TANK, Karan Johar is so gay and should be jailed for turning out melodramatic bull*** and laughing all the way to the bank. He , along with Shahrukh Khan is responsible for deteriorating tastes in Hindi cinema.

  21. 21 raj

    As regards KANK I feel its karans personal unmarried status which led to this film . What he probably feels is that i am not married which is good cause those who are aren’t better off.
    True to some extent I believe . I believe commitment is not related to liking the person you marry but commitment is a mental state you psyche yourself into prior to marriage which explains the more stable families in India vis avis the west .The mind is a good servant but terrible master.You can like anybody ..given the freedom you may turn towards your own sex …….. its not about liking but
    seeing how much nonsense the society permits you with.Go to the middle east and try true love out of wed lock ….

  22. 22 Anand

    Well I would like to say please do get REAL Karan Johar(or whoever is with him on this). And this is the reason for the success of yesteryear films. I presume nobody knows that the receipe for a good entertaiment is near real story with good music(instead of those ranchy numbers).So please do not waste precious time on such non realistic things.

  23. 23 Vandana

    Well said Madhumita. Indian cinema has yet to come of age. Like everything else (business, culture, lifestyle, etc) we guys just love aping the west. Ditto for Bollywood. Anyway, Karan’s formula of success is to use the best star in bollywood, throw in some jazzy sets and clothes and give some good music. He is no capable of anything else. LRMB is much better in content, originality and theme.

  24. 24 Vandana

    Why does’nt Karan start a serial on KANK on Star. He will be more successful and also Shah Rukh can get bored with as many females as he wants to and keep dating more. The story can go on forever till Shah Rukh realises the first one was the best. These guys have used these themes to ruin our mentality and influence young minds. Why cant they come up with a film depicting the ill effects of extra marital affairs. Why cant they try and influence our minds in a positive way. Teach us to uphold the sanctity of marriage, instead of marrying endlessly.

  25. 25 MONICA

    I just wanted to tell Karan, that” If he would hv been going through the situation on which he made the KANK,surely he would nt have made it.

    In These situations where a men & women feels totally insure, n betrayed cnt be explained.

  26. 26 PRI




  27. 27 Sujeet Kumar

    I just wanted to tell monica, that” If he would hv been going through the situation on which he made the KANK,surely he would nt have made it.

  28. 28 vijay shanker

    Well presented article showing hollowness in Indian film industry. All so called big banners of today whether it is Yash Chopra, Mahesh Bhutt, Karan Johar, or even Subash Ghai are in real sense making fools of Indian audiance. On TV, it is Ekta Kapoor who has been trying to make the society accept the concept of multi-marriages either within the house or outside. I find all these big names of the film or TV world are literally mentally bankrupt. They only know how to mint money by offering cheap, mindless, thoughtless stories in the fom of films or tv serials. They feel proud copying stories from from foreign films. They don’t have even courage or they are still mentally immatured to pick good stories from good Indian writers who can offer stories which are relevant in Indian context. We have heritage of good stories from Premchand, Sharatchand, Faneshwar Nath Renu, Kamleshwar, Narendra Kohli and likewise so many other novelists who are still writing good novels and stories. But these guys from entertainment world only belive in offering cheap material withjout substance and polluting the whole country.

  29. 29 raj_091980


    1. there are so many ppl with so mixed up views, that after going thru them, one struggles to knw what they are up against or supporting.
    2. the movie might have been a remake.fine, we had lots of remake movies b4 this. dont hang him up for this.
    3. the movie sets a bad example and is against our culture, WELL THIS IS A VERY DEBATABLE TOPIC.
    (B) what has been shown in the movie has always existed in the indian society since the beginning of civilisation. one need to undertake study of our his- tory to know that.
    (C) where the director has gone wrong is, by shying away form his responsibility to give the movie a fine and socially acceptable finish.
    (D) my comments about “love” are reserved, but even if the actors fell in love out of their wedlock, before betraying their spouses and submitting to the lust or passion of so called “love”, they should have tried to get out of the wedlock, by securing a DIVORCE.
    (E) that way, they would have got what they wanted and society also would not have got scandalized.
  30. 30 Ziya

    Think Karan got what he wants, agian he has come with a topic that was the ‘talk of the town’, ..people are still talking

    The movie shows Shah Rukh with an inferiority complex because of his wife’s success (wherein she is the bread winner of the family), hence he finds solace with someone outside marriage.
    Rani from start of movie itself was not very sure about her life and is double minded on her wedding day! And Abishek fears that she would run away from the Mandap, cos it took him years to convince her to marriage. Why did he want to marry a person who had to be convinced in getting married??

    Had Karan shown some other reason for them to fall in love outside marriage, something more convincing maybe would have given the story a better ground.

    But for our society and culture, these are allian, and are not really welcome. Sadly, it is reality but hard to digest

    Farhan (Dil Chahtha hai Fame) had yet another grasping story line where Akshay Khanna falls in love with a women much older to him

    As mentioned by Vandana; a serial on KANK, there is one already on a similiar line (but with a twist at the end) was the ‘Sailab’.

    At the end, …we are still waiting for more movies with a twist / spice

  31. 31 Jebaraj

    Hi to all.
    Extra Marital affairs- even though this is not new to this world, because it is always human tendancy to look at other girls or other guys than our partners. Some of you may not agree with it. But the fact is that always things that are far off are attractive. But as it is correcty pointed out in the article cinema is making a real influence intthe society. So it is very important that the film makers be aware of it and bring up the negative result of extra marital relationships instead of praising it and encouraging it. There must be a supernatural love that is controling the human thoughts to which he is yeilded to which can keep him away from the extra marital relationships. But he should be open for it

  32. 32 Avinash

    KANK did not go down well with audiences because
    we are all looking for simple answers to complex
    questions. KANK is a well made movie, not meant
    for ordinary viewers who cannot think beyond their
    hats. KANK is like abstract art that few can
    claim to understand, and even fewer who actually do
    understand it.
    If you are working hard to keep a relationship going,
    whom are you obliging? The answer cant be simple!
    Karan Johar did a brave thing in trying to deal with
    a very complicated issue. It is imperative that he
    be kicked for being brave and unusual.
    Paradox: An ignorant man thinks he knows everything,
    and as knowledge flows in, he increasingly realizes
    that he knows nothing.

  33. 33 KD

    I truly agree, a movie with no sense at all. I don’t think that Karan has ever thought about the child in the movie. Its very easy to say that you will live seperately, but no one thinks what that child will go through. Karan do you realize that every hindi movie influences millions of people in India. I don’t think that you passed a good message to the public.

  34. 34 Afrose

    Hi All,
    Am very glad that such articles are put out for pubic to read and think. Thank you Joti Roy, ur article is very gud. The movie in issue deals with extra marital affair as if its a causal thing …. How can Karan make such a movie and trys to justify the end ???? He ends telling that shahrukh and rani live together …. they have each other but what abt preeti n the adorable kid ?????
    Does Karan have any idea abt the pain a gal has to go thru living as a divorsee and as a single parent ? or abt the difficult times such a kid will face all his life …. the Hero or just anyone, has no bloody right to spoil a kids life. Any one doing this is no father.
    A marriage can only stand if its made up of give, take and share. Pls learn to work on it . Its worth it.
    And love - whats love? Its a feeling, a liking …. caused a lil by hormones but more by our mind. Use ur mind to find affection and pls dont be led by hormones - it leads to attraction. which for sure wont last and give u nothing but pain n regrets.

  35. 35 RAJEEV


  36. 36 Naveen

    I really don’t understand why is media bent of blowing off the things like Sex; The extramarital overdose. Movie is an ‘Movie’ everyones have the right to watch or ignore. Its an inheritant right which no 1 can supress, similarly lies the truth with “Sex” & “Extra marital Life”. Those who wish to critise on the lines, let them stand by the truth of their lives abt these doses - “Doodh ka Doodh, Pani ka Pani” patha chal jayega. If people are matured enough they would certainly know how to take the things. I would rather say those who are having ‘Extra marital life’ probably the happier ones. “Love is just blind, dont’ follow it”

  37. 37 Naveen

    I really don’t understand why is media bent of blowing off the things like Sex; The extramarital overdose. Movie is an ‘Movie’ everyones have the right to watch or ignore. Its an inheritant right which no 1 can supress, similarly lies the truth with “Sex” & “Extra marital Life”. Those who wish to critise on the lines, let them stand by the truth of their lives abt these doses - “Doodh ka Doodh, Pani ka Pani” patha chal jayega. If people are matured enough they would certainly know how to take the things. I would rather say those who are having ‘Extra marital life’ probably are the happier ones. “Love is just blind, dont’ follow it”. There is a saying - ‘Constructive destruction’, ‘Constructive criticism’ are healthier signs of healthy society.

  38. 38 Disappointed!


    I would rather think that what makes people in India to go and watch such movies? One should understand that what is popular in western world cannot be COPIED in India! Karan Johar is a shrewed businessman who knows how to make money but we Indians are fools to waste our hard earned money to such a crap! Everyone has got to think about it!

    I’m happy that I read reviews before decide to watch a movie even on a VHS which would cost me just a dollar!


  39. 39 Riyaa

    This is an utter piece of nonsense- no doubt about it…Big Names do not bring sheer luck all the time…n it seems, it’s high time KJ takes a learning not to follow the ‘K’ Rule any more!!

    Overly exeggerated bull-shit with an unsatiable desire of finding faults with each-other was the theme of this never-ending braggadoccio. Any sane human being who can derive what was the message the highly credible director wanted to pass, certainly deserves a Noble Prize!!

    Ne-plus-ultra of a well researched disastour- I must say!!!

  40. 40 priya

    The youth really got influenced by the movie KANK so i personnally feel that it ’s karan’s responsibility to make the second part of KANK to show the real ill effect of extra marital affair.

  41. 41 Guna - Vice President, FEFSI

    Look how funny the world is! How spontaneous they celebrated! How fluently they trample!

    I see Karan as one of the best directors in the contemporary scenario. Yet how irresponsible he has been with specific reference to KANK to take the viewers for a jolly ride.

    Karan, people dont rate you just like that after a few hits.

    Everytime they think!!!!!!!!! [Samples: Madhumita, Vandana]



  42. 42 KD

    I don’t agree with you Avinash,
    Things can always be worked out if you want them to, I don’t think Rani and Shahrukh Khan had a good reason for not being happy in the marraige. Why the hell does Rani gets married in the first place when she din’t like Abhishek.
    Well apart from this, marraige is not just being liking the partner. When two people get married, you are bonding two families together. No one on this Earth has right to spoil a kids life, if you give birth to a child then make sure you give him all the happiness in this world. And a child does need both his parents.
    I don’t say that you need to be in a relationship if are not happy with it, but atleast try to give a good reason for not being happy…
    Its easy to break anything, but very difficult to get things together.

  43. 43 Ravi

    Guys i really agree with u all, the movie sucks. i think if karan cant think of a story and needs one themn why go ot hollywood. Try ur hands at some of the issues from Indian Theatre Plays , they are beeter and one can say are purely Indian. Guys i think its better to watch a play rather then going for a 3 Hour stupid movie

  44. 44 Anuran Chatterjee

    For the writer and reviewers:
    All who think KANK is a bad movie: are immature.
    May be its a long one, and its difficult to see SK crying like a baby for long, but the fact is love can happen to anyone and anywhere, and its allways better if they unite.
    The fact tha SK and Rani united at the end added more meaning at the end. Had it been that they remianed in their marriage and had secret affair all their life, whould have been bad, WHICH BY THE WAY happens in life, which I dont support. But its highly possible that one finds someone more attarctive ( in all sense ) after marriage. Now, one can suppress of course, but in many cases, and in some instances things can take a turn. Overall, KANK is a well made , different kind of movie, which has been dealt in a good , intelligent way, meant for mature crowd…

  45. 45 Reskew47

    I do not think we should co-ralate movies with our real life. Movies are like fictions and our life is like facts.Seeing movie can be like eating or going on long drive or painting-an activity which gives additional inputs to our living.We have been too much involved into movies, which lead to lots of wrong doings including black marketing of tickets and many frustrated and disappointed souls. So consider films like any other activities in life and do not compare it with our breathing.

  46. 46 sam



  47. 47 sam


  48. 48 DEEPIKA

    i’m not with people’s view nor with the director,but it’s a thing ,which is happening now a days with most of the lovers,that when a gal n boy loves each other but family obstruct for their marriage.they don’t want to depart but want to maintain relationship.even parents have to know ,in which their childrens happiness do happen’s some times,but its not fair to maintain a relation,but it all depends upon ur love.

  49. 49 SSdeen

    I really agree KANK was a horrible movie.I do agree people can fall in love even after marriage.Thata happens when there is lack of love in the relationship. Wat upset me is that SK never tried to adjust to Preethi. He was always filled with ego that he cant do anything better.
    Rani,she did a mistake from the beginning itself. she wasnt sure if she wanted to marry him.She shouldnt have gone for it.Despite AB being such a good husband she couldnt adjust to him.Thats rediculus.
    When you know there is some problem in the marriage u try to work it out.But SK and Rani never tried to save their marriage.The one idea they did was bullshit.
    If Rani couldnt adjust with AB, i really dont think she can adjust with SK…
    so wat happens after 5 yrs again SK goes after some other woman?????
    Marrriages are never perfect.But we can make it…If you cant adjust to your spouse..then you can never adjust to any one else.
    Films influence people. so Karan please be careful while making could be changing our India into another western country!!!!

  50. 50 Kamal

    I think extra marital shown in the film are more realistic as this is a truth .Lets dont forget that Indian audience isw getting more matured rather than singing religious tunes or just running around the tree without any proper reason. Lets also not forget that in the name of tradition and culture the moral policing should stop. Just to show and keep the prestige in society or keeping the tradition or culture of so called dignified human being i dont think it is wiser to die emotional death every day in tits and bits ,Grumble within yourself ,Keep sleep less nights ,loose mental strength which affects ur daily social and professional life and after sixty when all ur nearest and dearest are gone you find urself that for keeping the haert of a few u had totally ruined ur life for which ur parents can only shed tears and show their helpless ness.So guys its ur life at the end of the day u should have the right and the wisdom to continue a dead and torturing relation or go ahead where ur heart commits fully and says that i am ready to accomodate anything for this person

  51. 51 Kamal


  52. 52 GS

    Hey ppl,

    I am sorry if my comment is a bit off-track, but I just wanted to remind all our people that in our (Indian) culture, which has flourished for centuries…. Never had a word called “Divorce” (atleast not in sanskrit)…
    The current movie themes of “Breakaway”, “One night stand”, “Spouse Swapping”, “Pre-marital sex”,… have a negative impact on the mindset of the viewer, it makes the viewer think this is quite common in our society (which is’nt if I am not wrong) and is legitimate.
    This impact will have dire consequences.
    It is high time that somebody stands up against it and gives our directors a shout to make movies which are entertaining at the same time to be cautious not to convey negative messages…..

    Please apologize me if I am too harsh at any point of my assertion.

    Jai Hind…

  53. 53 Freakychakra

    Hey Kamal what are you speaking about torturing yourself in a marriage in an old fashioned society!?! I hope you dont think it is all hunky-dory in a live in or a love-a-day and move on relationship! I wonder what you would have thought of if our own mothers, aunts and grandmothers had not compromised and done what they did for you and me and all of us. They did it for the happiness of all and they were being selfless! If you think there are moral police watching over you, you must be upto something!Wake up and try and think!Policing should be within you and morals are yours.It is very easy to walk away and move on as long as it is not affecting you, try to be at the receiving end, Try loving someone with all your heart and let us know how you feel when she moves away for love………Easier said than done!Dont get into marriage if you think it is torture! It takes two to clap, so why cant you make a difference?

  54. 54 Sampath

    I totally agree. Even though there are some controversies poping up here and there as we are inherting these things from the western culture IMHO the movies are feeding more water to it. Time to time we see movies that preach/remind people what is good and what is not. But most of the time people think that they are making reality movies and portraying some stupidities that happen only within 4 walls and now everyone know about these things and will start thinking that way.

    More than entertrainers these days our movies are becoming a drag to portray something that is useless. We started from teen-love and we are now in extra marital affairs and spoue swapping as the actors/actress are also getting old. We need some fresh new faces so that we don’t have to see those oldies acting wierd movies. This is true not only in the acting areana but also in direction, story and screen play. Fresh faces will change this trend as the oldies got bored of the normal subject which they had worked with many time and now moving towards controversies…


  55. 55 kumar

    Fantasy is hallucination. Make no mistake. Fantasies are for fun and time pass.

    You are wonderful human being above all this. Every one of you out there.
    You are wonderful and deserve best things what the divine has made in this world.

    Do not relate yourself to such FANTACIES. If you don’t like a script just don’t encourage it. The creator does not compel you to see them in first place.

    You don’t give your house key to the thief to rob and complain to the police about it. Got it?


  56. 56 Freakychakra

    Well said Kumar! true i agree with you completely! One guy who made complete sense in the whole discussion! Movies are timepass! have fun in the theatre and forget it! dont carry anything with it! Like Kumar said we went and watched the movie no one forced us! You can stick to watching sati savitri tales if that keeps your mind on track!

  57. 57 Freakychakra

    How many people actaully got influenced by Swades and went to the villages and how many actually did what poeple in rang De Basanti did? i guess not even a handful! If movies influence us at all why dont the good things influence us!? Funny! if only people had such discussions on what needs to be done India would definitely give other countries stiff competition. I have noticed we never pick up the professionalism and the time sense that the westerners have, the politeness and the traffic sense. We only want to pick the dating, one night stands and other stuff! Be choosy people! this is where you need to be picky!

  58. 58 amrita

    after reading into such kind of thoughts n watching a movie where extramarital affairs r shown,me thnk that people r making love marrige n al these thngs like a joke.making fun of u tell me is love n attraction the same?if there is no love between two people y they marry n get engaged in extra marital affairs?love requires sex bt fr all relations is nt is a different kind of feeling.a trust a bond frever & lots of understanding.isn’t it.nwdays marrige,dating has becme a fashion.we people r nt illetrate ,y we does al needs to b stopped.

  59. 59 Yogi

    Hindi films are real shit. No depth in story. its a three hr torture. It make more sense in investing same money and less time in watching a hollywood movie. now a days the bolly wood industry is so clogged with talentless idiots that they have to use muscle power to survive in the industry

  60. 60 par dpk


  61. 61 ren

    ALL of YOU (abv readers ) need to grow up and wise up!!

    If it’s An English movie, you would shut up, atch it and accept it. Y??? bcoz common in UK and US.

    News for you babes!!!Its happening in daily lifes. look around you. lots of divorce cases happening nowadays. y?? lost love. lots ppl get in marriage nowadays not becoz of love but becoz they have to - for the sake of their parents, age cathching up or etc. in KANK, they try to keep their mariages alive by trying to love their other halfs. but if it is getting now where (no room for improvement), then, one would resort to divorce and find love life in someone else.

    this also commonly happens even before mariage. how many ppl you know have married their 1st love? before marriage, there would a lot of ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends. Well in KANK, he made it happen after marriage. it does happen in Indian families.

    Hard to believe?? Sad but true. so do not condemn others if you are not open minded. each have their own stand and say.

    too bad if you did not enjoy the movie. I know i enjoyed it. it’s a new breath to old cine tales of rich girl poor boy, BF-GF love story and others.

    p/s i respect your says but this is my opinion

  62. 62 Shruti

    I agree with Ren. I am going thru something similar. Would love to find someone whom I can relate to actually. Its easy to say that marriages are made in heaven and why do we marry someone we dont love and simlar things….the fact still remains that people change. People change everyday and sometimes the change can be so much that they become strangers to each other, leading to odd situations in a marriage. In my opinion, its def. worth a try to work it out, but if it doesnt, its better to get out of it than to go more deep into it and then regret not getting out earlier. Anywaz, I feel KANK was a brilliant story, making things like this aware to the society where people still have their eyes closed and think everyone is always married ‘happily’…in fact i can bet most of them arent!!!!!!!! Grow up everyone and open ur eyes!!!

  63. 63 davi

    Firstly the writer..and most people who posted here need to wake up from “LALALAND” and grow up! I watched the movie…twice in fact..and loved it! The director literally holds a mirror to the audiences…and we obviously cant handle it! that is what we indians are really known for…we never look an issue in the face and dont know how to confront it..rather suffer inwardly while putting on a brave front just so we dont “look bad” in front of others…Well, surprise, surprise..this, unfortunately, is reality..and infidelity does not exist only in the west..but in india as well..yes married folk “committed” to their spouses do indulge in this infidelity in india as well… no one talks about it in hopes the issue itself will go away, but again, we need to grow up and call a spade a spade! and i think shahrukh khan protrayed his character flawlessly and karan…great job man! Keep it up shahrukh and karan!!

    (ps: for all those out there fuming about the above piece, im indian and i speak from personal experience when i say karan knew exactly how murky things get in such a situation and yet how uncontrollable human emotion/psyche are..and no, it is not is only human!)

  64. 64 spice of india

    You all need help! grow up and then think of writing down your thoughts…most of you sound so immature..criticising the acting, the direction, the story line, etc.,..when in reality, it is the issue at hand that has been annoying most people.. unfortunately, that is reality in its fullest…(k, maybe not the ending…)..people have extramarital affairs…and yes, in india too…and we need to deal with it..the movie itself, although a bit long, was great! great music, great acting and a visual treat! THank you Karan, shahrukh, rani, abhishek and guys were fab!

  65. 65 beat

    Is something wrong with you guys??
    The film portrayed reality. We all know that these things happen everyday in one form or another within an unhappy marriage and those of you that don’t think it happens within our race, must be ignorant.
    Alot of people make mistakes in marriage and even marry someone who they do not feel chemistry with but because the other person is a good friend or good person, they go for it. Alot of the times it is to make your parents happy or even because you don’t know or believe mr right will ever come along.
    Most of us want to get married and should we never feel that chemistry with someone does it mean that we should never get married?
    Rani did what she thought was best in the movie although her heart was not into it. Head over heart scenario. As for Shah Rukh,well, he suffered from a very typical asian man inferiority complex when the wife is the one wearing the trousers and earning the dough.
    As far as I am concerned, the only mistake that was made in the movie was the lack of acknowledgement of the child and what would happen to the relationship between father and son after the split. It wasn’t very realistic in that way as he Shah Rukh had practically brought up the kid himself as Preeti was always busy with work. So, where was the attachment? Even if he was a foster parent, an adoptive parent, am sure there would be more feelings involved unless ofcourse he was a drug addict or a bad guy etc which the movie didn’t portray.
    So all in all,although the topic was kind of taboo, it was realistic. People need to be able to face facts. It already exists in society so lets not pretend it doesn’t.

  66. 66 Freakychakra

    My god within the same country people who have been brought up in a similar kind of scenario have so much of differences.after all it was just a movie, but see the number of discussions the thoughts that have been kindled, so this goes to prove that movies impact us in more ways than one and in ways we dont really think it would. So for all the last few who were trying to wake people to the new generation India with infedility on the rise, think about it. What everyone else is saying is this- the kind of message that comes across creeps into the minds and influences a lot of young minds (like it or not, good movies never influence them i wonder why). So all that we are trying to convey is if you have a message make sure you try to make a difference, We know there is dirt in the gutter so we want movies to show us how to clean them and how we can close gutters not how stinky the gutters are, we already know they are. Everyone here said it is disgusting because they know what is happening, it was no surprise. hello guys we live in the same india that you live in and we keep our eyes and ears open. We dont want such things to happen. No one says u have to marry someone for someone;s sake. If you have a great heart to sacrifice for someone good for you, if not too bad move on! no one is stopping you. So all you last few writers will keep hopping as and when the chemical equations keep changing in some one else’s favor. Why are you guys getting offended? When many people want to stand up for something they belive was wrong it is not because they are ignorant about it but they are attempting to change something. Well when a simple movie about an actress with a fictious life can cause so much uproar imagine how much true life incidents would be hurting someone. Please do not marry for the SAKE of someone and then be a hypocrite. Stand up for yourself if you cant sorry someone who cant stand up for anything falls for everything(someone said this, so very true) Stop arguing with each other, argue for a cause.

  67. 67 Freakychakra

    Well well! A simple movie made for entertainment caused so much uproar and discussion. Goes to prove what an impact a movie can have on the society! Well thats what we are trying to say! The last few of you who were trying to wake up India to infidelity, you need to wake yourselves up! A simple movie caused your minds to get affected so much and think!i havent even watched the movie and here i am writing about it.Thats the kind of influence movies have. Thats what we are trying to convey. Young minds get influenced so easily (wonder why the good things and good movies fail to influence them) and so all we are saying is when a big star is in a movie trying to convey a message in a contemporary set up it better be good. You guys are forgetting we live in the same India as you , we move with the same people as you. Nothing new. We all know what happens in India. Like all of us know gutters stink. There is no need to make a movie to tell us gutters stink, we already know. All we are saying is that show us a movie where we know how to clean that gutter or deodourize it. So we know whats happening in the society and we want to see something positive. Movies always are like seeing your dreams and fantasies come true. When someone walks into a relationship because of someone they must have the heart to stay for the same someone. If you cant dont walk into it.those who cant stand up for anything, fall for everything(someone said this and it is so true). Dont do it selfishly, if you can marry for the sake of parents, dress for the sake of husband, laugh for ur child and then run away for someone else you think you did justice in the first place., Anyway you are not staying in that marriage, in the process you are hurting so many other people all for the chemistry you share with a stranger? So whats the guarantee that the chemical equation wont be imbalanced later, then you move on to another? well good for you. Even animals stick to their group! You might have your desires but you need to make up ur mind about what is important, if you want to go ahead with someone else to hell with parents, you must strive to make them happy and still be with someone you love, if you cant pls dont blame anyone, parents would forgive you no matter what but dont hurt other people! The new generation thinks they are ultra cool about relationships, know what they want and who they want! Sorry! No one does! Just a facade to prove you have moved on. Move on in other ways guys not this way! Dont accuse others of being ignorant! they know whats happening and want to stop it. The last few of you who woke us all up , sorry time you woke up from dreams. One of you tel me when the person you love the most moves on with someone else for better chemistry and u feel broadminded enough to let go and not feel bitter, i will agree you have a punch in ur words. Watch the movie a trillion times and enjoy it but do not think the message conveyed doesnt influence the society. There may be lots of undercurrents in Indian society no one is saying India is an epitome of purity and fidelity. We are trying to make it one! Dont sacrifice if you cant!

  68. 68 In reality

    For people who really like and encourage KANK kind of movies.

    We are yell, screem, call names and use all kind of bad words. Can I use it here? Will you guys enjoy and take it as a reality. This is going to annoy anyone who reads and kids reading will follow it as a benchmark.

    You have to ban these movies and fine these guys heavily. Cheap crap .. utter nonsense!!

  69. 69 Rajesh Seshadri

    Hey, this is such a nice write up!

  70. 70 shan

    Fantasy is hallucination. Make no mistake. Fantasies are for fun and time pass.

    You are wonderful human being above all this. Every one of you out there.
    You are wonderful and deserve best things what the divine has made in this world


  71. 71 Jyoti Roy

    Hi Friends!

    I am the writer of this article.I am thrilled to the core to read such a fantastic reponse to the article and its nice to know so many different takes on a single topic. I agree with most of you that love can happen to anyone, anywhere and with anyone. Yes you can love someone and get amrried to him/her and over the years you may feel your emotions dying out, your differences growing for a hundred of reasons. Then you may come across someone who you connect with and you may just fall in love again! The feelings, the situations, the truth is best known to people who have been through it. Its easy to stand outside the arena and critise a performance but its thouigh to be there and perform. Similary its easy to call someone unfaithful or be critical about his/her action but its difficult to live his/her situation and understand what must have driven him/her into it. Yes Karan Johar picked up a bold topic. He did make an attempt to tell us what went wrong in the relationships of his protagonists. SRK becomes cynical after his accident and is constantly snubbed by his successful wife. On the other side Abhishek is a nice, loving, romantic husband but is insensitive to his wife’s needs. He likes to party wild, he is an extrovert and he wants his wife to be what he is. He is never shown to spend some quite time with his wife being a part of her interests. Where Karan failed is to highlight this aspect of their failing marriages and spending lot more time on what can be best temed as the unnecessities. It could have been a beautiful film, a hard hitting film if the emotional bit would have been taken care of.
    Yes marriages and realtionships are failing and our country and our society is facing it too. Why and whynot is best left to the people involved, we are no one to set moral standards when actually none of us have any of our on. Why is it morally incorrect to love someone out of your wedlock and why is it fine to see someone hit in an accident and die on the road but no one takes him to the hospital beacuase no one wants to face the police. Thay are many more immoral things we do every single day of our lives, we cheat, we lie, we crush someone to move ahead in life. No the question is not about what is socially acceptable and what is not, loving someone is your emotions, you can’t control them. Mentally you are already there, mentally you already love someone else. Its a debate that will never have a conclusion.
    But my dear friends my article was about how our film industry has got stuck to this one topic and are over doing it. Love is a beautiful feeling, in or out of wedlock, ut our film makers seem to be utterly confused betweeen love and lust. A love out of wedlock can be something very sensitive, extremely emotion and may be metally tormenting. But our filmakers have made it look like sex spree, filthy and nasty. All I meant to say was give us something new.
    And for all of you out there who believe that love can happen anytime, but what really matters is the decision we make, watch a film called ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. This one is specially for you Geetha & Asha.

  72. 72 SG

    KANK was a terrible theme.
    Extramarital affairs might seem to be the fashion in high society, but are absolutely unethical in any culture,and this movie glorifies extramarital affair. I can tell you from my personal experience how it feels to be the spouse of a partner who is cheating on you, when you have been very sincere in the relationship despite all the differences in views about various things in life. No people in marriage can have 100% similar interests, but when you love somebody all these small things become immaterial.
    If SRK and Rani Mukherjee were not happy in their respective marriages they should have at least tried their best to save their marriage and look at their own faults. If still it did not work out, then they could have first divorced and then have an affair, npt the other way around.
    I wish our directors and producers first can differentiate what is right and wrong and then try to give a right message to the audience. They should not think that anything they show with a superstar cast will be appreciated by the public. At least adults will realize what is right and wrong, but adolescents with immature minds get a wrong message with this film

  73. 73 RJ

    KANK had a good theme but it went overboard by depicting casts to be too carefree about relationships. Let it be Rani and Abhishek whose problems could have been solved easily as the husband was ready for any discussion. Amitabh being a senior artist was shown in a wrong light. He claims to have loved his departed wife dearly but apparently after her death he decided to go on the Hugh Hefner (playboy owner) track. Love is not something that diminishes after someone dies. Sharukh and Preity are having a child and they did not even think of giving a chance to each other for the child’s sake before taking the drastic step. If this movie was depicting the Western culture for relationship I could have understood but this was based for our Indian audience and surely such themes would not work even if people have become modern in their lifestyles. Marriage is a bond and both the partners have to work hard to make it a success. Nobody is perfect but perfection can be achieved through hard work and willingness to forgive one’s imperfections.

  74. 74 Husky

    I really dont agree.. Hey Karan What r u trying to do. R u justifying a illegal relationship?

  75. 75 Sudha

    Yes , you are right, Indians can’t digest cheap stuff as shown in Kabhi alvida na kahna. Definitely we look for movies like LRMB. We need such movies. I sincerely request film makers not to make cheap movies. Movie shouldn’t corrupt somebody.
    Thanks for such good aticles.

  76. 76 Kumar1

    Hello Guys,

    This story is totaly waste ….It means no value for realationships in life..go with who ever u want and do what ever u want…..which is totaly a scarp topic..Such moovies has to be banned in India…


  77. 77 Ranjan

    Marriage is a bond that brings together two people, deeply in love, to commit towards a lifelong relationship. This bond gets strained though, because life at present, is a mixed bag of worldly comforts and its stresses in equal measure.

    Incidents depicted in KANK do happen in real-life, so I appreciate Karan being brave enough to bring that across. On the other hand, the treatment could have been better. In fact, it left a lot to be desired. The accusation of plagiarism is justified and it shows Karan’s work in poor light. So Karan, admit what the Indian public already know, and we will applaud your chivalry.

  78. 78 Indi K Sidhu

    Great stuff…..well done, now try and give advice on how to stop it…

  79. 79 kk

    I am working on a story for my next film on this topic.
    If you want to share your experience or want to act in this film then please feel free to contact me at

  80. 80 Ranjit

    The premises of the movie was not just infidelity, but it dealt with a certain mindset which says that its better to severe a relationship when its not going anywhere. Reality is that people concerned suffocate themselves caught in the effort to keep a failed marriage going. In the process make not just their lives miserable but also of their children who tend to grow up no more confident about the instituition called marriage. Yeah, one needs to move on..
    Characters in the movie might not have been finely etched, but then Karan is just telling a story, whoever wanted reality in movies ….well bollywood just aint making that genre yet.
    Cinematic liberties have been taken as usual by setting the story in New york, but bidesi desi’s are more traditional than that. Yeah there might be a Sam somewhere in New york but truth be told these things happen as much in India as well. Karan needs to be credited for bringing it up for discussion.

  81. 81 Rehan Khan

    Marriage is a bond that brings together two people, deeply in love, to commit towards a lifelong relationship. This bond gets strained though, because life at present, is a mixed bag of worldly comforts and its stresses in equal measure.

    Incidents depicted in KANK do happen in real-life, so I appreciate Karan being brave enough to bring that across. On the other hand, the treatment could have been better. In fact, it left a lot to be desired. The accusation of plagiarism is justified and it shows Karan’s work in poor light. The relation between SRK and Rani, how it comes seems a very touchy to one who can undesrstand. So Karan, admit what the Indian public already know, and we will applaud your chivalry.

  82. 82 Ritula Thakur

    Thanks for such a wonderful article.I hope Karan Jauhar reads this one.Karan we had lots of expectations from u!

  83. 83 SK

    This is very touchy and sensitive topic to discuss, its too personal, its abyss. People should try to understand the situations in one’s life; it’s a different story line. If you are not exposed or aware of outer world, it’s very difficult to digest or think on such situations. World is changing, you have to know what’s happening; there are so many tools to get educated. Karan used one among them. Stop criticizing and encourage people who have different thinking. “Think out side the Box” Guys !

  84. 84 Anu

    To all my friends who have written against KANK..

    Without going into acting skill of SRK and others…the message from this movie is apprecibale…living in 20th century, one can not live the life with compromise…!! in this world thousands, crores of kids are growing with single parent, it’s always been healthy to grow with single parent rather than having parents fighting day & night which effects a child’s pschycology more.

    True love can happen once in life…anytime and anywhere..

  85. 85 sheetal

    Well said, KD..

  86. 86 yasmeen

    KANK is nothing new nor v strange to me.
    it denotes n revolves my life now.i dont live fr world, as i see many hypocrites hanging around and rebuking abt xtra marital affairs.

  87. 87 mohan

    Hi dear readers,

    First of all, let me tell those who bluntly oppose posting such articles and messages. But this is the easiest way to know bold public opinion. Usually, when two people converse face-to-face, they don’t really admit something controversial or anti-social. But these message boards let them speakout openly without any fear (like the one posted by Rukku from Dubai). Its not that I am interested in such messages, its about knowing your surroundings and getting some social feedback about some controversial issues.

    Coming to KANK, I completely accept that this movie is against our culture, our culture about which we boast so much. If that is the case, then whatever we see in cities and towns in our country is also against our culture. atleast, whatever has been shown in this movie is not a trend copied from west. It was very much part of our age-old society. I really loved the way this movie was picturised and the performances of all the cast. Ofcourse, the story could have been written in a better way with some minor modifications. Overall it was a good one and I enjoyed some great perfomances. Sometimes, Shah Rukh looked really lost and at times he looked so real in his character. I don’t know why people are so much bothered about the copying business. Are they not copying so much from western culture? Baseline is that even if some story has been copied from Hollywood, still its going to be different from the one that is made in west. Our movies, even if they are copied from west, are made according to Indian sentiments and Indian culture. So, if we want to appreciate we can still appreciate and I strongly feel that this movie doesn’t deserve so much negative criticism.

    OK guys thanks for allowing me to share my views. TC

  88. 88 Mystery

    KANK is a total junk…I’m surprised here in US many indian kids dividing time between their mom and dad in the weekends.
    No Indian family wants their marriage to break up, nor they want their kids to bounce between them week after week. By this I’m not saying you have to stay married to someone wh does’nt respects you or loves you, and is infidel. But if you are happy with your marriage, and both of you loves and respects each other, why do you have to end it for another stranger…??
    Yasmeen…looks like you are very influenced by the movie, maybe you like changing partners but that’s just you and your counterparts…. But don’t influence your friends who are happily married to be like what you are… poison ivy.

    People always tends to absorv the bad things of the western culture…

  89. 89 kavin

    well.., different people different openions.., Guy’s.,what ever shown in the movie is true and happening in india as well.., i have seen couple of people, this movie shows the reality and cautions the young couple..,

  90. 90 sunil

    Its really good theme, well done karan, sarukh and others,,,, in our society comparing to western we are more hidden… a wife will have several partner in her life and so as husband but totally hidden. at times both will say i am sati sabtri….but fact is not…… so we do everything but hidden…. where as western culture everything is open….husband does not liked wife will oviously go for others so as wife…. karan tried to apply the same cocpet ….well done …

    keep it up!

  91. 91 ruby

    I aggree with Avinash,Raj_091980 and ofcourse what jyoti roy said on Nov 13. KANK is not for everyone. Karan had the courage to show what is happenning in the real world , including India, on the big screen.Unfortunately our people are not ready for it yet. People unhappy in their marriage cannot keep their children happy, let alone set up an example of good human beings. When two people are unhappy and are held in a BOND, it becomes a burden, and one can push oneself only so much to make it work. When labour of love is no more labour of love,patience runs low, tempers run high,frustration builds up and home becomes a hostile environment. Such a place is not good for any one- wife, husband or child.

    Both Rani and SRK were miserable intheir respective marriages ( why they were so miserable is a different debate altogether),and people arround them were unhappy too. Marriage is suppose to keep two people and the people arround them reasonably happy (knowing that noo one is 100% happy) and fullfilled.
    Reasonably happily married people also have attractions towards others, but what keeps these mariages from breaking is a sense of happiness and belonging that they share with their spouses. Both SRK and Ranis marriage was headed for disaster with or without their extramarital affairs. Only difference is that it would have taken a few more years before their marriages died naturally. Now some will say that they should have waited for that to happen and then gone out to find someone. Maybe. But were they actually looking for someone when they found each other? No. Love happens when you least expect it.

    Come to think of it, was abhishek or priety happy? No.
    is it Ok to sacrifice 5 lives to keep two marriages going? People who think that marriage is a sacred bond, which it is,( that is if you can keep it sacred under the circumstances)will choose marriage at any cost( misery, unhappiness, hostility etc) Hats off to them!! But when marriage cannot remain a sacred bond and is only a contract two people have signed once upon a time,to them i’ll qoute
    ” Taluq bojh ban jaye to us ko todna acha
    Woh afsana jise anjaam tak lana na ho mumkin
    ose ek khoobsurat mod de kar chodna acha”
    these are lines from an old hindi movie Gumraah staring Sunil dutt, ashoke kumar and malasinha.
    Life is too short my friends, live and let live. We dont know what people are going through when they making certain decisions.Yes they have a responsibilityy to the society but not at the cost of their own life.

  92. 92 ruby


  93. 93 ruby

    I like KANK. I agree with Avinash, Raj and ofcourse with Jyoti roys views publishe on 13 nov

  94. 94 mark

    i heard Karan Johar is a homosexual.

  95. 95 ameen

    For the producers, or flim makers, its a business… at the cost of ruining our
    good old culture and family values..In recent times, a lot of extra marital affairs
    started to emerge in inda as well.. The film industry is making its effort to
    expose such rarely found cases to the society and finally ending up with
    increased number of such cases..

  96. 96 SHIL


  97. 97 SHIL


  98. 98 baby

    hey it was great. movie like kank are eye openers. it allows p[eople to explore out when present relation is not gud and working. i love this idea.i think u shuld go to that person always with whom uwere in love becoz life is once. sex ias great if loe is extra martial are not big deal i favour this thing being a doctor.

  99. 99 A Yunus

    Infidelity is not a basict instinct. It is a temptation just a temptation; needless to say that not all tesmptation and desires are good. Incest, Infidelity, Fornication and adultery have become so common in the indian film industry that it doesnot disturb anybody anymore….rather makes us to feel like it’s all a part and parcel of life…whereas it is not. All the above said things and the story of KANK maybe good to relish in screen….but obviously what effect will it have on the audience? what impact will it leave on the children who take sharukh as role model or amitabh or karan…would they feel it to be ok to have extra marital affairs? Karan, Amitabh, Sharukh, Rani and each and everyone in the film industry have responsibility for what they do….what they convey…Would Amitabh allow Jaya bachan to have such illicit relationship just cos she wud ve find comfort in someone else love? After seeing this movie, after seeing the concept of the story, what would he tell to his younger generations? to walk on the same light? People, wake up….it’s time to shun such films and actors in such films….it’s not impossible..ignorance is a crime rather than fornication….. Not only such themes and stories disturb the individual’s mind…but for generations far away who wud see this drama, would have their life distracted….!

    “And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an indecency and an evil way.”
    The noble Quran 17:32

    “(As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement.”
    The Noble Quran 24:2

  100. 100 Raju

    Keep KANK aside. Think if anyone of you love someone who is married (probably happy with the marriage too), still likes you. What would you do!?

  101. 101 Bebo Kaur

    Aaaa it was pretty stretched up tale. Maninly because it was somewhat? sophisticated bollywood cinema watcher’s delight. Yup how life could be something else in just nick of time. Not bad; the actresses could have done a bit better.

  102. 102 Bebo

    For the most part KANK is illaburattedd in stretched out long hindi Realisticly it’s possible to have such happenings, happened to an individual…ouch…that sucks to be that. Life could do unsual things. Damn it’s hurting to see such ending….in bollywood cinema. Usually it’s happy ever after. Anyhow it was an alright movie. And your article is okay too but may be try to make it more readable friendly. Thanks

  103. 103 Socrates

    Extramarital relation, with whatever masala be added is a nasty thing. Its a good idea that the fellow who made such a film has observed this ill of the society and brought into light. But I dont think he in any angle strived to oppose such relations. Moreover its awful to add comedy to the movie. Because adding comedy may inspire our fellows who have nuts in their bony boxes. Already flirting, teasing girls, smoking, drinking liquor, wearing underwear-short (that are as short as underwears) constumes and many other ills were added with fun in our cinemas and are now have become practices for fun. When would we be ‘Proud Indians’? May god save such directors, the fellows who support such movies just because they too have some creed for such things, from practically getting assaulted by such concepts.

  104. 104 Len

    The very fact that KANK caused so much uproar points to the fact that its very real and reality in movies makes people uncomfortable.They go to movies to escape reality. Basically people who are so vehemently opposed to the movie, criticising the actors,the direction ……..are uncomfortable to accept that these things do happen in real life. Agreed it did have some things not really required….and haha not so funny…but then people its a movie…for heaven’s sake! I personally felt that Indian movies have grown with time..and kudos to Karan for breaking away from his mold!

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