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Comfort or Style? Pregnancy Wardrobes

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Pregnancy WardrobeIt literally creeps up on you and changes your mental body-image in ways that are almost permanent. Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences more internal and external changes than perhaps at any other time in her life. Does this time of life deserve a special wardrobe, or personal style? Most certainly, yes!

Some of the benefits of pregnancy are most flattering. After a woman has settled down from the few weeks of ‘morning sickness’ or nausea in the early months of pregnancy, she may notice a nice bloom to her cheeks, a glow that was not so noticeable before. Increased hormone levels in her body are giving skin and hair and eyes a welcome boost! Friends notice, and her husband is happy to oblige with flattering attention, and out of concern for her delicate condition.

But as the weeks go by, the woman is less pleased with her pregnant condition. She has been under the impression that her increasing girth is hardly noticeable, just a slight plumpness that is not enough to suggest she is carrying a baby. This impression lasts till someone casually asks, ‘How many months?’ at the clinic when she is waiting to see her doctor. Most shocking is the first time viewing of an image in a full-length mirror of a body that seems to belong to someone else, with its huge, round tummy. But after some more weeks, the body and what it holds becomes dear once more. The final weeks of pregnancy may be full of discomfort - bumping against things, going to the loo very frequently, getting tired. But by then a woman has negotiated a lot of psychological territory. And by the time she delivers her baby, she has found an unshakeable confidence in her femininity - discovered power and pride in motherhood.

What can be a real source of support during the entire period is confidence in one’s appearance. Believing in one’s positive body-image can make pregnancy a pleasant rather than stressful experience. What clothes can be helpful and attractive?

* Pants need not be dispensed with. Stretch jeans, and later, drawstring pants can be teamed with cheerful, plain and printed T shirts. All you need to do as your tummy expands is to increase the size of your T shirt!

* Salwar kameez designs with kurtas that have high, embroidered yolks and long, flaring A lines are quite attractive over increasing girths. This is an adaptation of the classic maternity dress.

* The present trend in pregnancy fashion is to highlight the pregnancy contours, rather than hide them (remember Preity Zinta in ‘Salaam Namaste’?). Not everyone is comfortable doing this, but if your size and weight permit, then this style of tight stretch slacks and short fitting tops can be yours.

* Other important pregnancy additions to your wardrobe have to be nursing bras and attractive nightwear that make it easy to feed a baby and look pretty and feminine.

* Things to be absolutely avoided are those clothes and jewellery that adds extra weight to your already burdened body. Heavy brocades, chunky jewellery, clothes with lots of lining and embroidery that weigh a ton, footwear that makes your weight spread unevenly and uncomfortably - you might consider sacrificing all these for your own comfort and serenity.

After all, you want to have pleasant memories of the time you spent in anticipation of becoming a mother! 




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