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A hug a day keeps break-ups away

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A hug a day keeps break-ups awaySimple prescription. Hard to implement. Why?  Because not many people really understand that physical expression of feelings is the nourishment required to bring the buds of real intimacy to full bloom. It’s not possible to keep the hearts engaged while the bodies remain disengaged. It’s really true, the old saying – “When the marriage goes on the rocks, the rocks are in the mattress.” The extinction of sexual desire in a relationship marks the beginning of marital coma.

Most women I’ve met and had a chance to speak freely to, feel resentful that their men seem so focused on sex, while all they’ve ever wanted is a little more love.  “I used to wish so often,” says Mrs. P, a 32 year old housewife, married since ten years, “that I could have been like Lolita, who revelled in the act of sex. But now all I want is that lost feeling of love and oneness we had experienced during our courting days.”

Men on the other hand can’t fathom why their wives aren’t more interested in having sex and yearn for mushy moments instead. Sex experts maintain that in a happy and balanced relationship, sex and love go together. When couples are happy, they express their contentment sexually and their sexual satisfaction in turn makes for a happier and tighter bonding. Conflicts normally arise when sex becomes infrequent and embraces become just memories. 

The fact is that while men and women want the same thing – happiness through love and a sense of feeling close, the paths each choose to try and arrive there, are different. According to P.N. Singh, a keen observer of man-woman relationships, “it is when partners slip into a condition called marital coma that everything goes downhill. In this condition, the marriage is intrinsically dead, only, no one wants to be the first to pull the plug.

Couples in this state are easy to spot. Eating in a restaurant they often stare at other people, eat disinterestedly and speak in monosyllables. At home they lead separate lives, pursuing separate hobbies and interests.”

Women want their men to be caregivers, easing the burden of her daily life. Her brain is her primary sex organ. Her thoughts and emotions need stimulation before her body. She needs to feel gorgeously before she performs gorgeously.

If a woman is looking for a loving mate, men too are not with their expectations. They want a good participative lover, a cheerleader encouraging him to take risks, a nurturer and ally in the game of love and life. Someone to make his home habitable and make him fit enough for socialization.

Men and women need to meet each other halfway in the living room before they head for the erotic interiors of the bedroom. Both must realize that the greatest magical force still lies in the gift of love and the ability to say and receive the words, “I love you” before the passionate hug!

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Responses to A hug a day keeps break-ups away

  1. 1 S

    you are absolutely right. Its not always sex which makes a relation long lasting. There are so many small things, those keep a relationship ever lasting and fresh as it was first time when you looked into the eyes of each other and said, “I love you”. These trivial but very important things may be countless; such as you are sleepin in the morning and she calls and says “Good Morning Hon” with her soothing sweet voice. These few words can make your day full of energy. Occasionaly calling her/him during the day and saying, “I am missing you” or “I am thinking about you” or “I miss you so much that I just wanna hug you” are some of the most romantic things that may make your love more strong. There may be thousand of such things those does not take more effort and may make our love ever lasting.

  2. 2 rajesh

    Yes all the views are correct indeed………

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