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Playing your cards right

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Playing your cards rightSo you are starting a new relationship or perhaps you would like to start one with someone you fancy. Here are some insights, which may help you on your way.

Revealing too much too soon

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Always make your heart throb anticipate something different from you. Don’t be too predictable. At the same time, don’t go overboard and behave like one hell of an eccentric. Sometimes getting close too quickly can lead to your partner feeling trapped. Get the picture?

Be a Casanova

The astounding success Casanova had with women surrounds the fact that he was wonderfully perceptive. If something was important to a woman, he would capture the essence of it in his compliment. For example, if a woman was tired of being told how beautiful she was and she was particularly good at singing or being the perfect hostess and it was important to her, Casanova would let go the obvious and compliment her on what she thinks is important for her. This one is a winner!

Take two steps forward and one step back

Its human nature to take something that is readily available for granted. Don’t be too eager to please or too accommodating. During the initial stages of your relationship let someone know you care but then withdraw a little and build the anticipation before you make the next move.

Choose your dating spots with care

Vary your dating spots depending on the frame of mind your date is in. Save up the quite, less crowded, cozy restaurants for those times when he or she wants to have a long talk about something that is bothering them. It is a good idea to get to know what your date likes and dislikes. At other times take your date to places where you can have fun hanging out together. The movies are always a good idea but choose romantic comedies to start off with and save the heavy mush for later, of course garnish it with thrillers depending on your date’s tastes.

Other good ideas are taking a long drive on a safe highway, under a full moon in a car with the top down or a bike, an adventurous trek, which can have your happy hormones brimming, a one day cricket match caught live either on television or the stadium. You could also invite your date to a home cooked meal, watch a favourite programme together or even for a spot of gardening. Also remember that when you take your date out you are responsible for their comfort and take care to choose the places they would feel comfortable with or you are likely to blow your chances too early.

The core ingredients

The primary essential in a relationship is comfort level, which later translates into an easy friendship. When you have that in place the rest is easy.

Most people expect their knees to turn to jelly, when they meet their dream partner. It’s a myth. Passion is a key ingredient but just that will not help in sustaining a meaningful relationship. Respect on the other hand is the most vital ingredient for a relationship to succeed, closely followed by friendship and then ignited by passion. However, all three need to be at the right mix like a heady cocktail, for a wholesome and healthy relationship.

All set? Go for it.

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