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Book review - The Secret

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The SecretThe human mind finds itself naturally drawn to anything labeled ‘secret’ and so the temptation to unravel the ‘secret’ becomes too powerful to be denied. That’s what happened to me when I read the blurb on the back cover of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne — “As you learn the Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be or do anything you want…” Thumbing through its well-designed pages, I came across tantalizing sub heads such as Like Attracts Like, Attract the Good Instead of the Bad, Later, mystically enough, I encountered the Secret in one form or another.

On the net, at parties, at the workplace and talks by  New Age gurus.  It seemed to have suddenly become a much talked about phenomenon. So what is this Secret all about? It’s primarily about the Law of Attraction which states that what you focus on is what you create – what you put out is what you get back. But hadn’t Jesus too said something to the same effect? Yes He evidently had. In fact the Creative Process used in The Secret (Ask, Believe and Receive) is taken from the New Testament in the Bible.

The powerful elements that come into play to help our dreams come true are desire, faith, expectation and gratitude. Rhonda’s most important piece of advice is about expecting the things we want and not focusing on the things we don’t want.

Most interestingly, she applies the Creative Process towards acquiring the right figure. If you focus on losing weight, you will only gain weight because you’re focusing on a ‘lack’. On the contrary have a clear picture of what weight you want to be. Get pictures of yourself at your perfect weight and see yourself as slim as you desire to be. Believe that you are already slim. Yet feel good about your  present body. What you visualize will surely be yours according to Rhonda.

What ‘The Secret’ achieves is - making us aware of the power of your thoughts on every aspect of our lives. We just need to consciously work on the miracle-making power within our own lives by thinking, believing, visualizing and receiving miracle-achieving positive thoughts!

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Responses to Book review - The Secret

  1. 1 Nancy

    I liked this review, and do intend to purchase the book. I believe the book is like a supplement to the video. which i have borrowed from a friend and also intend to buy. Amazing stuff. I truly believe it has changed my life. I believe the concepts can work for anyone who really gives them a try.

  2. 2 Maj RajeshSN

    Wow! Thats how one can describe this book.Its a wonderful experience to go through and empowers you to bringe change around you in ones life.Strangely most of the concepts are being applied in ‘Art of Living’ Courses conducted all over the world in 150 nations!

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