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10 Things Men Never Want Their Women To Say

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Gender differencesThere are certain things a man never wants to hear from his lady. “Let’s go shopping” is one of them, as those words usually herald a whole afternoon wasted near the women’s fitting rooms. “You’re acting like your father” is another, much harsher statement. Even worse, “You’re acting like my father”… that one just hurts.

Below, however, are the most fearsome, most harrowing combination of words a female can utter.

I’ve been thinking: If she actually tells you she’s been thinking, it’s serious. And you can bet it can involve marriage or engagement, or the bitter end, which means she is moving on. Queries like: “Why do you love me?” and “Have you ever thought about the future?” etc. leave a man in a tight spot. If you are not in the stage of taking a realistic decision then, have a brilliant exit plan at hand, a severed finger, for instance. If you think that you are prepared to get into a relationship, then its time to make the commitment.

Be a man: No man would like to hear this for sure. Nothing is quite as injurious as having your very manhood questioned. You could give in to her tactics and do what she wants, or deflect it back by saying, “How about you be a woman and quit nagging though that would be ironical?” might fetch some stone cold silence, which some men prefer instead of an outpour of questions.

My parents want to meet you: This means two things:
1. The relationship has crossed an important milestone of seriousness.
2. You’re about to be psychologically cavity-searched under the family microscope.

All you can do is hope her father doesn’t mention that he has some rusty wire cutters he wants to put to use. This part is actually very painful and most annoying part of getting into a relationship.

That’s not the way my ex did it: You never talk about your ex in front of her. So you obviously weren’t prepared for this. Now you’re being measured against the man she dumped. Ouch. Defend yourself, quickly.

What are you thinking about? Women are curious. They need to know your every thought and feeling. Men, on the other hand, don’t like to discuss and explore everything, they are content to keep quiet.

Do you find her pretty? She already caught you looking at that mind-blowing blonde that walked by, no matter how covert your glance. So if you say “no,” she’ll know you’re lying and an argument will ensue. This is the time for very artful tact, such as, “Kind of, her base is huge.” Now pray.

Do you notice anything different about me? You know you’re in trouble if you don’t. And the longer you take to answer, the more frustrated she’ll become, which makes you more frantic. And when you finally bellow, “Oh, you got a new haircut!” she storms out, throwing her new earrings on the floor.

My friend is pregnant / engaged: This seems harmless enough, until you catch that thinly veiled hint of disappointment in her voice. At this point, you know she really means “when will we get engaged?” Be prepared with an expert diversion at this point, such as faking a seizure. If she tells you her friend’s pregnant or engaged, then the only option is to decide soon and let her know accordingly. Unfortunately, nothing will help you when she comes at you with the even more chilling, “I’m pregnant.” Good luck, buddy.

I have a headache: That means no action for you tonight, buddy. But you can beat her to it. If you sense she’s particularly tired when you’re horny, give her an unsolicited aspirin. If she says, “But I don’t have a headache,” give her a grin and do your thing.

We need to talk: What everyone should know about these words is that no good news ever follows. These four ominous words signal a problem with the relationship. Expect a breakup, or at the very least a long talk about how you’re not meeting her needs. Either way, it’s not pleasant. And there is little you can do to avoid it.

While no man likes to hear any of the aforementioned phrases, every man will, at some point, endure them. The best you can do is be prepared.


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Responses to 10 Things Men Never Want Their Women To Say

  1. 1 Rashmi Talwar

    It is really a nice article to know about the intricacies of a relationship. I never ever realised that these small things matters so much in a relationship.Unknowingly, I often keep saying few of them and I think that my husband actually does not like them at all.
    Thank you so much for enlighting me.

  2. 2 SHOBHA


  3. 3 Sarmistha

    To an extent correct but the above is not completely true for all men. But al together nice and funny to read this

  4. 4 suresh

    To some extent its possible but doesn’t not apply to every guy /evey male buddy

  5. 5 Kavya

    The above article is not 100% right….all men are different for each other…they likings,thoughts,attitude differs in given situation and time.

  6. 6 aditi

    Correct to some extent.But i feel so many people with varied thoughts,minglingly with same 10 possibilities quit impossible.still a nice article.

  7. 7 Akriti

    Well i guess this kind of a man really doesnt deserve any women. Who wants a man who wants to just have fun and is self centered. I have known guys who always asked their girlfriends to get married all the time and who were always insecured. Yes part of it is true but a little too exaggerated!!!!!!!

  8. 8 Vijay

    I’ve been reading stuff like this since i was 13, and im sure many other guys out there did the same. So we may like the 10 things you said… or we may not, but we sure aren’t going to show it :D

    but that question - what are you thinking? takes the cake, if you ask that question then you don’t know men at all - hint: mostly its money or sex. But you’re gonna get something like - family issues, my dog died, my boss yelled at me (men and their male bosses drink beer together- hello) ; no matter what i’m never giving a straight answer to that - what do you figure im gonna let a woman know how my brain runs and let her thow a spanner in it - get out of here :D

  9. 9 Phanendar

    I liked this article. It’s very true in most aspects but I did not feel that the very first one ‘I’ve been thinking’ deserves to be included in this list….

    I would like to say to some of the other reviewers (Akriti and Shoba especially) that If you want the independence to nurture your own personality and outlook towards life it’s very unfair on your part to expect your hubby to just accept your views blindly. Like you, even we have all the rights to have our own views towards life.

  10. 10 Subha


    Many of us women DO NOT like to ask these questions either. But someones got to be the responsible one.

    And there are a few things that can be said that women do not like to hear from men.

    Just for a start.

    W : What would like to eat?
    M : Anything.

    W: We’ve been dating for a while (years) now. My parents are asking when are getting married…
    M: I’m very stressed out today, having a severe headache. Remind me another time.


    Well just a few for now.


  11. 11 Jerry

    What About the other side? I want to hear “10 Things Women Never Want Their Man To Say”!!!

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