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Archive for October, 2006

Dress up smart this festive season

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salwarLooking smart is the way you choose your dress pertinently that compliments your body shape, so anybody and everybody can do this with a little bit of care and practice. We often make terrible mistakes wearing clothes that are trendy but can look either shabby or vulgar. Women often make big blunders by wearing clothes that do not suit their body type. Most of the time, we laugh our hearts out when we see women with heavy love handles trying their level best to look hot and that too in public gatherings and parties. No one is perfect and I don’t negate that. All I stand by vehemently is, dressing smart is the only way to look hot and confident.

So before, deciding on the clothes you pick up, it is mandatory to understand your body type. Be honest, don’t over estimate or under estimate yourself. When you know your shape you can dress better and look beautiful. Take a good look at yourself in a mirror and figure out what shape you are. Once you have figured out your shape you can follow some of the tips for right selection of clothes that will enhance your beauty.
If you have the perfect figure, that is a long and lean body with few curves, then you are the women with ideal body type. Women with this body type are built like most models so you can wear just about anything. You can buy any kind of dress, which will suit your heavenly figure. The goal for buying clothes is to add some curves to enhance your great figure.

Marriage registration made easy

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Marriage Registration HERE’S SOME good news for couples who have migrated to Delhi and are planning to get married. In a significant order, the Delhi High Court has struck down as unconstitutional the rule that registration of marriages could be effected in Delhi only if at least one of the parties/ parents is resi­dent of the Capital.

The court called the stipulation in the Delhi Hindu Marriage Registration Rules ultra vires(fallacious). The rule says that “one of the parties or his/her parents should be residing within the jurisdiction of the Registrar, for more than thirty days”.

“The binding position of law laid down by the Supreme Court are bound to apply to this
position of law which would lead to the invalidity of the clause. We are of the view that
this court has no option but to strike down the impugned provision,” a Division Bench
comprising Justices Mukul Mudgal and J. P Singh said ordering the Office of Register of Marriages to register the marriage of one Vikram Aditya Singh.

Mookambika - worship and wildlife

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Kollur Mookambika TempleDriving to Mookambika Goddess Temple at Kollur from Mangalore by road one passes through several densely forested areas. Considered to be a powerful incarnation of Goddess Saraswati, people flock to the temple to make their children write their first few letters in the belief that they will grow into knowledgeable children.

My own children, a girl (3) and boy (1) were so young that we were a bit apprehensive about travelling a long distance first by train from Chennai and then by road to Kollur. An officer of an oil company who was serving as Terminal Manager was to meet us at the station. It was summer and very hot, and at the station we were met by the driver of a private air-conditioned taxi – a Fiat car. Leaving Mangalore Station at mid-day we could reach Kollur, witness the deeparadhana and return back the same night before dinner time, without tiring – a feat that would have been impossible except for the air-conditioned car.

Due to an accident the TM could not meet us and the car he sent being a taxi we had to pay an amount instead of the free lift we had hoped. But it proved a blessing in disguise for the children were spared the intense heat. We also had an opportunity to see the golden sword that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M G Ramachandran had gifted to the Deity. 

According to legend Adi Sankara of Kaladi in Kerala had persuaded Godess Saraswati to follow him o his home state, but on the condition that whatever happened he should not turn and look back. It was at Kollur that he broke this vow by turning to look back when he no longer heard the sound of her anklets or chelenge. The same deity is said to be present in Chotanikara near Kochi. Till today the deeparadhana at the two temples are co-ordinated and is timed one after the other with no overlap.

The Town in a time wrap

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Rice fields of PalakkadHailing from Palakkad District, and not having written about this location earlier is perhaps proof enough that its choice for this article is truly unbiased and impartial. Originally called Palghat before its ethnic renaming, it is home for several luminaries, though former CVC is wont to be exaggeratedly over quoted as having said it produces 3Cs =  crooks, cooks or civil servants. In 1991 it had a population of only 180,033. ‘Palakkad’ is the land of Palmyra trees and paddy fields, and with Kuttanadu, it is one of the chief granaries of Kerala. It is often called the Gateway of Kerala. The Sahyadri Ranges bordering the region and the 20-mile gap (hence the name Pal-ghat) in the mountains exert a dominant influence on the climate of the region. Many rivers that flow into the Bharath puzha originate from these mountains, and it overlooks the Palghat Gap, the major pass for road and rail through the Western Ghats, connecting the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Palghat, of strategic importance in the British wars with Hyder Ali, is now a district administrative headquarters and a trading and transportation centre.

Visibly Wed: Revealing Marital Status

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Bridal toe ring and ankletOne factor that has excited enough dialogue in the battle between sexes, and even in the general debates within society, is the different ways in which people can tell if one is married or not. Bollywood, regional cinema and the small screen all make heavy use of the ‘mangalsutra’ a regular part of many scripts. One of the most popular Tamil serials of recent times has been ‘Metti Oli’ that can roughly translate as the sound of the toe ornament when it touches the floor, while walking, or could even imply the light being shed by a toe ring, or the brightness of this same toe ring – symbol of marriage.