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ON SCREEN - Naquaab

12 Votes | Average: 3.67 out of 512 Votes | Average: 3.67 out of 512 Votes | Average: 3.67 out of 512 Votes | Average: 3.67 out of 512 Votes | Average: 3.67 out of 5 (12 votes, average: 3.67 out of 5)
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NaqabFilm :Naquaab
Starring :Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Urvashi Sharma
Director: Abbas – Mastan

The director duo of Abbas Mastan have dished out the insipid thriller 36 China Town earlier, with favourite boy Akshaye Khanna playing a pivotal role there too. The same similarities exist in this film too! A slick movie alright, Naquaab, keeps you waiting for that promised hat ke ending but like the previous film, the ending here too sort of disappoints. But full marks to the makers for thinking of a really outlandish storyline and actually trying to make it work on screen! That is falls flat, is another story altogether …

Bobby Deol plays a really rich guy in love with a poor girl (Urvashi) who works at a pizza joint. The rich man decides to let the poor girl actually live along with him in his humungous and luxurious house for which she regularly pays the rent every month. The duo are supposedly in love and to be married soon.

But in walks Akshaye Khanna, playing a guy who always records every moment of his life on a video camera (!!) He is chronically accompanied by two friends who crack silly jokes and help him take videos whenever he cant. Akshaye runs into the beautiful heroine at a restaurant and one sizzling dance number later, sparks are flying between them and the chemistry is palpable (to them, not us!).

The young lady however is be married soon and tries to run away from her feelings but to no avail. So at the marriage alter, she actually runs away from her husband to be into the arms of her lover! Having spent a warm night in her lover’s arms, the lady then decides to head back and apologise to the jilted fiancé only to find that he kills himself shortly after their meeting.

When she lands up to report this to her lover, a horrendous surprise awaits them both. The lover confesses that he was hired to ruin her marriage by seducing her but he actually fell in love with her in the process. Just when shes digesting this piece of news, the doorbell rings and in walks the supposedly dead man..!

What happens next? There is lots more to follow. See Naquaab to find out all the implausible twists and turns.

New find Urvashi seems to have done a good job in her debut film, handling her role with ease. Akshaye is dashing as usual and Bobby’s role fits him like a glove. There are a couple of well filmed song sequences and the general pace of the movie is fast with no boring interludes. However the build up is huge and the ending a bit tough to take. However Naquaab is a fairly good watch if you are not looking for anything meaningful or engaging…

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