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A Long term arrangement

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A Long term arrangementIn the mirrored décor of his tastefully done up room, I sat across him, mighty impressed by his communication skills. There was something warm and inspiring about his voice. I liked the man and something told me he liked me too. I was right. Two days later I was given my appointment letter by a gorgeous young woman, named Sangeeta. And soon enough I became an intrinsic part of this new world – the world of advertising! 
Sangeeta fascinated me right from the outset. And over a period of time we struck up a friendship that endured and thrived on mutual respect. My charming interviewer, Veejay was the head of this one-man show of an agency and would never have been my idea of the ideal boss. He flew off the handle too often for my comfort. And the one person who had to bear the brunt of his temper frequently was Sangeeta. I soon learnt that that the two were also lovers; however, I failed to fathom how a girl of Sangeeta’s beauty and unmistakable talent could fall for someone who abused her so. But then I also realized that people make baffling choices when it comes to lovers.

Meanwhile things began to look up for the agency and we had a fleet of smart, attractive, new recruits who were to form the meat of our account servicing team. There was one girl I particularly liked – Pari.  Enthusiastic and outspoken, Pari was the most casually dressed youngster I had seen so far in this profession. She was the first person who discovered and denounced the boss’s penchant for his liaisons with other females. “Sangeeta slogs away for the man and he makes out with the first available chick when she’s not around. If I were her, I’d trash him without compunction. He’s a debauch,” she said angrily.

“Pari, you’re still very young. Maybe this is how the rich and prosperous live. Forget everything and just focus on your career,” was my advice to her.

However upon Sangeeta’s return Pari told her about his latest dalliance. Sangeeta merely smiled and told Pari, “Don’t worry; I’ll deal with this my way.”  But early next morning I found Sangeeta slumped over her table. It broke my heart to see her without her usual composure. “People tell me he’s no good. But I love the man. I’ve given him my youth, my dreams, my body and soul. But look what he does with it. And he’s not even ashamed of what he’s done.” I merely listened and held her. What could I say?

With the mounting tempo of work this episode receded into the background and Sangeeta became her usual self, sure and confident once again. Soon Pari became the darling of most of the important clients. Her professionalism and efficiency ensured deadlines were never crossed. Her casual demeanor and style of dressing too changed.

Now the equations between the boss and her had perceptibly changed. After brooding over the matter, I approached Veejay and told him not to rob Pari of her innocence. “Mind your own business lady,” was all the response I got. Shortly after, I happened to come across Pari’s salary slip.  Her salary had jumped to three times mine!

Did Sangeeta know about this development? “Yes, I know,” said she. “Pari is a very ambitious girl and Veejay is the ladder by which she wants to rise. But he’s only a short-term item in her life. She’ll move on. There’ll be others. But I am the only one who’ll stay because both of us need each other.”

Sangeeta was right. Pari moved on. I too moved out. But Sangeeta stayed on to become Veejay’s wife and joint managing director of the company. If there were other women, it didn’t matter any more to her. She was now the mother of his son!

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