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Ten Small Steps to happiness

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HappinessDid you think achieving happiness involved going away on a 10-day meditation trip, or emigrating…or changing jobs at the very least??  It’s really much simpler than that. Getting a few small corners of your life and mind in order is all it takes to prepare the ground for lasting joy and the ability to get the most out of each moment…and if you’re expecting some really tough or philosophical advice, you are in for a pleasant surprise………….

1. TIDY UP! Sounds crazy? It isn’t. Think of all the times you got late, or messed up your day because you couldn’t find a key, a document, your specs, a ticket or something you really needed. You will probably think – hey big deal, we lose things all the time, what difference does that make? Think again. When you lose things, you experience stress and worry. You waste a whole lot of time searching. Many people mess things up further while searching for things. And always at the back of your mind there is that nagging “where did I put…” thought. So just allot places for things. Dump them in those spots when you are hurried, but take time to really put away once a week. Soon it becomes a habit and you will be surprised at how much easier life gets.
2. SLEEP WELL. If you are a good sleeper then you are already a fairly happy person!       
 If not, then you know the agony of being tired and unable to sleep. Here are a few tips to help you nod off. Read a book – it’s a wonderful way of relaxing at the end of a tiring day. Don’t make it a thriller, it could defeat the purpose by keeping you up turning pages!
Have a hot cup of milk with honey before you sleep, or some fruit. These are said to aid relaxation and sleep. Take a walk earlier in the evening. Don’t eat hard-to-digest foods; keep your dinner simple.

3. EAT SENSIBLY. Well really, what does this have to do with happiness? Think about it…heartburn, heaviness, gassy feelings, fatigue, bad skin and hair—all connected with a poor diet!! See that you have plenty of fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and lots of water. Avoid fried foods and rich sweets…you will feel lighter, more energetic and ready to take on much more.

4. START A HOBBY.  No, not something complicated, just something fun. Collect keychains, coins, stamps. Start a little garden on your balcony, collect cactii, learn about wines, join a baking or painting class – activities which are unconnected with your career and routine provide a refreshing change and become that little something that makes you different from others.

5. FULFIL A DISCARDED DREAM. Did you always want to learn to play the piano? Or join dancing class? Or take a trip to a special place? Think seriously about why you never did it. And remember how much life has changed. Today people of all ages are learning music, dancing, sports…all the things they never got a chance to do. You can take it at your pace – set out to fulfil your long-forgotten dream, and watch how easily you can make it come true.

6. SAVE MONEY. Easier said than done? Try it. Decide where you can afford to cut down – cigarettes?! Eating out? Those impulse buys? Each time you deny yourself that one thing, put away the money. Keep aside a little each month and watch it grow. Not only will you be giving yourself a gift for the future, but more importantly you will be starting a truly wonderful habit!

7. TREAT YOURSELF. What is your idea of a treat? An aromatherapy massage? Lunch or dinner with some old buddies? A concert or movie you long to see? A day at the beach? Don’t keep putting it off – follow the Nike philosophy and Just do it!

8. LIBERATE YOURSELF.  Think carefully about your biggest hangup…you are too shy to dance. You hate to appear before an audience. You’re too scared to catch a bus. You wish you could give yourself a radical hairstyle. You dream of singing in a karaoke bar but would die rather than do it. Well, set out to tackle what holds you back. Once you overcome an obstacle like this you will feel like a new person and your confidence levels will simply skyrocket. As we grow older we pick up more inhibitions, so it’s a good idea to keep shedding some on the way!

9. FORGIVE SOMEONE. This sounds like a weird one but it is SO important. Many new-are healers have traced serious diseases as having their starting point when the patient was badly hurt or let down and thereafter held a grudge against the offending person. The famous healer, Louise Hayes was found to have cancer and given a short while to live. With meditation, natural healing methods and some serious introspecting in which she had to forgive an abusive father, she won her battle against the disease!! And the good part is you don’t have to stand before your enemy, your boss, your tormentor and say “I forgive you” No! You just do it in your mind, when you pray or meditate. It takes a huge burden of bitterness off you.

10. PUT THE PAST IN ITS PLACE. People allow their pasts to mess up their futures with unfailing regularity!! Carrying over fear, anger, disappointment, memories….not moving on, not accepting certain changes. Remember the past is over and done with. Each day is a new page to write on, and carrying emotional baggage never helps you to move on. Put the past where it belongs – in the past!! Don’t let it interfere with the present or future. You will be surprised at how hard you may find this advice, and at how valuable it can be.

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