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ON SCREEN – Woh Lamhe

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Woh LamheFilm : WOH LAMHE
Starring : Shiney Ahuju, Kangna Ranaut
Director : Mohit Suri

Yet another ‘True to life’ story to hit the screens, Woh Lamhe, is a film supposedly based on the life of yesteryear glam goddess and screen scorcher, actor Parveen Babi.

 A film from the Bhatt camp many a time attracts attention with unusual themes  or generates controversy, all sufficient reason  for audiences to rise to the bait and stream into the theatres. But despite the hype  created by the supposed revelation of the relationship between Director Mahesh Bhatt and the Babi and some excellent performances, the movie doesn’t seem to strike a  chord with the audiences.
Aditya (Shiney) is a small time film director who is determined to make it big someday and believes that he will do it by fair play or by foul means, whatever it takes. Sanaa Azim ( Kangana) is a highly successful film star who lives with her boyfriend who controls her every move and decides on all her film and ad projects. He never fails to remind her that she rose to fame from a 4 ft by 2 ft room, solely due to his efforts.

Aditya, in a bid to draw Sanaa ‘s attention, plays on her insecurity and attracts her attention by claiming that she is just a puppet in someone else’s hand. Money and fame have only made her a mannequin and not a free woman. Piqued by the truth Sanaa realizes her folly in sticking around with her cruel boyfriend and leaves him, agreeing to act in Aditya’s small time film. The film becomes  a hit and the duo have an affair.
But though Sanaa falls for Aditya, he doesn’t want to be bound by a relationship , because he claims that his mom left his dad, who ended up in a mental asylum. It is around this time again that the turmoil in Sanaa’s mind re surfaces with the imaginary figure of Rani, who fills her with a mortal fear, making her a raving lunatic, imagining her presence everywhere, as if she is out to kill her.

The incidents increase till Sanaa is hospitalized, diagnosed with Paranoid Schiziophrenia
and advised electric shocks, to which her mom, boyfriend and film makers agree. But  Aditya now gives up a thriving career and abducts Sanaa from the hospital because he is reminded of the torture suffered by his dad. He is determinded to cure Sanaa on his own and flees to Goa with her where he looks after her with the aid of a psychiatrist friend.

But the demons in Sanaa’s mind fail to be exorcised and she even attempts to kill Aditya.
One day  she actually leaves him and disappears. Three years later Aditya hears that Sanaa has reappeared in Mumbai , attempting  to commit suicide in a hotel room. What happens next? Do the lovers meet? Is she cured? Take a look at the movie to find out !

Both Shiney and Kangana have given excellent performances, which actually keep you riveted. This being Kangana’s second film after a great performance in ‘Gangster’ this actor is sure to go places with her ability to get into the skin of a character. Both actors seem to live their roles to the hilt, with Kangana displaying a variety of emotions from fear and terror to  love, insecurity and arrogance as the role demands.

The screenplay has been well handled and the music by Pritam has some catchy and melodious numbers. The locales of Goa are in synch with the theory of rest and recupertion for the paranoid Sanaa and seem to be well chosen.

Though the film keeps you wondering on what is going to happen next, the end and the events leading upto it seem sudden with many incidents unexplained. What happens in the  years that Sanaa disappears are left to your imagination and take away from the drama of the story. Too many reels seem to be spent on the recuperation effort leaving little room for the story to move forward. How much of this story is true? Only those of you who research the lives of  Babi will be able to tell ! For the rest, the movie has to be sufficient  food for thought !


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