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Before you say ‘YES’

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Before you say 'YES'Among all the choices that we make in life, there are two choices that affect the entire course of our future.  A – the choice of our career and B, the choice of our life-partner. Career-wise we can be expected to switch horses midstream if we discover that we have goofed up somewhere but hardly so in marriage, which is why the decision to marry should be given a lot of thought.

Marriage is serious business after all. So a marriage proposal ought to be accorded the highest scrutiny before its acceptance or rejection.
Contrary to my time, where status, family background and academic considerations outranked appearance and personality, today’s men and women look for partners who are personable, confident and smart. So what are the factors that should be considered before you say ‘yes’?

First of all the looks factor. “He must be someone who appeals to me physically,” says 21 year old Neha Govindan. “Imagine waking up and not liking the face next to you!” Her opinion finds strong echo among both, men and women of marriageable age or intention.

Women, whether working or not, expect men to be providers. Men are expected to earn enough to keep the home fires burning just as much as women are expected to ensure that the food and nurturing department runs smoothly.
Academic qualifications, communication skills and confidence are important factors for both men and women. In the long run too much disparity in any of these can work against the marriage.

How does he or she behave with family and members of the opposite sex people? Is he/she too dominating or lacking in respect? These can be pointers to character traits.

Another very important consideration is this person’s attitude towards money. Is he/she a big spender or a stinger? Life can be a roller-coaster ride gone awry with a spendthrift while it can turn out to be a living hell with someone who is stingy.

Fanaticism of any sort is a dreadful quality and very hard to live with. Any progressive-minded person ought to run a mile away from people suspected to be a fanatic. No woman would be comfortable with a man who is still tied to the apron-strings of his mother. “Marriage to a mama’s boy is doomed even before it begins,” opines Nitya Iyer from Chennai. This is evidently a factor that needs checking out.

Does this person have a positive outlook on life or is he/she looking to Nostradamus for guidance? Such a person could be a torment to live with.
Incompatibility of backgrounds, both cultural and religious can have a serious fallout, specially in later years. This is an aspect, which deserves scrutiny.

And how about the in-laws? Cruel, cunning, greedy and narrow-minded in-laws with the power to interfere can wreck havoc on any marriage. Beware!

Finally, before you give your nod, try and ascertain his/her views on sex. Be warned, a frigid partner is no partner at all!

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    Not a good thinking at all….

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