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“Don’t lose that Lovin’ Feeling…”

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Dont lose that Lovin FeelingLong ago there used to be this lovely song which went - “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips. And there’s no tenderness like before in your fingertips.

You’re trying hard not to show it baby…You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling…  Now there’s no welcome look in your eyes when I reach for you. And girl you’re starting to criticize little things I do.” For some odd reason I always choke with emotion whenever I hear this number.

It encapsulates so beautifully a common enough marital scenario. But just consider how different it used to be when the very same two people were enthralled with each other, in the golden flush of romance. What could possibly compare with that thrill in the heart as two adoring eyes met over a cup of coffee and hands groped their way to fit into each other’s clasp? How complete the day felt when an sms saying, “Can’t get you out of my mind, honey,” bridged the physical distance between two love-struck hearts.

Then why does Scene II  of Act I go so unexpectedly awry? Suddenly our dashing young hero is not as caring as his heartthrob once perceived him to be. And neither is she the doe-eye angel anymore. He who manfully vied with her to pay those restaurant bills suddenly turns tight-fisted.. She who used to gently reprimand him for spending so much, appears thoughtlessly extravagant in his eyes. Romance beats a quick retreat from their lives.. But frankly does it have to be this way? Does that ‘loving feeling’ have to give way to irritation once marriage happens.

Actually no. Couples can reinvent lost romance. Saying ‘I love you’ need not be a Valentine’s day happening.  Complimenting your mate, spending time talking with and listening to each other are essential as is taking care over one’s appearance.  Affection is a pre-requisite for romance.. Saying “I love you” is good, but showing “I love you” is better. This, perhaps more than any other ingredient, is the greatest single factor in putting romance back into marriage. The more couples do these things, the more romantic and loving their marriages become.


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Responses to “Don’t lose that Lovin’ Feeling…”

  1. 1 saurabh

    i felt very emotional while reading it.

  2. 2 Jayesh patel

    Affection is a pre-requisite for romance.. Saying “I love you” is good, but showing “I love you” is better. This, perhaps more than any other ingredient, is the greatest single factor in putting romance back into marriage.

  3. 3 saurabh


    We all these basics, but need to revising is good for all .
    Thank you for remembering.

    Regards ,Saurabh

  4. 4 wajiha

    saying i love u is better than showing……….if one wants to feel d presence of love around for happy life………….then its a must to go on with it

  5. 5 nitu

    yes i like this.

  6. 6 babbu

    I Like This Part Of Life

  7. 7 sandhya

    this articale happens to be very true in today’s life with today’s couples.. thru the routine chores of the week we happen to forget that when we want something the opposite spouse to owants something.. if we have expectations our better halves too have.. and if we could only put aside a few moments to tune into one another and ask for it .. we would all be back to our golden years!!

  8. 8 balakrishnan.m


    how are u da i am alwase fine

  9. 9 Sandhya

    Yes I like to read articles in this section. Its very impressive to know the votes received for a particulare article.

    All the best,
    Sandhya Soman.

  10. 10 Javinesh.K.J

    It was nice to go through a meesage like this which thoroughly needs importance in now a days,where we can’t see the actual love or love feelings.This is the case even its before or after marriage.But the only difference is that we see it more after marriage where actually it should be lessen by the time to make life happier.i.e. what we say, saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ is good but showing ‘I LOVE YOU’ is better.

  11. 11 lokendra mahavar

    It is not a bed for love war and peace.

  12. 12 Syed

    hi i like this to read like this type of stories

  13. 13 guddu mishra

    hello i am enjoy in my life

  14. 14 haresh satani

    i like…

  15. 15 prem jaiswal

    I enjoy the life.

  16. 16 mvvpadmarao

    this is very true.

  17. 17 arpita

    great and real i am about to get married guess will find the truth god willing in fairy tale ending way

  18. 18 sameer

    i m impressed nd like this

  19. 19 Yunus

    It’s very true….people often forget the love they had during the earlier years of marriage…or before marriage…for some!! But this can be changed if any one of them would like to contribute for a long time…than expecting results sooner from the partner…sometimes a note in t shoes, a post-it sticker screaming ‘I love you’ on the door, a small gift in the lunch box, a flower bouquet waiting when u open t door for a ring bell, all these counts…it may seem like dramatic for people…but these are the few ways thru which u can bring ur lovelife back…and u r bride / groom is not so old to be loved again !! :)

  20. 20 sanju

    yes yes the articles are really intresting.but tell me how many MARRIED MENreally read them so as to make life better.we women read console our selves and the same old cycle continues

  21. 21 yogesha

    yes yes i like it

  22. 22 diana

    yes its easy to say this but very few follow.Why does love dies way after marriage.why does everything change after marriage.

  23. 23 Dr.D.P.S.RATHORE

    Love always grow.There is a need to have understanding. Best is ” Know yourself’ , love youself.

  24. 24 Anna Thomas

    Yes, it is like this, the thrill dies when we obtain something. We take it granted it is ours,until and unless challenged by somebody. But if we really try, the lost romance can bring happiness again in the lives of couples. a

  25. 25 manee

    life is not a onday;so study for your life;

  26. 26 Jay

    Nice, but it is difficult to bring it back with so many problems of todays mechanical life.

  27. 27 gargee

    yea its cul !! i liked its sooooooo much true

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