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Day care centres - a boon for working parents

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Day care centres - a boon for working parents“The old order changeth, yielding place to new” - this is the law of nature. In keeping with this law, joint families have made way for nuclear families. With families becoming smaller, a number of functions, which were previously performed by the family, have been taken over by external agencies.

One of the most important functions performed by the family was child rearing. Children grew up in the joint family set up with somebody or the other always being around to take care of them. Nowadays however, the joint family system is on the decline and most families comprise of three or a maximum of four members. Another noticeable trend in modern society is that both parents go out to work.  All these facts are collectively responsible for the growing popularity of after school care centres or crèches, as they are popularly known.

In fact these agencies, have become almost indispensable to today’s working parents.  The day care centres according to Ms. Anita R are, “the parent’s best friends.”  They fit in perfectly with the present day lifestyle.

According to Ms. Aarti Muthu, proprietor of The Corner House crèche, “parents are always concerned about the safety and well being of their children. And the working parents natural urge to providing just that for is /her child is further complicated by the fact that he/ she has the constraint of time and specific demands of a job he/ she has to keep. That is where agencies like us step in. We provide a safe and conducive environment for the children in our care. I have had children as young as nine months old in the crèche.”

Though hundreds of day care centres have mushroomed all over the city, the easy availability seems to have put parents in a tight spot, more so when it comes to choosing the right centre. Each centre is cleverly advertised, highlighting special features. Therefore, the best thing to do is to go and see for yourself. Even the most widely acclaimed. A second way of finding a good day care facility is to play it by hear. Get the opinions of people who are sending their children to such a centre.

All highly recommended centres may not be suitable for your child. That does not mean it does not live up to its reputation. It just shows that your child is a unique individual, like every one of us and that he needs a different kind of environment.

Today more and more corporates are recognizing the need for providing a day care facility for employees. Some companies are providing this facility as well. Ms. Bidisha Saha who is employed with L&T has a daughter aged four years. She says,” we have an excellent day care facility within the campus. Though we have to pay for the services, we do not mind. The services are excellent and the children are very happy. Most importantly however, it takes a lot of anxiety off my mind.”

What are basic things to look for when trying to find a day care centre for your child:

  • What is the kind of space available? In other words how big is the place?
  • What is the child staff ratio?
  • Is there place for children to play?
  • Is there proper arrangement for children to take rest?
  • What about cleanliness? How particular are they about keeping the place clean?

If you are satisfied with the answers to these basic questions then, chances are that you have found the right kind of day care facility.

Once you have found the ideal day care facility, the next hurdle is getting the child to settle down comfortably. Most children go through an agonizing phase on having to cope with a strange, new environment, separated from their parents. Here are some ideas that would help you cope with the situation:

1. Arrive early at the centre and hang around until the child has settled down comfortably. Ask for permission to continue doing this till both you and your child are comfortable

2. Send the favourite toy along with the child. That way there is “someone” around who is familiar. When the child feels insecure or uncomfortable, hugging would help.

3. Be careful not to exhibit too much anxiety when leaving the child. This would affect the child adversely.

4. Be there well before it is time for the children to go home, so the child is confident you will be there.

5. If there is a problem, discuss it with the staff. They might be able to give you some useful clues.

6. Request the staff not to change the child’s daily routine (at least for a while).

7. Lastly, handle the issue with patience, and do not pressurize the child for instant results.

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