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Friends, food and a good time!!

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Friends, food and a good timeMr and Mrs. Srinivasan smiled with satisfaction as their last guest left the house thanking them profusely for a wonderful evening and the sumptuous spread. It wasn’t easy for them to get all the friends they wanted to invite to find time to come together. But, somehow they had managed. MS. Srinivasan says,”nowadays I think the most challenging thing about organizing a party is getting the people together. People are so busy these days. I had about ten couples over today. I’ m glad I prepared the guest list and started making the phone calls about a month ago.”

So, the first tip for organizing a party at home is to prepare a guest list. When you are doing this all important task remember to bring together a group of people who are comfortable with each other.

Now you need to plan the kind of party you would like to host. Is it going to be a formal or an informal affair? If you are the kind of person who knows more people than your dining table can comfortably accommodate it is a good idea to have a casual party. Your party should reflect your lifestyle. However, it is not advisable to go overboard.

Another important point of considerations is the budget. If you are planning to work on a restricted budget then it is a good idea to have something like a tea party or a dessert party. The former is quite common and you can rustle up a fairly interesting fare without having to burn a hole in your pocket. The same holds good for a dessert party here people come in after dinner and enjoy some lip smacking sweets. Potlucks are fast getting back in fashion.

The other extremely important thing needs to be given special attention is the menu. Though it is a great idea to serve exotic dishes. It is advisable to stick to recipes that you are sure of if you plan to cook yourself. In case you decide to order the food out it is a good idea to keep from ordering foods that are runny or those that require a knife to eat with.

When setting the table you could use a nice centerpiece and a linen tablecloth to add a touch of class. Spread out the food so that guests can reach out for plates and other things easily.

Make sure that you eliminate all the food smell before your guests arrive. Create an ambiance using candles, potted plants or floating flower and candle arrangements.

If you are playing music make sure it is soft so that it allows free flow of conversation.

Now with everything in place its time to sit back and have a good time with good food and friends!

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