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Archive for November, 2006

Aesthetics and the winged brigade

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MosquitoesThey probably do not have the power to stage a coup but they sure do have it in them to rock the powers that be with their rather dangerous bites. Yes, we are talking about the humble mosquito. They are hogging the limelight once again with their spurious activities. Spreading dangerous diseases and claiming lives by the dozen.

Philosophically speaking, the survival of the mosquito from the age of the dinosaurs to this day is probably the best illustration of the fact that change is the only permanent thing in life.  Mosquitoes have adapted themselves to wherever they may have been forced to live. It is this single unique capability of the mosquito that has ensured its survival. And it is this quality that has made man’s knowledge about the insect insufficient from time to time. We come to know about the latest avatar of the creature only after it has caused havoc. For instance, the recent outbreak of chickenguiena in the country.

Indians as Lovers? Hmm…

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Indian loversAnother international survey with provocative results has recently made the news. Men’s Health, an international men’s lifestyle magazine, conducted a survey covering 40,000 men all over the world on their sexual habits. The findings have been highlighted, and can give us Indians points to ponder.

While Indian men are still mostly monogamous - and this is cause for cheer - with the number of partners for the average man in India in his lifetime being 4.53, well below the global average of 7.65, the most worrying figures related to time spent in bed. Apparently Indian men lasted the least time in bed, from foreplay to orgasm, and the implications this has for companionship and partner satisfaction are tremendous.

Any train journey to the capital shows wall after wall daubed with advertisements for doctors and Unani physicians all promising treatment for premature ejaculation. It is not as if New Delhi alone is hit by this epidemic. The results of the survey point to this being more widespread. There are many hidden problems in our approach to sexuality, and the sexually explicit images in the media that have become common in recent years do not address such problems. They may, in fact, be aggravating them for all we know.

Don: Narcissism does pay!

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DON Shahrukh KhanI did not shed a single tear in ‘Don’ when I saw it recently. For someone who responds to the merest nudge of the tear glands in any average Hindi movie, this was something of a record. And yet, I did enjoy the film. The effort that had been put in to provide its thrills, spills and chills was evident at every stage and I was just recognizing that with my appreciation.

The funny thing was, I do not remember the ‘Don’ I watched some thirty years back, and I think this film was distinctly different in story and execution. So it is not really a remake and people must stop making unfair comparisons to whether Kareena can ever be like Helen, or whether Shah Rukh did justice to his role by acting as well as Amitabh. The truth is that ‘Don’ is a remake of ‘Duplicate’, with one good and one bad Shah Rukh Khan, rather than the original ‘Don’.

If ‘Don’ is turning into a commerical success, as it seems to be doing, by all accounts, it is one more pit-stop in the Formula One journey of Shah Rukh Khan’s narcissism, or self-love. Ever the height of modesty, Shah Rukh had declared in one interview how his and Gauri’s was a happy marriage because both he and his wife loved the same person - Shah Rukh Khan.

Fit to Make Love

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NeedWhen you really consider it, sex is the best and most pleasurable form of exercise. It also releases endorphins in our system that make us feel happier, less stressed out and more ready to face things. But is this the only connection that exercise has to sex? Hardly.

Being fit makes it possible for us to enjoy many things that may no longer be accessible for those who are overweight, diabetic, or suffering from hypertension. Breaking into a run with your child, taking the stairs in leaps and bounds when you are in a hurry, having an extra helping of your favourite sweet are all possible when you are fit. None of these may be open to you once you have crossed the line between fitness and fat. Even sex may fall under these inaccessible activities for some people.

A depressed woman in her mid-thirties once approached me for a Tarot reading. Her sadness mainly stemmed from the fact that she was unable to conceive after several years of marriage. When I began to discuss possible tests for infertility with her, she countered  with a sad smile and said, “We just don’t have sex often enough.” Her husband was so overweight that just working up an appetite to make love after dinner seemed to be beyond him. Being fit enough to appreciate the good things of life certainly seems to apply to sex.