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Indians as Lovers? Hmm…

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Indian loversAnother international survey with provocative results has recently made the news. Men’s Health, an international men’s lifestyle magazine, conducted a survey covering 40,000 men all over the world on their sexual habits. The findings have been highlighted, and can give us Indians points to ponder.

While Indian men are still mostly monogamous - and this is cause for cheer - with the number of partners for the average man in India in his lifetime being 4.53, well below the global average of 7.65, the most worrying figures related to time spent in bed. Apparently Indian men lasted the least time in bed, from foreplay to orgasm, and the implications this has for companionship and partner satisfaction are tremendous.

Any train journey to the capital shows wall after wall daubed with advertisements for doctors and Unani physicians all promising treatment for premature ejaculation. It is not as if New Delhi alone is hit by this epidemic. The results of the survey point to this being more widespread. There are many hidden problems in our approach to sexuality, and the sexually explicit images in the media that have become common in recent years do not address such problems. They may, in fact, be aggravating them for all we know.

In any case, why should we let a sexuality survey get us down? Some things that occurred to me as I read the details of this survey in this morning’s newspaper are:

* South Koreans have been rated the most frequent lovers - they have sex the most number of times per week. But would many of us want to be South Koreans just for this reason?

* If Indians do not score so highly in the sexuality department - in spite of the Kama Sutra - perhaps it is because they are still scoring high on other factors, such as monogamy, faithfulness, and affectionate ties within the family. Sex is after all only one way in which human beings bond with each other. As Indians, we know a hundred other ways. Let’s preserve this knowledge.

* Rapid changes in the environment, society and at home have severely affected sexual roles and stereotyping, and the expectations that people have from each other. Perhaps Indian sexuality is in an ‘adaptation and recovery’ phase, and will fare better when we have settled down with such changes - say, in another ten years.

*  Lastly, and most importantly, as Mahatma Gandhi himself would probably have said: Sex isn’t everything, there’s also LOVE! 





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Responses to Indians as Lovers? Hmm...

  1. 1 Sunil

    Proud to be an Indian.

    ” Sex isn’t everything, there’s also LOVE! ”

    Without LOVE it’s waste of having SEX.

  2. 2 ginni

    wow sunil i fully agree with u.

  3. 3 jay

    The caption should have been. “Indian Males Vs. South Koreans Males-As Sex partners.”

    Love or no love is attribute of mind. Sex and sexual behaviour like frequency of the act, partner(s), etc depend upon very many things-your financial,social,moral,economic status.

    The questions in my mind after reading the article:-
    1.Can any inference be made about sexuality of men with a mere 40,000 sample.
    2.”Indians do not score so highly in the sexuality department” “monogamy, faithfulness, and affectionate ties within the family” “Kama Sutra” WHAT IS ALL THIS ABOUT?
    Indias’ population explosion? To have a single or multipartner is personal choice and also the avalability..
    KAMA SUTRAM is a book which majority of Indians know but have not read/seen/implemented!
    3.” changes in the environment, society and at home..” Talk about NUTRITION, SOCIAL/MORAL TABOOS.
    4. “Mahatma Gandhi’ big brother do you know what did the mahatma think about Sex, Sperms, etc. I remember an article where he preached to quit milk to quit sex/the animal in you.

    Sexual pattern depends upon socio-economic-personal factors.

    Mahatma says do not indulge, Boxing coach says your girlfriend makes you weak at legs, Moral Science teacher says curb your animal nature…..
    Partner says I am tired..
    These can be the potential switch-off factors.

    According to me Sex and Love are too personal a thing…

  4. 4 premila

    Indian men on the whole lack a lot on compassion and are self centred to a large extent.
    All said and done, sex or love is between 2 people and should remian tht way. It is disheartening though to see the emerging trend on sexuality.Well, one thing for true we indians as a race have more on our heads and hearts than jus sex.

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