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ON SCREEN - Maya Kannadi

11 Votes | Average: 3.91 out of 511 Votes | Average: 3.91 out of 511 Votes | Average: 3.91 out of 511 Votes | Average: 3.91 out of 511 Votes | Average: 3.91 out of 5 (11 votes, average: 3.91 out of 5)
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Maya KannadiFilm : Maya Kannadi
Starring : Cheran, Navya
Director : Cheran

Cheran’s last two films left indelible marks on the viewer but with Maya Kannadi, one can hardly say the same. Though his movies have strong messages that linger long in the mind, and it is no different with this film, the manner in which he delivers the message this time, doesn’t seem to be up to the mark. One surely misses the Cheran touch, the ability to convey more with less.

The story basically deals with a hairdresser (Cheran) and his girlfriend (Navya) who both work in the same salon. Working for rich clients each day, receiving fat tips, the hero is besieged with ideas to get rich quick. When the duo find that the money they earn does not give them the good life in malls and resorts, they decide to turn to other means like selling insurance. When this does not work, our hero decides that being a film star is a cakewalk with lots of easy money to make. But here too he doesn’t succeed and learns some bitter lessons, loosing his job in the bargain.

In the meantime, the parents of his girlfriend have decided they cant let her marry a loser, jobless at that, so they give him an ultimatum, to earn a big sum within six months. His ailing mother lands up and is admitted in hospital and the operation requires a huge amount which he doesn’t have. Its then that the dejected hero turns to a rich former client for work and lands himself in deep trouble. What happens after that ? Does he extricate himself? Does he learn a lesson? Does he ever make the money he has dreamed about? To find out, its better to see the movie !

The actors have delivered good performances but at times there is too much dialogue and Navya overdoes the bubbly girl bit. Cheran’s hairstyle in the film does not do anything for the character and keeps you distracted, since the two don’t really gel together. The message of the movie is successfully brought out in the last few reels. Its better to work hard, master your craft and move slowly up the success ladder, instead of running after the mirage of making a fast buck through the wrong means, the film seems to say. Despite seeming to drag at a few places, if you have some time on your hands, Maya Kannadi is a decent watch.

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