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I can tell you exactly the day she decided it was over between us. After we had got married, it was if life had never existed for me before that.. We had loved, we had hated, we had lived…everything that could happen across the broad spectrum of marriage had happened to us. And through it all we had cared, trusted and understood each other. But one day the light simply went out of her eyes and I knew in my gut that she had simply switched off. Just like that. I could tell by the glow on her cheeks that there was someone in her life who had brought back the sparkle of romance in her life and that man… was certainly not me!


The day I walked out on him was for me, a soul-wrenching moment. Never had anyone loved me the way he had, and something, maybe that look in his moist eyes, told me, no one ever could love me like that anymore. But waiting at the other end was the man who could make my knees feel weak by just saying my name. Soft, courteous and gentle, he belonged to the old world school of conduct – opening doors for me and pulling out chairs for me in restaurants. His love was beyond the physical, it was like a call to my inner self. Before long, we were married. O, we made an attractive couple for sure and life seemed pretty hunky dory to begin with. Never mind his kids from an earlier marriage. Never mind the control freak of a mother-in-law. And yet somewhere inside me, unwilling to completely break away, lay a hankering for my past. It did not take me too long to discover that I came fourth on his priority list, after his mother and kids. I felt terribly short-changed. My blinkers were coming off and I could now see the cracks.


Frankly there never could have been a more ill-fated match than ours. I just could not figure out what it was she wanted. Was she his, was she mine or could she ever belong to anyone? She was too free a spirit to fit into the confines of married life. That much became obvious to me. Till the time I met her, I had  always been a private man, not given much to socializing. She’d opened up a new world to me. Her friends became my friends. But her rebellious nature clashed with my mother’s dominating temperament too often for my comfort. My unexpressed mounting disapproval of her ways  has become an unbearable silent scream between us. We hardly communicate anymore. Today I saw a look in her eyes which seemed to say it was time for Goodbye!

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Responses to IT’S GOODBYE!

  1. 1 Md.shahed gazi

    when two mind fall in love they are

  2. 2 sanjay

    This story gave me the heebie jeebies. Only those who’ve been there, done that know how difficult it is to break off.
    While the female comes across as someone very flighty and not suited to a committed relationship like marriage, she seems to have suffered nevertheless. Not only because she’s ruined an innocent guy but also because somewhere inside her she knows she’s been stupid. As for the guys, there are millions like us out there. Goodbye is never easy. On anyone.

  3. 3 Pallavi

    The story rings so true… such is life… things go terribly wrong but it’s nobody’s fault! Each of pursue happiness, we sometimes compromise our conscience to pursue happiness and we find happiness too… only to lose it all over again.

  4. 4 madhu fomra

    all stories are not alike it depends upon one s mental and physical connection to each other

  5. 5 vishal

    kabhi kissi ka rishta na tute

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