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Spectacles as Accessories

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Spectacles as Accessories‘Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,’ the twentieth century American writer and poet Dorothy Parker is reputed to have said. But only a moment’s reflection should have told anyone that she wasn’t trying to say that women with glasses were less attractive, far from it. She was trying to say that few men had the self-confidence to take on a woman who appeared in the least bit ‘intellectual’ ie. threatening to the male ego.
However, the perception that people whose eyes were hidden behind glasses had less sex appeal than those whose eyes were unshaded, continued to be prevalent for a long time, particularly among women. Even those who have quite high-powered prescription lenses throw off their glasses when attending a party. The move to contact lenses, as well as coloured contact lenses, is part of this perception that spectacles lessen sex appeal.
The truth is, that spectacles, when they are not made of overly thick ‘soda-bottle’ glasses, actually heighten the mystery and appeal of the personality. When you are attracted to someone wearing glasses, you feel really curious in the initial stages, to read the person’s expression behind the glasses – were her eyes twinkling with acceptance? Do those demurely downcast eyes mean prudence, or mischief? Sometimes, just seeing the loved one without glasses can become a major heart-stopping moment. Glasses have their own mite to add to the whole business of attraction.
Which is why the present variety and quality of spectacle frames available today is such good news for those with weak eyesight. You can really find a wonderful accessory with which to make a statement – and you don’t have to be Elton John! Here are some points to consider:

  • Size is definitely an important factor when selecting a frame. This is because it makes your face appear proportionately larger or smaller, fatter or thinner. Whatever be the prevailing fashion, choose frame sizes according to your face.
  • Many people choose to have more sophisticated, but delicate frames, for special occasions, and tougher frames for daily wear. Rimless glasses may be some of those used on special occasions. They are notoriously difficult to maintain, but lend a distinctly superior touch.
  • Worldwide, designers are working to make glasses sexier. Some of these designer frames could cost you a month’s salary. Before taking the plunge, search for a similar pattern with humbler origins. The chances are bright that you will be able to afford the ‘look’ without the pain.  
  • Nothing is more off-putting than glasses that seem smeared with oil or grease, or coated with dust. Anybody sitting in front of you in such a situation, will be tempted to wipe them for you! Clean and wipe glasses to make sure they stay smooth and dirt-free, and also try and keep them in clean places when they are not in use.
  • If caught in a moment of passion, please make sure to remove your glasses at the right time, and keep them safe! More glasses get squashed out of shape, bent or broken, during bouts of lovemaking, than has ever been admitted in public!

Here’s more power to your eyes with these optical accessories!

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