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The decision of a lifetime

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The decision of a lifetimeNothing in my entire life had prepared me for the fact that I would one day be compelled to live with a woman like her. What she was, what she practiced and her philosophy of life and survival were all, the perfect opposite of everything that I believed in.

From the very first day that we met, the feeling of antipathy we felt towards each other, was hard to suppress. While I concealed it under an expression of respect for her status and age, she hid her animosity in smiles that wreathed her thin face.

She was the power centre of my new home and my husband’s maternal aunt who had brought him up since the time he was two years old when his real mother had breathed her last. He called her ‘mother’.

I soon discovered that not a thing moved in the house moved without her consent. At 80, her senses were sharper than the most agile Doberman. She made life miserable for me.

My feeble protests made no impression on my husband.  A new place, no money I could call my own and worse, no friends… I was helpless. 

That was when Kiran, my husband’s only cousin, came into our lives. Younger than my husband but a year older to me, Kiran was like that much needed ray of sunshine in a dungeon. He was here on an official visit. He brought with him the gift of laughter and cheer. He and I had been college mates and for a brief while had even dated each other. But this was something neither of us had shared with the family in the presence of whom, we exchanged but mere pleasantries. He could see that I was extremely unhappy in my current situation. So one afternoon when the old lady was enjoying her siesta, we met up in a cozy restaurant. “I can’t understand why you’re taking all this nonsense?” he remarked indignantly. “What can I do?” I asked. “Your cousin won’t stand up for me.”

“He has not stood up for himself at any time, how can he support anyone else,” he commented contemptuously. The tears that I had shored up all these months in stoic silence, came pouring out along with my incoherent outburst of sorrow. “I want to die,” I sobbed. He watched me silently.

Then he drew me to him and held me closely, unmindful of the people in the restaurant. Had he wanted, there were so many things he could have taunted me with. He could have said, “Had you but the patience to wait for me to make it big in life, we would have been married.” He could have said, “It serves you right.” He sure could have, but he kept silent.“Everyone in the family knows about her.

That’s why I had come to personally see how you were coping. Otherwise, anyone else could have come here to complete this assignment.” I felt a lump in my throat. It had felt so like home – his arms. “I can see there’s nothing for you in this marriage. I’m always there for you. But your decision to leave must be based on the merits of your situation, not because I’m offering you an escape route.”

Looking at that lovable, familiar face, I wondered why the value of love is understood only after its loss!

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Responses to The decision of a lifetime

  1. 1 pratim patel

    good aaarticle
    point was this articles is if u love one guy then marry with that

    its alwayas happen that you remember your love after its loose
    and not only in matter of love its applied all things what you loose

  2. 2 Venu

    Love is a flickering feeling, coming from nothing and ending up in everything.
    So do’nt commit or tend or proceed…
    If one is so he/she has to proceed to fullfillment.

    Atpresent youngsters are on this way… I feel.
    Life is to enjoy.It should not be made stressful. Though god is all the way controlling ..please think and go..

  3. 3 rasju baba

    love is life and just like in very enjoyfully life.

  4. 4 dinz

    Good Article , but if you are in her husbands place its pain, First she had an affair, the guy is in,

    Whats the guarantee she would be happy with the older friend,that too he is a cousin, there relationship would be in problem,

    Problems dont last long , she is 80yrs, Communication is key,

    Leave home with your hubby 3-4 days… Explain your you are feeling, if he really loves you.. he will come out with solution.

    Best of luck..

    Love is eternal …. and divine, today you love jesus and tomorrow you can’t love krishna … love is one…

    Dont name infactuation, lust as love…. LOVE alone cannot survive, it needs trust, hope…

  5. 5 shakoor

    love is life life is love withaout love no life

    life of power is love

  6. 6 Harun

    Hon’ble Managing Director
    I Like your information

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