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Why is sex good for you and your marriage?

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Why is sex good for you and your marriage?Holistic is the buzzword that is doing the rounds be it the field of education, health, medicine or even happiness. So, if you were to think of one thing that burns calories, increases circulation, relieves pain, tones muscles, combats depression, enhances overall health, keeps you youthful, improves relationships,  does not require the use of a gadget and is absolutely free what would you name? Apparently it might seem like a difficult question to answer. Well if you still haven’t been able to figure out what it is then its time to put you out of your misery. The answer is good old sex.

Research has shown that frequent engagement in sexual activities with a caring partner is immensely beneficial for both physiological and psychological well being of individuals. According to Dr. Brinda Vishwanath, “sex deepens relationships. So it helps cement marriages and make them last.”

Some couples who have been married for many years often say that as time passes by their interest in sex dwindles. However, what they are probably trying to say is that the frequency of sexual encounters between the couples becomes lesser. Because the importance of sex in keeping a marriage alive cannot be undermined. Besides, it is an undeniable fact that the first thing that attracts a man to a woman (or vice versa) is always sensual. According to Indrani Mukherjee a  marriage counselor, “the physical benefits of sexual intimacy are multiplied manifold by the emotional bonding born thereof. Research shows that couples who are sexually active have happier marriages than those who aren’t.’

Why is sex a more exciting substitute for physical exercise? Well, if you still think this is some kind of joke then read on. Research has proved that a man can burn as much calories as he would burn playing a game of golf without a caddy. A woman on the other hand would burn around ninety-three calories, which is roughly equivalent to a twenty minute stroll.

Sex cures headaches. Even severe ones like migraine. Medical research shows that endorphins are released during orgasm and these help in keeping the pain at bay. It also causes the constriction of the dilated blood vessels in the brain that were causing the migraine.

A healthy sexual life has huge psychophysical benefits. It helps you build a positive body image. According to Ms. Singh a fifty five year old home maker (who incidentally is extremely overweight),” The one thing in the world that makes me feel that I am no less than the most beautiful model is the look of admiration and love that I see in my husband’s eye. It is the one thing that gives me the confidence to look into the mirror and see and think of myself as desirable.” It is a great stress buster. It creates a general sense of well being.

Some scientific studies that sex slow down the process of ageing. As it increases the blood flow to the genitals and prevents the tissues from losing elasticity and becoming dry. It also shows that couples who stop having sex often start feeling like roommates or siblings and the relationship also changes. A British study showed that couples who abstained from sex for about three months started experiencing marital difficulties.

While it is important to keep your sex life active. It is more important to keep the mystery and magic around it working. Studies conducted on the American and the French showed that while the frequency of having sex was a lot greater among Americans, qualitatively the act was more satisfying among the French. Simply because for the former it was a routine activity. Just like one has breakfast, lunch and dinner so also one has sex. While the French took trouble to build mystery and drama around the act. For instance a couple would decide to have sex on a certain day of the week. So, starting form the day the appointment was made to the day of the appointment there would be a gradual build up. Hence the whole experience would have a different dimension.

So, a time tested prescription for a happy marriage is quality time spent as a couple along with some good you know what!

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Responses to Why is sex good for you and your marriage?

  1. 1 baby

    ya it’s great.but real love donn need sex.

  2. 2 Shashank

    Sex is natural need so every one should have to Satisfied that and Marraige is the best way to satisfied this importanat need of life. You have to enjoy the sex upto the stage your live. But be carefull about HIV

  3. 3 shambu

    Very nice article. sex is a natural phenomenon.
    You know its all brains activity. It s who the one wants to get satisfied.
    when your brain is happy relaxed desire for sex arises.

    Way of attraction is different in human male and female.
    We all know little bit or more about Indian men. they get sexual mood.
    they want to full fill with their wife. Never think what she needs. that may be the past. these days indian women also wised up reading, watching soaps and movies so they are expressing their desire directly or indirectly. most of them these days.

    they may want not just the regular stuff, also love to have hugs, kisses, caring, cuddling and the climax.
    dont ask me where kisses has to be. i would say short answer is anywhere.

    Even if you dont care, at least act like you care so much. that can lead her to get into mood.

    Get gifts to her what she likes more. do things what she likes the most.

  4. 4 man of joy

    No one need to have teach about sex.its a natural phenomenon.but today everyone should be loyal with spouse while its course,otherwise HIV will welcome in its enthu…So be human being and live happy life.

  5. 5 saibal

    hi, how r u / happy valentain day.

  6. 6 megha

    Hi Frns!
    nice article.Sex is a divine thing. If you love & have in your spouse then & then one can enjoy sex.Otherwise it becomes just a routine thing which cannt satisfy any of the partner.
    Love your partner truly.
    Each day will turn into Valentine’s day!

  7. 7 prasad

    Hi, this is gr8 plz up with more like this , which is imp to to the generation cool keep in up good job .



  9. 9 jeetender

    thanks i am 38 plus and i did not did sex intercourse in my life yet and i am happy to read this article may be after this i will make up my mind to do sex in my life thanks again.

  10. 10 prakash

    This article provides reasonably balanced openion on sex. The scientific interpretation which helps in diferent kind of physical problems is a good attempt.

  11. 11 manesh

    This article provides reasonably balanced openion on sex.

  12. 12 pankaj

    i m loving itt.

  13. 13 kanlesh joshi

    sex is divine . at the time of erection there is state of thoughtlessness . it is like meditation. :mrgreen_wp:

  14. 14 Lilly

    Ya I agree with Megha… Its really very true, If you love your HUSBAND with all the love you have, Everyday will become Valentine’s day for you!!! So be honest and love your love like anything … :)it is the secret of a happy married life … :)

  15. 15 kris

    i feel that as a man wants his women to b a virgin in the same way b virgin to urself and ur thoughts until u get married wait for the day and be in total control
    so when u get married u enjoy sex with ur female for the first time u can really cherish the pleasure u get and a satisfaction for ur self and ur life partner to have sex with one and only with ur partner and free from other sexborn diseases.

  16. 16 Cora Tan


    I find enjoyment reading your articles about man and woman relationship and the activities related to couples. I am 59 years old and still enjoy sex. I have been operated for ectopic pregnancy and my doctor suggested to remove my right overy, fallopian tube and my uterus. They said who is in menopausal are dried up. But in my case it doesnt occur to me. Sexual activity with my husband and me are increased. My husband is at his 58 and still make sex with like a bull.

    I guess the satisfaction in sex lies more on our mind sit. The ecstacy of sex is based on how fertile your mind can imagine it.

  17. 17 Rahul

    Yes Cora Tan..It’s because sex doesn’t happen between two legs but between two ears (that’s your mind/brain)

  18. 18 shahid

    sex is natural need far rael love ,so it is nessecary for us,

  19. 19 Ben

    Hi Sangita

    Very impressed with your article.

    To be able to express oneself through his/her Body, Mind and Soul is GOD’s greatest gift to us mortals. Unashamed intimacy between a loving couple is the Anjali to HIS greatness.

    What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts, and experiences otherwise than we do…?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

    A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
    Mignon McLaughlin

    Intimacy is what makes a marriage, not a ceremony, not a piece of paper from the state.
    Kathleen Norris

  20. 20 ramaswamy iyer

    dear sir

    Sex is a soul stirring experience.Sex is the most wonderful acts of god bestowed upon all living beings and the maximum options he gives is to mankind and the minimum matrimonial/connubial headaches it gives is to dogs and cats.Sex should be enjoyed as a routine form of tension release,stress buster and as an overall growth booster.

    than q





    The author has a great insight. Apart from physical well-being of individuals indulging in sexual act, it is good to their spiritual life as well. It is complete surrender of the one to the other which is a divine act in itself. There are certain perquisites for maintianing a healthy sexual life irrespective of the amount of time the couple have spent their time together. `Kama` is always associated with looks. Be it man or women, one needs to present his/her best infront of their partner before, during and after the act. For example, a woman may not be as much good looking in a salwar as she is in a saree. Shilpa Shetty is attractive in Jeans while southern star Kushboo looks good in a saree.

    I feel sexual life takes a bad shape in a marriage owing to receding charm for each other. But we do come across people who have maintained that charm till the end. It is understanding each other`s need pretty well. Otherwise what else is human life about?

  22. 22 mvvpadmarao

    sex is one kind of natural feelings. that is very impartment matter of creating the world.

  23. 23 sana

    Sex is a gift of God which gives a person a real meaning to lif;a gift which converts two bodies and souls
    into one.A ray of hope which directs towards the unifications
    of two lovers.A ray of hope for a couple that enables them to have an everlasting journey of pure and undescribable love which resultantly culminates in a new flower(baby) and
    from that flower both bodies shine and feel complete.Sex is
    a path which directs towards starting and the completion of
    a journey travelled by both lovers(husband and wife).It gives strength to relation.At the end,one shouldnt neglect
    it and try to enhace their capabilities in this respect.So,
    stay honest and fair in ur dealings with your spouses and ultimately God bestow all His blessings on you!

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