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The memories of childhood

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The memories of childhoodMemories are one’s state of things remembered, right? Not entirely. Memories can sometimes remain beyond the realm of immediate recall, embedded as they are in the deepest layers of our subconscious. And memories if painful, can sometimes be blocked by a process of selective recall, causing painful events to get lost in the folds of time.

This is, I believe, part of nature’s protective mechanism to keep us from feeling avoidable pain. But triggered by unexpected or unforeseen incidents, forgotten memories sometimes emerge from the ashes of our past to shape our present actions.

Among all the memories that influence our present and perhaps even our future, childhood memories are the most significant.  Like fleeting images against the ever moving backdrop of our life, these memories cross the threshold of our consciousness evoking images of nostalgia, pride, shame or regret. How we remember personal experiences has a profound impact on our sense of self and identity. 

The earliest memory I have of myself is that of a 4 year old child sitting on a sofa with my uncle who was immersed in devising interesting methods to teach me the rudiments of arithmetic. A wizard at math, he was intent on impressing upon me the simplicity of adding and subtraction for which purpose he had these very colourful buttons placed on the table.  But a little further away from where we sat, I could hear my mother and aunt chatting away in undertones. So I failed to answer the simple questions put forth by my uncle upon which, he started whacking me hard, with a cane kept for our recalcitrant pet dog.  Frightened, I tried to hide below the table but he pulled me out of there and continued to rain blows despite my mother’s efforts to stop him. From that day onwards, I developed such an antipathy to math that in later years, my school authorities found themselves compelled to excuse me from the subject. Math has remained my pet aversion.

Childhood is meant to be a period of carefree times and happy go lucky days. But it doesn’t always happen that way.  Instances of child abuse, violence, constant scolding and bickering can mar the landscape of these vulnerable years. Children with memories of troubled times, grow up into adults who project the fears and tears behind remembered grief onto the canvas of their present.

Leading filmstars with a short-circuited childhood have often nursed painful memories of pushy and ambitious parents, which eventually gets reflected in their relationships as adults. An emotionally deprived childhood leads to insecure adulthood that is incapable of loving or being loved.

A lot many happy people today attribute their present condition to a childhood which has been replete with love, cheer and the security of a healthy and wonderfully giving family. Undoubtedly, the greatest legacy we bequeath our children is the wealth of happy memories!

Remember Shashikala in the film Sujatha as she sings, “Bachpan ke din bhi kya din the.  Udhte phirte thithli ban ke”? God, the spirit of gay abandon in that song  is something that still tugs at my heart!

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