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ON SCREEN - Naan Avan Illai

20 Votes | Average: 3.6 out of 520 Votes | Average: 3.6 out of 520 Votes | Average: 3.6 out of 520 Votes | Average: 3.6 out of 520 Votes | Average: 3.6 out of 5 (20 votes, average: 3.6 out of 5)
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Naan Avan IllaiFilm: Naan Avan Illai
Starring : Jeevan, Sneha, Namita, Malavika, Keerti Chawla, Jyotirmayee
Director: Selva

Naan Avan Illai has all the makings of a breezy entertainer. With the right commercial mix of five heroines surrounding the hero and some interesting song and dance sequences, the film manages to keep you entertained till the end. It is also a film with a message, though the message is not put across in a preachy sort of way and that’s perhaps the reason why it works.

The story is basically a simple one. Annamalai (Jeevan) is on trial because three different women claim that he has married them, duped them and run away with their jewels and money. In all the cases except one ( Namitas) the women are furious with him and want justice. Namita alone feels she loves him and wants him back since he helped her deal with a jealous divorced husband.

Sneha plays the daughter of the judge (Lakshmi) who has also been duped by Annamalai, who sold her an empty frame instead of a  painting, pretending to he the artist and claiming he was in love with her.  The lady is captivated by the way Annamalai is fighting his own case in court, without the help of any lawyer.

To all the five lovely ladies, Annamalai has only three words to say, Naan avan illai. The police is at their wits end to solve this multiple crime. To add to their woes, they are unable to establish the real identity of Annamalai. But luck does favour them and soon some vital clues come to hand. But how successful are they in nabbing the criminal. Be prepared for a surprise ending.

The songs are used in a way that move the story forward each time. Vijay Milton has given a variety of scores, to suit the different backgrounds of the characters. So you have a  kerala type number on one side and a retro bhajan type of beat on the other. The music is bound to hit the charts in a big way.

Jeevan seems to be choosing his films with care so far and each has given him  a role for which he can be distinctly remembered, whether it is Kaaka Kaaka or Thirutta Payele or the present film. Namita and Malavika look lusciously lovely though they could each do with some load shedding of weight. Jyothirmayee has given a good performance while Sneha delivers the goods convincingly, playing a modern day law student. Her trendy looks in the film are worth a mention.

The movie finally seems to say that women should be careful when choosing a husband and that greed does not pay. Though it is too fast paced at times and there are some loopholes in the screenplay, this is one film thats watchworthy.

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Responses to ON SCREEN - Naan Avan Illai

  1. 1 taravenkat

    tht was a brief and good review.. and jeevan seems to do good. . cos i was just watching tht song naan avan illai on tv.. wht a cast .. thts more than enough for a movie to run…catch up on the latest releases including naan avan illai at ..

  2. 2 Karna chennai

    The movie’s really different.Anyone who hasn’t watched it is missing something.The outer door shots of the song ‘then kudicha’ are excellent.The voice of Deepa Miriam sounds new and fresh..hope to hear more good work from Vijay Antony..this one’s a hit for sure.

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