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Who is afraid of kabhi alvida Na kehna?

16 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 516 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 516 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 516 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 516 Votes | Average: 4.38 out of 5 (16 votes, average: 4.38 out of 5)
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KANKBollywood is making a conscious attempt to do out of the box movies. It now wants to take the medium to the nook and crannies of issues, which till now have been glossed over. The critics have panned such movies citing the immature handling of a mature theme and that the directors had better go back to the super gloss movies of their yore.

The issue we are discussing here is the relevance of KANK to the emerging new India. Why is there such a hype and fanfare around movies that revolve around extra marital issues? It doesn’t sound like just moral policing to me. It’s got more to do with the paranoia that all us suffer from. A social paranoia, which has held us captives for sometime now. It is this fear that we need to come to terms with. A fear of the disturbing reality around us as a consequence of which anything that is out of sync, out of the existing order is viewed as a threat. People want them to be weeded out without leaving their spills behind.

That’s why issues like love after marriage, love out of wedlocks, live in relationships are seen as cats among the pigeons. But wishing or blinking the reality away is not going to solve the problems, for these cracks are like writing on the walls, looking the other way cannot make them go away.

Coming back to the reality of extra marital affairs, they are here to stay. Marriages are the worst hit in this neo global consumerism as there is strong invasion of their world by the different agencies like power, money and the media. These have not only made the world flat but have left relationships flat too. These agencies subtly exert a lot of pressure on men and matters and exhort them to perform and if men and women falter at the altar then they are history for they are branded by the society as failures.

These people are then reduced to being reactionaries and feel trapped. They treat themselves as misfits and withdraw from public view. When they meet people of their ilk or tribe they feel at home. It’s only then that cracks become visible and the relationship woes become compounded and from then on they are on a collision course.

The number of divorce cases in the courts narrates only half the story. The rest as the cliché goes is best left unsaid. So when a powerful medium like the cinema rakes it up from forbidden closets the world is uneasy. These would continue to be dubbed illicit, clandestine, behind closed doors affairs till they are made public. The intention of this article is not to sit in judgment on such drifters but to understand the fog of squeamishness that engulfs us.

Thus the affair that rages on between Dev and Maya (Shahrukh khan and Rani Mukherjee) can only be explained as fate’s last laugh on two people who are confused and insecure and most importantly have to deal with successful, single minded partners. They don’t owe anything to anybody… maybe a little to their partners for any relationship that doesn’t allow weakness is not worth it. Especially weaknesses that runs deep to the marrows as shown in this movie.

The movie could not have had a more poignant ending than what Karan Johar the director of the movie had conceived where the two who have an affair move on and decide to do a live in. Their only regret, their path to hell was paved with good intentions for they had to leave a few broken hearts behind and well that is/ was my regret too.    

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Responses to Who is afraid of kabhi alvida Na kehna?

  1. 1 par dpk



  2. 2 smita pawar

    i enjoyed reading this,its true that movies using fundas of extramarital affairs are useless and r banned at boxoffice moreover superstars working is just rediculous

  3. 3 christiana


    Hey par dpk i luv ur writing….thats exactly the truth. making one man rich at the cost of other money….

  4. 4 Priya

    May be KANK is more appreciated by NRIs than Indians, but I believe its very realistic. The best part is, at the end, there is no hatred amongst them. Reluctantly, the left out husband and wife accept it. That is what should happen when the inevitable Alvida occurs between couples.

  5. 5 Vikas

    This movie challenges Indian couples who think they are enjoying a happy married life, to rethink their claim to themselves.

    It is a story that has time period involvement of many years, thereby portraying that SRK and Preety gave enough time to their relationship, but they still find a serious void within themselves, due to unmet expectations from the other person. They are themselves not clear in articulation of this void, so therefore it could only be projected someway (feeling) in the movie to make the audience realize this situation. And this is very normal, not for everybody, but for the ones, who are living their marriages as a compromise…just making it go on, because any alternate to this is not known or would be out-of-the-box. Then along the happen to see somebody…and exchange your thoughts, and suddenly find this person more responsive to your communication. You realize that with this person, you can open your heart out and talk to him/her.

    This is exactly the void, one is battling in present married life. Then, Karan goes onto making see this relationship getting developed / matured and felt…and very nicely…he is no hurry and again gives some good number of years to it.

    The void grows as a big force that one cannot subdue. It grows like an uncontained rebellion in oneself. This is the time one has to make a choice again…and liberate everybody.. Choice is made. New relationships emerge.

  6. 6 john

    Hi Guys,

    I found this movie is intersting and theme is realistic.

    Why so many guys are not accepting and sending these kind of feed back..

    Be practical yaar….. Today’s world is moving fast and entering into 22nd century…still you are thinking like this.

    In society we find so many illegal contacts and extra martial affairs. It is quite common for us. But we are far better than u.s and u.k people because we are maining only one relation at a time.

    “Think Global and act local”

    If you dont like this, try to find out the good from this and be an real INDIAN.

    The surprising thing is most of the ladies are supporting these movies……..

    It is really appreciating one…….

    So good luck …………….

  7. 7 vijayakumar

    The movie is a good one and the tale is narrated well, the cast is good and the characters are portrayed. par dpk, putting words in rhythym does not mean anything unless the content is rich and substantiated. Karan or whomsoever is in the business for money. Bollywood is business. And about the NRI part, when so many indians are spreading out through out the globe, I believe movies involving them has to come.
    In any society extramarital affair is not encouraged. I believe you are grossly mistaken when you mention that “we are far better than u.s and u.k people because we are maining only one relation at a time”. In US or UK they have only one relation at a time, if they are committed to a relation, they stick to it. Only when they are relieved through divorce or mutual separation, they get involved to move ahead in their life.

  8. 8 Mirdhula

    Hi All!

    It is a very interesting movie and realistic too.As Vikas said this movie has a message within it.But in reality if married couples begin giving a serious thought about their marriage, possisbilities of increasing divorcee rates is very high.But on the other hand couples can either start introspecting them or understand their better half’s.

    Whatever may be the ending of KANK but it has a strong message to those who are going to enter in to a new life in the name of marriage.

    ” Be honest to yourself and ask yourself whether you are going to marry with love or are you just compromising”.

    If you find that you are compromising better withdraw and wait until you find, because it is better to wait rather to break your’s or others heart.

    The extra marital relation, chaos, pain, agony and finally a sweet ending in the climax of the movie is possible with Karan Johar but not in reality.

    So all you beautiful people wish you all success for all singles to find your right partner and for all couples to keep your relationships in the right direction.

  9. 9 M roy

    This is what should be happen if ur frequency doesn’t match with ur partner It is better to leave each other mutually rather than spoiling each others life

  10. 10 Neil

    hello friends
    i too want add a comment on the present trend movies & extramarital affairs etc.., it seems to be good looking as JOHN commented above : “I found this movie is intersting and theme is realistic.
    Why so many guys are not accepting and sending these kind of feed back..
    Be practical yaar….. Today’s world is moving fast and entering into 22nd century…still you are thinking like this.” chalo lets be practical JOHN will u feel really happy if it happens with ur own parents or with ur family members, do u think its good to be like that or to understand each other and compromise on some grounds and maintain a clean and good relation..,
    Iam sorry if u felt offended.., but as u said be broadminded and think practical.., so u think practically and tell me and anyone who read this can leave a comment..,

  11. 11 Raghu


    Its too much, I was really surprised that there can so much discussion about movie which elevates perverted ideas when people needs light. I heard people are saying it as reality, but my freind everything that is real need not be good and worst about the movies is it elavates such perverted ideas. Its not worng to show reality but certainly no need to elevate it. Movie can easily influence people and if you people think it as progress , I feel very sorry for you, It will take few hundreds of years for america to realise its mistakes and we indians too are following them.

    The makers of movie don’t have social resposibility, and all they need is money don’t fall trap for this. Only thoes are who are pervert can approciate these movies. And America is not role model for world, it looks good from outside, people don’t have emotional security and I could see big hole is their society, we indians can show them what It means to be family.

    Its easy to fall from tree , but not climbing tree….

  12. 12 Mukesh

    We are interested in watching movies and its upto us to think what we are expecting from it.
    Population is growing exponentially and so the diversity in thinking,taste… everything.
    Result , there are people to make bad movies also hit.
    KANK is good as well as bad. What happens in the society we all know through papers and some things if projected through our favourite stars then young minds will get attracted to practise the same for fun,fame .. whatever may be.

  13. 13 ritu

    we r fooling ourselves when we say this is not for indians. extra marital affairs have been here from a long time and it is here to stay. but like sex,its a taboo topic which ppl hate discussing. but even in small towns now there r plenty of cases of extra marital affairs.
    but we tend to ’show’ one aspect to the society and ‘do’ something else..and then say these r western trends

  14. 14 sheetal

    Friends, most of you are in favour of the movie. Did any of you think about the little boy(Sharukh’s son)!! Would any of you prefer to be ditched by your dad?? Wud you want to grow-up with such a mind-set??
    I totally agree tht its of no use staying together when the couple is not comfortable!! But wat about the poor kids n these cases? Is it one’s fate to grow up without momz and dadz??????
    well…none of you opposing this can answer my question!!
    Why the hell did Rani marry Abhishek when she had no interest 2wardz him!! Why is Sharukh been potrayed as a caring father n the beginning!! His liking for his 2nd life partner goes to the xtent of ditching his son(his loved son)!!! Pathetic movie and lotsa supporters 4 this!! I really pity those of you who support such unacceptable movie!!

    well…I don’t intend to say tht middle-aged ppl shudn’t fall n luv/luk out 4 a life partner. All am saying is “Thy shud definitely think of their kids’ future as well”…”Kids definitely need parents–be it 22nd century/2022 century!!!
    However, opinion differs!!!

  15. 15 Mohit

    it 22nd or 23rd men will die, he has to show his face to GOD one day. We (people who don’t know science specially) feel that we have lot of developements so one day there will be such developement that they will not die. I just wanna say to them when somebody say that it is new era it is applicable when he is not going to die. so once again don’t feed u’r self from KANK. I beg you in this life u have to do efforts don’t look for ease. one has to face death to reach heaven so please any body who think that because of computers or mobile gadgdets he is becoming better human i’m very sorry for him. somebody say to you that you are broad minded and very good person when u accept easily u’re husband or wife with somebody else and cann’t show this broad mind with each other for adjustment. if u luv a person who is like minded means u still luv u’r self. I saw the movie “Murder” i think the message in that movie was much better than of KANK if u ‘re looking for message. offcourse once again one should NOT do what Malika did in that movie.

  16. 16 johnny

    Thanks for good post

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