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His type of Woman

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ChoiceShe was just perfect. 36-24-36. Flawless skin, white sparkling teeth and hair that never seemed to lose its gloss. Everything was in its right place, even the smile. So it took me a while to figure out why marriage proved to be an elusive dream for her.

The men she wanted were just not interested. The guys she didn’t want to touch with a barge pole came on to her in droves. Why? Were her demands too high? She said she had been looking for, yes, a tall, dark and handsome guy in the beginning but had eventually decided to tone it down to just a ‘rich and intelligent guy.’ And when she couldn’t find either, she decided to just settle down with the guy in Nairobi chosen by a family friend.

He had been looking for a personable wife who would be able to host his innumerable parties and be there for him on his socializing jaunts.

What do guys really want in their women? Most men may have their personal preferences in terms of looks and appearances. But almost all of them agreed that once they have moved past the ‘looks’ factor, the ‘brains’ department is where they like to shop and hang around.

A woman, articulate, opinionated and yet intelligent enough to be accommodative of his views, is a treat any sharp and quick-witted guy would consider an asset. Men love to debate and if their women can give them a run for their money, the chase becomes infinitely more rewarding. A woman who is aware of the world around her, definitely merits top slot.

The next most important attribute is a sense of humour. Humour in a woman has a certain turn on effect that can outwit the wiles of a vamp in the most stunning negligee!

Men get drawn to confident women. Self-esteem adds to a woman’s sex appeal. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and witty and intelligent to boot, is pure dynamite!

She believes in her dreams, will pursue them courageously and yet is capable of excitedly sharing his dreams – that’s the special woman of his dreams! He knows that in supporting his dreams and goals, she is effectively saying, “I know you can do it.”

A woman who is realistic enough to accept that her man is not “Ram” and therefore has his quota of imperfections which she is willing to work around to reach the core of what he truly is… has a definite edge over her more gullible competitors.

She meets him, likes him, wants him but is not too desperate to show how desperately she wants him – she’s the woman who has won him before even trying!

Men find women with a non-judgemental and open-minded attitude extremely appealing. And the woman who is honest, intrinsically strong and centered is the one who gets to take the trophy home!

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