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Marriage within the blood relatives

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Dr Kamaraj, M.D Ph.DDr. Kamaraj, M.D. Ph.D
Sexual Medicine and Infertility SpecialistDr.T.Kamaraj M.B.B.S, M.D, PGDCG, Ph.D is a specialist consultant in “Human sexual problems & Infertility”. He did his M.B.B.S in Madras University (year-1985) and M.D in Dr.M.G.R Medical University. He also did a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Guidance & Counselling (PGDCG) and Ph.D in “Reproductive Medicine”. At present he is doing reaserach in “Human Reproductive Medicine”. You can post your queries on Sexual health here

Dr. Kamaraj’s responses on sexual health queries:

Name:Vani Devi  Age:22  Gender:F    

Q:First of all thanks for your valid suggestion. I like to know getting married between closed relations will affect my sexual or personal or in my future. Reply me.

A:Marriage  within  the  blood  relatives  are  graded  1,  2  & 3  degree. 1 degree is very close blood relatives like own sisters daughter. This  type  of  marriages  will not  cause  any  sexual  or  personal  problems   but  the  child born  out  of  this  marriage   can  have  increased  risk  of  mental,  physical  problems.  Any birth disorder which your ancestors had can reappear now.  Better to avoid marriages within close relatives than suffer later.

Name:Hassan  Age:18  Gender:M  

Q:Hello doc as ive mentioned earlier i am 18 yrs of age i have a bit of worry it’s like this. I consider my penis as i mean its about 5 inches n a little thin. i want to increase its size n broadness i don’t use medicines, please suggest me few exercises. I do induce ejaculation. What type of woman should i marry i mean a short or tall? Kindly advice

A:There is  no way  to  increase  the  size  of  the  penis  by  doing exercise. You can  marry any  women,  because  female  vagina  will  adopt  the size  of  the  husbands  penis.

Name:Navin  Age:26  Gender :M  Place:Mumbai 

Q:Hi there, I have had problems with my wife, as she is not interested in sex simply because she doesn’t like it. I have tried arouse her but have been unsuccessful. She is elder to me. I have read different articles and implied different ideas to gently that desire of passion in her but to no avail. I have had open talks with her but she has not responded to them. It has a yr and a half since I have been patiently waiting for a sexual relation with my wife. I am very frustrated and tired waiting patiently but it only leads me to impatience and thoughts of divorce which i have also conveyed to her. I do not want Divorce yet i do wish to have the necessary relation with her. Overall otherwise, my wife is my best friend and i treat her all the best i can…please help me as I’m in urgent need of help to relieve my frustrations. Just to add, i have taken her holidays at a romantic place, but the arousal is not there and there is no interest that she has. Please let me know what I do?  

A:Considering  your  age, it is  better  consult  a  sexologist  than  going  for  a  divorce.
Unconsummated marriages are common in India. Simply fack basic information about their bodies and about how to be sexual and vaginismus is caused by fear or aversion to sex. For women who experienced sexual abuse, rape or other trauma, this may be an effort to protect themselves from further violation or pain.


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Responses to Marriage within the blood relatives

  1. 1 john

    Hi there, I have a problems with my wife, as she is interested in sex simply because she want to have kids. I have tried arouse her but have been unsuccessful. She is elder to me. I have try but still no luck. I am very frustrated and tired waiting patiently.alos notify me of the followup comment via e0mail so what do i do?

  2. 2 Sukhesh

    Hello doc, please tell me Is there any problem in marrying my father’s cousin sister’s daughter?
    If so is there any remedy?
    We both are in deep love from 11 years.. Now we come to know a bit about this problem… please suggest us what to do.

    Waiting for you reply……..

  3. 3 user1

    Hi doctor,

    I was reading your advise regarding marriages within relatives.
    in which you discussed about degree 1 only, I want to know more about the other degree 2 and 3. and is there any way to minimize the effect of it?.. any medicines? or any precautions? please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. 4 Emran

    Hello Doc,
    I wana ask about if there is any kind of genetics treatment, so relatives can avoid having problems in their child either physical or mental,
    if there is any refrences about such treatment i will be glad to know about it?
    thanks in advance wish you all the best

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