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Office Hot Spots

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Office Hot SpotsDuring winter months, the air-conditioning in office can really get to difficult levels. Even if one lives in a metro like Chennai, where winter is a pleasant season meant to be enjoyed to the full, the office can be an arctic zone where palms turn red with the cold, and December means a month of office-induced sniffles. Some considerate employers, like a few MNC banks, provide an office jacket to tolerate the air-conditioning. But even with this corporate largesse, freezing office interiors can be a tough factor to negotiate. 

“What bothers me the most is all those articles that describe how germs breed in AC environments. I hate to think what we are inhaling every day!” says Poonam, a trainee with an FMCG company. “With this central air-conditioning, there doesn’t seem to be much one can do about the temperature,” she adds. “And what can be a real pain is if one’s desk is in a really cold place, like my friend Shilpa’s!” 

“One whole row of work stations in our office became notorious because the ones stuck there used to take the maximum days off,” says Meera, who works in a large BPO. “It took the management time to realize that the extremely cold wind that blew over those places all day and night was a major part of the problem,” reveals Meera. 

Cold spots are often in contrast to other places in office that can be termed as ‘hot’. Not only are such places warmer in temperature, they may also be desks where a friendly colleague attracts co-workers. “In my office, there are certain places where most of us stop to chat. One of these is the MD’s secretary’s cubicle. Even though this is in full view of several senior managers’ cabins, we still like to talk to her,” says Poonam. “There is also the cabin of one of our department heads that is the hub of all gossip and office rumours. I think every office has such spots.” 

The ‘hot spots’ may be so vital in the day to day office functioning that people actually check out any news and rumours against such sources of authentication. Thus, an office that is supposed to be a uniformly functional area with similarly designed interiors actually turns out to be an ocean with ebbing and flowing currents, ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots. So much for the leveling effects of the global corporation! 

If you are finding chapped lips and reddened hands difficult to take as part of your working life indoors, here are some things you could keep in your drawer: 

  • A bunch of tissues for when you have the sniffles. 
  • A lip-guard or chapstick, or some plain cold cream or petroleum jelly. 
  • Some strong mints, or cough lozenges that help to keep coughing fits at bay. 
  • An inhalant that helps to unclog a stuffed nose when you have a cold. 

Warming your hands around a hot cup of coffee, standing in the sun in the office balcony or deck, taking a walk every now and then to relieve muscles that can be cramped by the cold – all these are necessary to keep your poise all through a working winter. Who knows, with your office air conditioning, this could last all the way to August! 


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