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Archive for October, 2006

How to get the best out of your partner

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Getting the best out of your partnerI was listening to the radio the other day when a girl wondered whether she is getting the best from her partner, and how can she make sure that her partner is giving her all his attention. This is present in the mind of 90% of the individuals who are into a relationship. I realized if I had expected my partner to know all my likes and dislikes before we got married our relationship would have not sustained and we wouldn’t have been there for each other for the past 15 years. Here some tips to enliven your relationship.

Always remember special occasions like birthday or an anniversary or else your partner would be very upset with you for forgetting a birthday or an anniversary. Again what is more important is that how you relate to each other throughout your lives and not just on one or two days of the year. Trust your partner and you can expect the same from the other side.

One of the biggest relationship killers is most definitely infidelity. Many people struggle to understand and come to terms with such a betrayal but more importantly, struggle to regain the trust. If between the two, there is trust factor, then you can be sure that you are having the healthiest relationship and this will be an eternal relationship.

No partner can accept disrespect or abuse. Abuse is something which is tolerated far too often.  No one needs to tolerate any kind of physical, emotional or any other abuse. I only have one bit of advice to someone who is in an abusive relationship, get out, even if the abuse is only occasional. Even occasional abuse is unacceptable and it will only get worse.

If at first you don’t succeed…

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True loveOne sure thing that separates pure romantics from the rest of humanity is their willingness to make repeated attempts to find true love. Even if their last such attempt resulted in a bloodied nose, bruised ego, hurt feelings or all of the above, a diehard romantic is ready to dust himself or herself off and start again.

The obvious advantages of such an approach are of course, that you do end up finding that soul mate at some time in your life. But there are other side effects that may not be so obvious at first, but that begin catching up with you in time. As you move from one ‘almost’ relationship to another, …

Junk jewellery

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Ethnic necklaceFlaunting heirloom jewellery and regular trips to the branded shop specializing in gold and diamonds might be the right thing to do once in a while. The rest of the time, a stroll through the by lanes of any swanky market of a metro or mini-metro or a trip to the near by local market is good to jazz up your jewellery box with a range of interesting imitation ornaments.

In Mumbai, you can visit Bandra, Andheri-Lokhandwala, Irla etc, in Delhi, you can visit Connaught Place, Delhi Haat, Lajpat Nagar etc and in Bangalore, you need to visit the Forum and in Calcutta, it is New Market & Meena Bazar. The rest of the part depends on you how much you can look for in details and variety.

Ear-rings in white metal, strings of jade and sapphire look a-likes, antique-look silver-coloured jewellery — the range is fascinating.There are changing trends in junk jewellery collections, too. Thus, cosmetic jewellery sellers in any part of India will now tell you that stones are doing well, though the oxidized look was the favoured pick till about the middle of 2006.

Trousseau Troubles: What to Wear?

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Designer saree

Looking into a cupboard packed to the brim with clothes and wondering what to wear is a typical female dilemma. Men, too, must be suffering such moments, but enough has been said about the classic woman’s wail, ‘There’s nothing to wear!’

This is, of course, because what a woman may be searching for at the moment of looking into her cupboard is the perfect garment – in terms of fit, mood, colour and style, and what she may be seeing instead is things that the people she is going to meet have seen before, things that make her appear fat, things that are the wrong colour, or the slightest tear or stain has marred. When see from this viewpoint, ‘There’s nothing to wear!’ seems nothing but the truth.

Food addictionThis is Tuku’s story. Tuku is in her late thirties. Happily married (or so she says) and blessed with two beautiful children. Her professional life has also been very fulfilling. She has been fairly successful in almost everything that she has tried her hand at. Her friends describe her as jolly, friendly and a complete joy to be with. So, apparently the only problem she has is that of being overweight. Tuku feels that she is in full control of the situation. She knows exactly why she has put on those extra kilos and just what it would take to shed them.

She has proved to herself time and again that she can lose weight, but, somehow she has not been able to stick to either a diet or an exercise programme. Then what started as a manageable problem got magnified manifold and Tuku developed joint pains and sometimes she had slight chest pains. These were enough reasons for her to see a doctor. And this visit proved to be a life changing experience for Tuku. She discovered what she jokingly referred to as her passion for food was actually an addiction. She was a food addict. According to her doctor, Tuku’s inability to cope with emotions like sadness, loneliness etc made her turn to food for comfort.