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ON SCREEN - Ahista Ahista

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STARRING : Abhay Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Shayan Munshi
DIRECTOR : Shiivam Nair

Ahista Ahista is a film that would have been on the must see list of filmi buffs for several reasons. For one, you can spot the waif like daughter of Sharmila Tagore as a solo heroine. Then theres also the  next gen Deol, Abhay, who showed a spark of talent in Socha Na Tha some time ago. But despite the best efforts of Deol, the movie really fails to build up any momentum, leave alone excite the audience, who can at best yawn heavily with relief once its over!

Ahista Ahista is a story about Megha ( Khan) who runs away from Nainital all the way to Delhi, to marry her lover Dheeraj ( Shayan ) who fails to turn up at the marriage registrars office on D day. Coming to the aid of the love-lorn, lost girl who hasn’t much except her tears and a helpless look,  is Ankush (Deol). Ankush has  a unique profession. He charges a fee of Rs 200/- and appears as a witness to weddings at the registrars office, for the young pairs who come there.

Megha has no money and no plans of returning home to a life of ignominy.
Ankush takes a liking to Megha and finds her a roof and a job, taking a loan in the process and even joining a bank to better his prospects in life, so that he can marry her.
Love seems to be blossoming and marriage is in the air when who should step in but the absconding lover Dheeraj. Unlike other honest heroes, Ankush is in no mood to give up the girl he has worked so hard to get and fobs off Dheeraj with several lies to throw him off the scent, when Dheeraj appears at the registrar’s office looking for Megha.

Does Ankush succeed in eluding Dheeraj and walk off into the sunset with his bride? Does Megha ever find out the deception? Who would she choose if Dheeraj revealed his side of the story? These are questions best answered by seeing the movie. But the end is far from conventional is all that we are willing to disclose!

Ahista Ahista has an interesting story line but the movie is not helped at all by Khan’s wooden performance. Seeming too polished for the role of a small town girl, she hardly shows much emotion, except for tear-filled eyes or a smile here and twinkle there. Matters are made worse because she has hardly much dialogue in the film anyway! One has to at best guess what she is feeling! Deol has an endearing quality and his light hearted and breezy performance is what makes the movie watchable at best. The movie is as slow as its name suggests with some unpalatable language thrown in as well. A curious ingredient is the hindi vocabulary used  by Deol and his cronies, that is in a dialect that would seem unfamiliar to non–Delhiites and fails to look convincing on Deol. Some of the situations and characters look contrived and the movie crawls forward, testing your patience till the very end. A couple of melodious numbers by Himesh Reshamiyya may keep you awake, but otherwise do take lots of popcorn and fizz to see you through!

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