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Pyar Ke Side EffectsFilm: Pyar Ke Side Effects
Starring: Rahul Bose, Mallika Sharawat
Director: Saket Chaudhary

A lot of expectations and eyebrows are raised when a sex symbol like Mallika Sharawat is cast opposite an intellectual actor like Rahul Bose. But surprisingly enough Pyar Ke Side Effects delivers the goods on every count and makes for a refreshingly good and hilarious watch.

Siddharth (Rahul) is a commitment phobic guy who earns less than his three year old girlfriend Trisha (Mallika). One day when Trisha proposes to him, he is non-plussed but agrees to marriage. But in his confused state of mind, he makes a lot of blunders that eventually drive Trisha away from him.

Meeting Trisha’s disapproving dad and her former fiancé don’t help matters one bit. The last  straw on the camel’s back is when her dad starts comparing him to her former fiancé trying to make him feel inadequate in every way. Though Trisha is confident about her love, Siddharth is not and in a moment of emotion reveals that it was Trisha who proposed and is more eager to marry him than vice versa. Trisha is heartbroken and the betrothal is off.

Siddharth is pained at what he has done but is thoroughly confused as well.
He seeks help from friends and his sister and brother-in-law  till finally enlightenment dawns on him and he realizes that he really loves Trisha enough to marry her. Does she accept him or marry her ex fiancé instead? See the movie to find out.

Ranvir Shourey plays Rahul’s comical best friend, always on the lookout for a girlfriend. He manage to lose his only true love because of his bad habits which include not bathing for days and wearing the same underwear for four days ! VJ Sophie is the surprise element in the film and helps Rahul realize the truth about love. Rahul’s mother too makes him realize that he is ready for marriage and is needlessly afraid of turning out to be like his own father who deserted his mother.

All along, Siddharth keeps talking to the audience, telling us about the side effects and fall out of dating, love, heart breakand marriage. These asides are hilarious and as funny as some of the situations the couple find themselves in. Mallika comes out a winner and for once is decently covered and displays more histronics than skin. She seems confident in her role opposite Rahul Bose and plays the gutsy twenty first century woman with panache. Rahul Bose carries the movie on his shoulders and his expressions and reactions make one realize that without him the film just wouldn’t have been what it is.
The movie is sure to appeal to the younger generation and to anyone who has pre-marriage jitters or is commitment phobic. A highly recommended comedy indeed!

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