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Book review - Finding Our Authentic Self

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Finding Our Authentic SelfIn today’s world, the most difficult and the most critical thing to achieve is self-transformation. No matter what some of  the new-age gurus may say, there is no short cut to self-transformation. It is a process that must necessarily involve a focused journey inwards where you get to know your fears and how you came to make them your own.

Getting to the source of your fears and discovering the real you is the only way that you can successfully move out of the “I am the victim of a bad destiny, bad childhood, bad environment…” trap and move towards knowing the authentic self. 

Thus begins yet another fascinating journey that Robin Sharma (of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari fame) has mapped out for us in his latest book, Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Garbed in the format of an enchanting fable, the book begins with a beguilingly worded introduction from Robin Sharma. “You are far greater than you have ever dreamed of being.” He assures us that though things may not pan out the way we want it to, everything that is unfolding in our lives is in our best interests and necessary for our evolution into the person we have been destined to become. There is no fully evolved human being out there in the world – we are all a living example of work in progress.

The story centers around 44 year old businessman, Dar Sanderson, devastated by a divorce litigation and rescued from a suicide bid by some mystical phenomenon of a blinding, white light. He meets up with Julian Mantle, the famous monk who has discovered the secrets to lasting success.

Dar is advised to: “let go of your need to control the path of your destiny.”  From that point on, begins a quest for something beyond happiness. 

Julian explodes one myth after another. Some of his words leave a profound impact on our minds. “On our deathbeds, no one wishes they had more money in their bank accounts or a bigger car sitting in the driveway. Instead, as we take our last few breaths, we wish that we had lived a life that was courageous, authentic and highly loving.”

The process of discovering his true self via the 7 stages of empowerment  is not easy for Dar (nor for us) but the rewards of  giving up the need to control and awakening finally to his fullest potential are immeasurable. Pain is inevitable but  pain also happens to us because of the meaning we attach to it. For those willing to learn, this  book is bound to help us cast off  the age-old fetters of fear, insecurity and unnecessary suffering!

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Responses to Book review - Finding Our Authentic Self

  1. 1 sanjay

    New age gurus are a dime a dozen. But somehow Robin Sharma manages to remain head and shoulders above the rest. Glad 2 know v have something to look forward to in his new book. Need to go and take a peep into this one.

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