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Nutty about Nails

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Nutty about NailsHow many of us actually take notice of our nails as we go about our daily activities like washing clothes, cooking or ironing? Our hands are such an integral part of our lives that we cannot afford to ignore them. Besides, is there anyone who does not nurse the desire of possessing perfectly manicured beautiful hands? Beautiful hands are no longer wishful thinking for the beauty conscious. Shapely, healthy and well manicured nails enhance the look of beautiful hands. However, there is more to nail care than regular manicure. Taking good care of your nails will aid in complementing your wardrobe and contribute to your personal style.

These keratinous projections, though made up of dead cells are indicative of the physical health of the person. Pale nail colour suggests that the person may be suffering from iron deficiency. Small nail moons or lunule indicate weak metabolism. Nails becoming enlarged and rounded are linked to heart and lung disease. Therefore, the fist step in nail care is eating a healthy diet. What you eat is reflected in the health of your nails.

Dry and brittle nails are caused by either lack of an adequate supply of vitamin a in the diet.
Droopy nails are the cause of protein and folic acid deficiency as are the presence of white bands across the nails.
Cuts and cracks in nails is indicative of lack of water in the diet.
A diet comprising of plenty of fruit, raw vegetables, foods rich in folic acid, sulphur, calcium as well as fish and plenty of fresh, unadulterated water will ensure that you have strong and healthy nails.

A simple routine will give your nails the desired gloss and glamour.

Wear gloves when going about your daily chores. This will protect your nails from chipping and breaking. In our Indian kitchens gloves will also protect your nails from getting stained by masalas. This is an exceptionally good idea for those who have brittle nails. Another fact to remember is that nails become brittle due to exposure to harsh chemicals, immersing in water for too long and lack of adequate calcium in the diet. So, once again wear your gloves and drink a lot of milk.

  • Manicuring your nails once a week is a must.  A word of caution here- never file the corners of your nail. This will weaken the nail and they will break easily. A manicure does not always mean going to the parlour. Though it is a good idea to get a professional manicure every once in a while. Here is a simple routine that will keep your nails clean and beautiful:
  • Wash your hands using a mild soap. Harsh soaps can leave both the skin and the nails feeling dry. They may also contribute to splitting.
  • Soak the hands in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles so that it is easier to gently push back them back.
  • Trim your nails. Make sure that all the nails are trimmed to the same length.
  • Finish off by applying some hand cream.

Nail polish adds that final touch of glamour to your nails. If you are fond of using nail polish then you need to remember not to leave the nail polish on for too long. You must leave your nails without any polish from time to time. This helps the nails to breathe.

Though polished nails add to the glamour factor, nails with chipped nail polish can be an absolute eyesore. To avoid nail polish from chipping make sure that your hands are absolutely dry before applying the base coat. Then apply two coats of nail polish. Let dry between coats before finally finishing off with a top coat.

Some tips on how to store your nail polishes:

Never store your nail polishes in a warm place. They will lose their consistency. It is a better idea to store your nail polish in the refrigerator.

Nail art has not caught up in a big way in our country according to practicing beauticians. However, if you want more than just beautiful clean hands, you want them to look artistic, jut give wings to your imagination and use your creativity to make your nails your style statement!


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