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Don: Narcissism does pay!

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DON Shahrukh KhanI did not shed a single tear in ‘Don’ when I saw it recently. For someone who responds to the merest nudge of the tear glands in any average Hindi movie, this was something of a record. And yet, I did enjoy the film. The effort that had been put in to provide its thrills, spills and chills was evident at every stage and I was just recognizing that with my appreciation.

The funny thing was, I do not remember the ‘Don’ I watched some thirty years back, and I think this film was distinctly different in story and execution. So it is not really a remake and people must stop making unfair comparisons to whether Kareena can ever be like Helen, or whether Shah Rukh did justice to his role by acting as well as Amitabh. The truth is that ‘Don’ is a remake of ‘Duplicate’, with one good and one bad Shah Rukh Khan, rather than the original ‘Don’.

If ‘Don’ is turning into a commerical success, as it seems to be doing, by all accounts, it is one more pit-stop in the Formula One journey of Shah Rukh Khan’s narcissism, or self-love. Ever the height of modesty, Shah Rukh had declared in one interview how his and Gauri’s was a happy marriage because both he and his wife loved the same person - Shah Rukh Khan.

A similar narcissism afflicts one more star we know so well - Kamal Hasan. Evident in the way he endlessly re-invents himself to prove that he is the last word in acting, costume, make-up, stunts, it nourishes his millions of fans. For ordinary mortals like us, narcissism means just glancing into every mirror or polished surface we pass. For Kamal and Shah Rukh it has meant much more. They have crafted their life’s work from this trait and given hours of entertainment to us, besides giving us much to think about.

Compared to Kamal, Shah Rukh has been a more typecast character. A true adventurer in real life, who arrived in the film industry minus any promoters and godfathers, he became so successful because he believed in his own success most of all. But he stayed either as the intense lover, or the revenge seeker in roles that did not really enlarge his acting canvas. Most of the time, in fact, it seemed as if Shah Rukh Khan was playing himself, rather than any other character. In ‘Don’ he has been supported by awesome technical gadgets and gimmicks and an image makeover a la Kamal’s ‘Aalavandhan’. If this whole package has succeeded in charming the audience into parting with their hard-earned money, there is obviously the obvious conclusion to be drawn - narcissism does pay!

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Responses to Don: Narcissism does pay!

  1. 1 shenil

    Though not watched the movie DON heard a lot of good notes about SRK.SRK,BIG B,KAMAL HASAN all are good and its only of time..lets enjoy with whats presently in store rather compare with the past.

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