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10 Reasons to Get Married

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10 reasons to get married Most of us on those moments of bliss we feel in our married lives tend to muse on the nice things we can do or did as a couple… is a list of some such endearing and shared moments.

  • So that you have someone to cuddle and watch the late news on TV with, however gruesome, cruel and disgusting be the happenings in the world.
  • So that you have someone to soap the unreachable areas of your back when you bathe.
  • So that you can ask someone to switch off the light when you are already tucked comfortably in bed, with your toes all warm.
  • So that you can share budget woes and income woes – and then go out together to splurge on a new music system.
  • So that your parents can tell someone all about how you were as a little kid every Diwali, or Christmas, or New Year’s.
  • So that you discover how like you another human being can be, and how completely different.
  • So that you can tumble into bed, stone tired, unworried about the morning, because someone is there to share it with you.
  • So that you can come home to a wonderful surprise, present, or thoughtful gesture, or you can create the perfect surprise, present or thoughtful gesture for another.
  • So that you can look in wonder at the tiny, perfect human being you have both together brought into the world.
  • So that you can fight and forgive, and forget and sleep, only to do it all over again, with your love getting stronger all the time.

Have your own ten reasons, or even one or two? Don’t forget to share it here.

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Responses to 10 Reasons to Get Married

  1. 1 kumar

    I guess these are damn good reasons to get married!!!I have been single for all of 41 years and this makes sense

  2. 2 patrick

    i live in France, and my wife has gone with my best friend !
    so i ll always belive in LOVE always and to get married is so beautiful, so deep ! and GOD is with you !

  3. 3 Bindiya

    For me there is only one Reason to Get Married is “Now I have a shoulder where I can lay my Head and talk during my good and bad times and he will hold me tight when I am a little down”

  4. 4 dushyant

    even after 18 yrsmarried life my wife is not with me and asking money to live with her brother only. Is this is reason only to get married. we r in court since 5 yrs she donot need divorse only need money Is only money requirement to marry ? I will not say to marry any one as they r many like me get more problem after marrage. It has come new bussiness to earn money easy way. Layer and police will not to bring end of tjis matter bcause they want also money.Law has to be change, recently yester I have seen on tv Ajatak the dispute in patna and the gentleman was vety correct and he also said same thing Law has to change Nowdays 95% of case in court in which ladies are taking disadvantages of Law Let wait and than get marry GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  5. 5 Chandra

    What better way is there to SHARE !?

  6. 6 Unknown

    totally agreed with Dushyant.

    Nowdays 95% of case in court in which ladies are taking disadvantages of Law. Indian government should do something in this regard ASAP, otherwise, Men will stop getting married.

  7. 7 Bhaskar

    I think, some times for some people these reasons may look silly but, in my opinion they are very important. People may not really think of all these things before getting married as the marriage has become something mandatory and another milestone in flow life but, you will realise the important of them once after marriage. I feel reallly good to know that I am there almost enjoying all these with my spouse…

  8. 8 scharada bail

    Thanks, Bhaskar, it is nice to know that you have these things and are appreciating them, not taking them for granted like so many married people do. Marriage and companionship should be enjoyed moment by moment. Only then they last a lifetime!

  9. 9 sana

    These reasons are really very good.Marriage is a beautiful bond and a gift of God.Its a feeling of someone to be here with you to whom you can share each and everything;easily accessible at any time;a partner of your whole life.What a beautiful feeling!Undescribable!But if u want to make your life successful than try to follow the balanced and rational approach towards this relation.Too much “rigidity” and “flexibility” is harmful and worst for this sensitive relation.Best of luck for all of you friends!

  10. 10 Anil

    I totally agree with dushyant.

  11. 11 Pavan

    It always helps to have a good lawyer, before you marry. Just in case :)

  12. 12 Little Gem

    Oh dear, I feel really sad after reading everyones comments. Marriage is wonderful - and being single is wonderful too - life is what you make it, even if bad things happen to you - you should do your best to look at what you can do to make your life all that it can be and more. Sharing experiences with your partner is fantastic but its also great to achieve things on your own. I won’t dribble on anymore!!!!

  13. 13 pynbiang

    the ten reasonds of getting married as cited above to me is fully right and no commence about it

  14. 14 raj

    marriage is mandatory. change is the only thing unchangable.we have to accept it.marriage is the next phase of life. it may be pleasant,surprising,emotional and sometimes quite opposite like unethical misery,torcher etc. we take long journies even after knowing the risk in it. likewise in the journey of life dont predict anything ,but be fully prepared for everything but abondoning the journey is childish . come discover the days ahead who knows the best day would be awaiting for us .And the worst are stepping stones to it.
    So take along the journey cheerfully.

  15. 15 Manish

    I could read few posts…everyone has said its own reasons of marry and not to marry. Well the individual’s reason to get married is warmly accepted. But I dont agree that Men should stop getting married coz few females use this as a tool to earn money and to exploit their spouse.
    I think what we (Men) do wrong is at the time when we are selecting the spouse. Sometimes we get carried away in few notions which are not applicable in long-term relationships and we avoid looking for long-term factor when we are selecting the partner.
    What everyone (whether boy or girl) should do is to understand the partner well, his/her attitude, his/her aim, his/her keenness on getting married, his/her simplicity, his/her devotion and respect towards elders and culture etc.
    When we would look on these factors….I am sure you would get a loving partner.
    No partner should get carried upon the factors like fair bride, tall groom, richness of the partner etc.
    Also in our culture most of the times, parents select the partner but the boy/girl must take his/her steps to understand the partner.
    Everywhere there is something good and something bad. Its all about that everyone has to select intelligently and be aware on your facts that “WHAT YOU EXACTLY WANT IN YOUR PARTNER”

  16. 16 kanchan

    I agree all the comments about married which i had read above but in my opinion married is a greatest gift of god. In our life there are lots of sorrow and joy which we have to face days to days.But the main thing is that advantage and disadvantage its depend upon you how you tackle the situation coz everyone are not same at all what you judge.

  17. 17 pooja

    beautiful points in the article…beautiful reasons to be married……very touchy

  18. 18 Poonam

    I Think marriage is good if partner is also good otherwise it is hell.

  19. 19 akshaay

    It is amazing how the world has changed. Just a few moments ago a lady received some flowers from a ” flower delivery” person. I commented that it was nice flowers and that she was very lucky… But she retorted that…” that someone did something wrong!!!!”

    It took me a while to figure out the joke. The idea of recieving a flower would mean only good things… now it could mean that you trying to appologise of doing somthing bad…etc [a hint].

    Similarly, at one time long long long….time ago -marriage was wonderful and full of happiness and the building of future. There was no such thing as “divorce” in the language. But today there are so many termonologies attached to marriage ie. pre-neptual agreements, income, physical appearance-attraction as impotant roles.

    As we a deviating from the “Sanskars” and the beauty of humble life and peace,… so has the idea of marriage. The desire and the “beta” level” has risen to the demands of the modern civilization… we tend to forget that we are INDIANs…more with qualties of sacrifice, simplicity and understanding… are now running after the illusions that does not exist…

    Being honest, linving with integrity and understanding each other is the fundamentals that are lost in the greed that “temporary” satisfaction.

    Jai Hind.

  20. 20 Swami

    The question is how to understand a prospective groom/bride well?

    Just by talking with him or her ? How often? How frequently? How long? How many of us are willing to this act of meeting in restaurants or any public places? There are situations of ‘ being married already’ come to light 6 months after marriage.

    Thus will any gal be interested to meet a guy ( in Indian cities/towns) for 3 to 6 months in public places?

    I think a campaign be mobilised in a sublte manner.

  21. 21 scharada bail

    Finding the right person to marry is the most vital thing about marriage, and as you have rightly pointed out, it is difficult, in the social setting we are in, work preoccupations we are facing etc. I think the answer is to combine some modern (meeting the guy or girl in person a few times at least) and some traditional (background checks on the family and character of the person) methods. Otherwise, it can be a real gamble, and one doesn’t want to lose in this most significant area of life.

  22. 22 Nikki


    just a piece of advice for the non believer’s…

    this blog is about…XYZ Reasons to “GET” married and not otherwise…

    try and be a little analytical here and see what went wrong
    (if u speak from personal experience) and then come out with what you feel could have worked out…and why others (if u wish them well) should blissfully tie the knot…

    and scharada…i agree with you..TOTALLY….
    err just been married for two months though…hehe
    spread the cheer

  23. 23 Nargis

    Nothing much to add to what has already been said

  24. 24 Manjit Das

    I like the comment of scharada,” its a gamble”. just as the character of Kankana sen Sarma in the film “Metro”.Particularly in arrange marriage one has to take chances, no risk no gain.A calculated risk brings maximum gain.there are calculation mistake also we should be prepered for it. I belive marriage is for the sense of belongingness, social security, responsiblity & compromise is the fuel to run the car name marriage.

  25. 25 defenceleo

    hey guys…when I read the 10 points then I was pretty convinced to get married..but the comments below are a mix of calmness with storms…
    M njoying my bachelor life like anything..wana continue these gud times… wana go with my parent’s a arranged marriage is in store for me :) .. and in that case forget about few meetings…I ll b having just 1 hr (or less than that) to talk with the girl in private, that too in the same permisis as our in my case its a perfect gamble..rite frenz? :)
    Hoping to find the best…
    can mail me at
    and u all wil b invited :)
    all take care
    tata byebye

  26. 26 Nilesh

    Enough - Let me vent out - ” No woman - no cry - Bob Marley sung ” - with some observatory experience in and around my large world- in my opinion I confirm to say that the root cause of any fight is a woman. Thats all my frustration about the female species is ..but can’t help it - we have to live with it. SORRY DEAR LADIES

    Not intending to sound de-meaning to women here-
    but think otherwise - without a woman - we would never be here to see the world - don’t forget that. But it is an individual’s look out towards Marriage - as a constitution OR getting those cheap benefits via money. Please leave money aside when you talk about getting married (hope womean get that sooon-it’s just not the means of security if you think so) Think about how both after marriage would be able to provide value to each other /family being their support pillar at the same time. Money is not the world but 2 people are that can bring life to the world… When you are united - money becomes a by-product. If you want to stop thinking after this - don’t bother about getting married.

    I believe - If you commit towards making it happen - no matter what - it will happen - but if you are only looking towards whats going wrong - instead of trying to work around and understand practically - any issue will remain a BIG problem.
    In short - both partners should be ready for MARRIAGE (the state of being united to a person) and thereby face responsibilities that come in….Marriage is not a tool to buy lifestyle or avoid your responsibilities and obligation towards either families.

    Was that too much??
    Still single turning 28 next year - hoping to get like-minded visionary encouraging life with marriage rather than before /after marriage to create a fruitful synergy to all around. See you partner in 2009 - will have to get married by then or never

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