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Friendship Is…

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Friendship is...There was a cute nude couple, back in the 1970s, that was used to adorn popular merchandise like mugs and sheets, greeting cards and underwear. This was a series called ‘Love Is…’ Today, when friends are taking the place of family, and friendship is becoming the means to survive in the city for a lot of young professionals, this series can easily be re-written as ‘Friendship Is…’ Here are some of my definitions, and I look forward to some of yours:

  • Friendship is…a safe ride to work as your friend’s pillion.
  • Friendship is…knowing you can take a rain check on a birthday present when you are broke, and it will not be held against you.
  • Friendship is…not being able to wait to share a joke, piece of gossip, or special insight with your friend, and almost spraining your fingers as you type text messages.
  • Friendship is…finding that your friend likes the same girl/boy and resolving to let him/her have the better chance of getting through to a relationship.
  • Friendship is…seeing your friend occasionally dirty, or drunk, or disgusting, without losing affection for him or her.
  • Friendship is…both of you booking tickets for the same show of the same film – for each other.
  • Friendship is…sensing when your friend is down and calling them/visiting them when there’s no immediate reason to.
  • Friendship is…loyalty, keeping secrets and confidences, and not being too close to your friend’s enemy – just like in school.
  • Friendship is…being sensitive to your friend’s own moods, and not killing a good listener by incessant whining.
  • Friendship is…being able to have a good fight, and say all manner of things to each other, and yet be able to meet or talk the next day without too much grief. Being able to hug and make up in spite of real differences.

So much goes into friends and friendship. Hope this has brought you in mind of your own friends. Share your thoughts on how to have more enduring friendships.

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Responses to Friendship Is…

  1. 1 malar

    Friendship is something so precious where no one can do any thing. It is true to the one’s who believe it so and who trusts it so.

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