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Archive for December, 2006

Magical City – Paris

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Paris-The City of LightParis has a charm that is far greater than that of London or New York, though only the connoisseurs are aware of this. Even in the 17th and 18th centuries, fashion evolved in France and then moved to England. Paris is still considered the art, culture, and fashion capital of the world. Its restaurants and night clubs are legendary. Damayanthi Kailasam a frequent visitor to Paris, who also lived in Europe and visited the place in her childhood, says it is a magical city and one that Indians will enjoy visiting.

Book review - A Classic revisited

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Eric Segal's Love StoryEric Segal’s Love Story first published in 1970, may seem a strange choice to kick off our new book review section. If the phrase, “love means never having to say sorry,” is only vaguely familiar and seems impossible to place, that’s the primary justification for this blatantly anachronistic choice.

Fewer people than one would expect have actually read the book.

From its read-by-one-in-every-ten-people-in-the-English-speaking-world type cult status in the couple of years after it was first published, it has come to be one of those books that one means to read but never gets around to.

Oliver Barret IV, a Harvard law student, jock and certified WASP, meets and falls in love with Jenny Cavilleri, the daughter of a rather rustic but pleasant and well-meaning Italian-American pastry chef, and is promptly met with the disapproval of his father, who holds the purse strings. Oliver gives it all up — his free ticket to law school and years of wealth, in the name of love and grinds it out through law school while his wife supports the household taking up a small-time job. Oliver’s father “returns to his senses” in the end, but only after Jenny succumbs to leukemia’s untimely clutches, just about when things were beginning to fall in place for the star-crossed couple.

One would think a plot like that would set the stage for the unfolding of a cloying, treacly yarn involving the tedious boy-meets-girl, both-fall-in-love, a rift-in-the-lute leading inexorably towards a dramatic climax drill. That’s where Segal’s authorship comes to the rescue. His use of crass language, generously peppered with swear words, and steadfast refusal to succumb to introducing romance of a pink hue along the lines of the gifting flowers and candle-lit dinners saves the book.
The following is an example of Segal’s bare, yet entertaining style. Here, Oliver first discovers the girl he is to marry, Jennifer Cavilleri:

Sun, Moon, Stars and Love

7 Votes | Average: 3.86 out of 57 Votes | Average: 3.86 out of 57 Votes | Average: 3.86 out of 57 Votes | Average: 3.86 out of 57 Votes | Average: 3.86 out of 5 (7 votes, average: 3.86 out of 5)
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AstrologyLinda Goodman has probably done more to further the cause of falling in love than any other single individual. Some may disagree, they may even say that this unique astrologer-psychologist-author may have done more to harm. But we shall not enter into argument with such stern dissenters. It is evident to anyone who has read Goodman’s classic ‘Sun Signs’ or her epic ‘Love Signs’, that she has tried her best to capture the most positive and appealing aspects of all types of personalities, and because she was an astrologer, she has used astrological archetypes, namely the zodiac signs.

If you read Linda Goodman you become convinced that your kind of person is most vital for the world and the human race. When you fall in love and reach for the ‘Sun Signs’ guide to discover the possible nature of your partner, you find them so beautifully drawn therein, that you feel the same applies to them vis a vis importance for the earth etc. In fact, the phrase ‘What’s your sign?’ referring to a person’s zodiac or sun sign became as famous an opener as ‘What’s your name?’ after Linda Goodman developed a huge worldwide following in the 1970s. While every sign is glowingly described, Goodman also went to some lengths to write about the compatibility of some signs to each other.

The Perfect Pain!

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Perfect PainHave you ever been in the company of a constantly bickering couple? They air their grievances like they own a radio station, they wash enough dirty linen in public to start a lucrative laundry, and they call each other’s parents nasty names to the utter embarrassment and reluctant glee of all onlookers and listeners. In fact, they could be classified as the ultimate in lousy company if it weren’t for an even worse breed of social blisters. We’re talking about the PERFECT (as in too good to be true) couple. If you come across these guys, take my advice – or an Avil tablet (or whatever else helps you to keep down your food), and just pick up your heels and run.

Bunny Baby has a Barbie body, vacant eyes and lashes meant for batting. And Ashok Angel is a hunk. They can’t keep their clever hands off each other (“ ooh let me give you a nice back rub darling, no no don’t be naughty I meant your BACK hee hee”). They are sooo much in love that if you ever have the misfortune to get one of them alone, don’t bother thanking your lucky stars that at least you missed out on the gruesome twosome stuff. In a few minutes her mobile will ring (her ring tone is of course something totally syrupy and will probably be the tune they “first did it to”) and she will squeal “Oooh angel is it really two hours since we said bye”  and then she will talk the kind of drivel you ought to be ashamed listening to, unless you are a serious masochist.

First Date Fundas

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First Date FundasEither you have butterflies in your stomach, or you hear music in the air. Perhaps you’re all tense and full of apprehension. Or you want to sing all day. It all depends on what type of person you are, but the occasion that inspires all these different feelings is a very special one – your first date with someone special.

So what do you wear?
The cardinal rule is to be yourself. If you are a flamboyant person but you have heard that your date is a rather sober human being, you can disguise your sparks but not for long! And why attract each other under false pretences? Better to be just who you are, and if the chemistry is good it’ll take care of the rest. Of course, this does NOT mean you should go breaking every rule of decent behaviour. Your dressing must be somewhat influenced by where you are going (and don’t encourage “surprise” locations on this very delicate occasion; better to know exactly where you are meeting and go prepared). If it’s an upbeat, rather posh place, dress with as much elegance and sophistication as your wardrobe permits without anything flashy or loud. If it’s a casual, young hangout, then anything goes, and the more casual the better. Be sure to wear an attractive perfume, something that makes a special statement about you without being too strong. Women should wear really high heels only if they are going out with taller men or are sure the man in question is not uncomfortable with being towered over. Dressing involves a little of making the other person look good too!!