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To Forgive You Have To Forget!

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To forgive you have to forgetSometimes in life you find that no matter how hard you try, some sad, some unpleasant memories just don’t go away. And if you can’t forget a harm done to you, how is it possible to truly forgive someone? Many a time I have been misunderstood, misquoted and hurt by people whom I have cared for very deeply. 

And though I have told myself, it doesn’t matter, that it is their problem, a projection of their own reality, etc. I simply cannot forget. And yet I have always believed that I am a forgiving person. So imagine my surprise when this psychic (whom I visited with some friends), while reading my aura, told me that there was a problem with the right side of my body as a result of my being unable to forgive. She said, “You store these memories of hurts in your inner being and they harm you. You find it hard to forgive.”

She then shared with us an experience (without naming anyone) she had with a couple. Not married, but living together for the past ten years, this couple shared a relationship that could have been the envy of any happily ‘married’ couple. They shared everything… money, domestic responsibilities, private anxieties, job pressures… everything.  And then an office party happened where the guy in an inebriated state got into an intimate tangle with a pretty co-worker. The honest partner that he was, he decided to come clean with his girlfriend.  At first she was stunned. But when the truth sank in, she exploded. They fought every night. He tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen. It was then that someone suggested they visit this psychic, who tried to make them understand that all couples hurt each other at times. Emotional blows are an intrinsic part of the ‘togetherness’ agenda.
Actually most of the hurts we experience in loving relationships are easily forgivable. But some are not. Some acts are so wounding that they amount to betrayals of trust. The wounded party is faced with a major challenge to get past the feelings of rage and hurt.  Now if the relationship is worth saving, after all the name calling and insulting is over, and you realize that life doesn’t count for much without the other, then you have to take a step and stop nursing the wound.

The process of forgiveness has to be gone through very earnestly. Truly forgiving is not something you can decide to do today and then execute tomorrow. It involves several stages and takes a lot of effort. But the important thing is to keep your intention strong. Slowly when you begin to change your perspective from what your partner did to why he did it, your heart learns to let go. And the cleansing takes place!

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Responses to To Forgive You Have To Forget!

  1. 1 siddharth

    all said and done,it is not easy in real life to forget and forgive breach of trust,even between the close partners.If one can really do it,he or she can be called an ‘almost god’ or a ’saint’.

  2. 2 Whatever

    your words are very true.

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