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Archive for November, 2006

Comfort or Style? Pregnancy Wardrobes

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Pregnancy WardrobeIt literally creeps up on you and changes your mental body-image in ways that are almost permanent. Pregnancy is a time when a woman experiences more internal and external changes than perhaps at any other time in her life. Does this time of life deserve a special wardrobe, or personal style? Most certainly, yes!

Some of the benefits of pregnancy are most flattering. After a woman has settled down from the few weeks of ‘morning sickness’ or nausea in the early months of pregnancy, she may notice a nice bloom to her cheeks, a glow that was not so noticeable before. Increased hormone levels in her body are giving skin and hair and eyes a welcome boost! Friends notice, and her husband is happy to oblige with flattering attention, and out of concern for her delicate condition.

But as the weeks go by, the woman is less pleased with her pregnant condition. She has been under the impression that her increasing girth is hardly noticeable, just a slight plumpness that is not enough to suggest she is carrying a baby. This impression lasts till someone casually asks, ‘How many months?’ at the clinic when she is waiting to see her doctor. Most shocking is the first time viewing of an image in a full-length mirror of a body that seems to belong to someone else, with its huge, round tummy. But after some more weeks, the body and what it holds becomes dear once more. The final weeks of pregnancy may be full of discomfort - bumping against things, going to the loo very frequently, getting tired. But by then a woman has negotiated a lot of psychological territory. And by the time she delivers her baby, she has found an unshakeable confidence in her femininity - discovered power and pride in motherhood.


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Pyar Ke Side EffectsFilm: Pyar Ke Side Effects
Starring: Rahul Bose, Mallika Sharawat
Director: Saket Chaudhary

A lot of expectations and eyebrows are raised when a sex symbol like Mallika Sharawat is cast opposite an intellectual actor like Rahul Bose. But surprisingly enough Pyar Ke Side Effects delivers the goods on every count and makes for a refreshingly good and hilarious watch.

Siddharth (Rahul) is a commitment phobic guy who earns less than his three year old girlfriend Trisha (Mallika). One day when Trisha proposes to him, he is non-plussed but agrees to marriage. But in his confused state of mind, he makes a lot of blunders that eventually drive Trisha away from him.

Meeting Trisha’s disapproving dad and her former fiancé don’t help matters one bit. The last  straw on the camel’s back is when her dad starts comparing him to her former fiancé trying to make him feel inadequate in every way. Though Trisha is confident about her love, Siddharth is not and in a moment of emotion reveals that it was Trisha who proposed and is more eager to marry him than vice versa. Trisha is heartbroken and the betrothal is off.

Is friendship the secret of a successful marriage?

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Love and FriendshipMany successful marriages owe their happiness to friendship. This is something many don’t really understand, and yet, it could contain the most precious formula for a really close and happy bonding.

What is the difference between ‘love’ and ‘friendship’? Naturally, all friends love each other; but all lovers are not necessarily friends!! How do you test your relationship for the Friendship Factor? Here are a few simple guidelines.

Your conversation. Is it all about your relationship, your expectations of each other and what other couples are doing? Or does it contain a healthy mix of interest in each other’s work, lives and feelings? “How was your day?” in many couples becomes a “please don’t tell me all about your problems” kind of question, whereas among friends, it is a genuine enquiry, and reveals a willingness to listen, if the day was bad. Opinions are freely exchanged and differences argued out amicably among friends, but often couples go to battle over simple opinions and differences in approach. You must have come across couples who bicker over everything from their favourite cricketer, to his driving, to her tendency to spend too much money….often, the arguments become serious embarrassments to those present. These couples are NOT friends!

Power struggles. In marriage many people get into a serious power struggle, over money, the household, decisions and bringing up the children. If two friends were to decide to share a flat, what would they do? They would say “Right, here is where we divide our duties, you do this and I’ll do that”. Marriage needs a similar approach – don’t take anything for granted. Your father may have liked shopping for vegetables; your spouse may come from a family in which it was considered the woman’s domain…such a silly issue could actually become a stresspoint with you!! Can’t you just hear “I wouldn’t be seen dead buying vegetables” versus “You’re just a male chauvinist!”. It really helps to chat about your families, the way friends do, so you understand each other better. That way, each will understand where the other comes from much better.

ON SCREEN - Ahista Ahista

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STARRING : Abhay Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Shayan Munshi
DIRECTOR : Shiivam Nair

Ahista Ahista is a film that would have been on the must see list of filmi buffs for several reasons. For one, you can spot the waif like daughter of Sharmila Tagore as a solo heroine. Then theres also the  next gen Deol, Abhay, who showed a spark of talent in Socha Na Tha some time ago. But despite the best efforts of Deol, the movie really fails to build up any momentum, leave alone excite the audience, who can at best yawn heavily with relief once its over!

Ahista Ahista is a story about Megha ( Khan) who runs away from Nainital all the way to Delhi, to marry her lover Dheeraj ( Shayan ) who fails to turn up at the marriage registrars office on D day. Coming to the aid of the love-lorn, lost girl who hasn’t much except her tears and a helpless look,  is Ankush (Deol). Ankush has  a unique profession. He charges a fee of Rs 200/- and appears as a witness to weddings at the registrars office, for the young pairs who come there.

ON SCREEN – Woh Lamhe

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Woh LamheFilm : WOH LAMHE
Starring : Shiney Ahuju, Kangna Ranaut
Director : Mohit Suri

Yet another ‘True to life’ story to hit the screens, Woh Lamhe, is a film supposedly based on the life of yesteryear glam goddess and screen scorcher, actor Parveen Babi.

 A film from the Bhatt camp many a time attracts attention with unusual themes  or generates controversy, all sufficient reason  for audiences to rise to the bait and stream into the theatres. But despite the hype  created by the supposed revelation of the relationship between Director Mahesh Bhatt and the Babi and some excellent performances, the movie doesn’t seem to strike a  chord with the audiences.
Aditya (Shiney) is a small time film director who is determined to make it big someday and believes that he will do it by fair play or by foul means, whatever it takes. Sanaa Azim ( Kangana) is a highly successful film star who lives with her boyfriend who controls her every move and decides on all her film and ad projects. He never fails to remind her that she rose to fame from a 4 ft by 2 ft room, solely due to his efforts.

Aditya, in a bid to draw Sanaa ‘s attention, plays on her insecurity and attracts her attention by claiming that she is just a puppet in someone else’s hand. Money and fame have only made her a mannequin and not a free woman. Piqued by the truth Sanaa realizes her folly in sticking around with her cruel boyfriend and leaves him, agreeing to act in Aditya’s small time film. The film becomes  a hit and the duo have an affair.
But though Sanaa falls for Aditya, he doesn’t want to be bound by a relationship , because he claims that his mom left his dad, who ended up in a mental asylum. It is around this time again that the turmoil in Sanaa’s mind re surfaces with the imaginary figure of Rani, who fills her with a mortal fear, making her a raving lunatic, imagining her presence everywhere, as if she is out to kill her.